Strategies for Using FamilySearch

Shannon Combs-Bennett
Oct 12, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Broad Refine
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Advanced Menus
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Historical Collections
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

As one of the go-to resources for research Family Search is an amazing site that few take the time to explore. Learn how to get more information from this website through search techniques, wiki resources, and more.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Combs-Bennett resides in Northern Virginia. From there she writes and presents on a variety of topics across the US and internationally from genetic genealogy to methodology techniques. Shannon is a Qualified Genealogist (QG) through the R
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    good presentation style.

    A lot of information covered in a short time. It was helpful that you used snapshots of the different pages so it made it easier to follow.

    Although I’ve used Family Search quite a bit (including a lot of the techniques Shannon showed us), I love having the refresher, plus there are always the few new techniques you pick up. Thanks for a great webinar!

    Always nice to have researching skills as a topic! Thanks.

    Amazing!!! Great Info!

    Another great one. Thanks. Lots of helpful tips.

    Another great webinar. Too often I don’t learn the website I’m looking at or go beneath the surface so great reminder to do that.

    AOK Super.


    Between what I learned at our FHC staff meeting last night, and what I’ve learned today during this webinar, I have a lot of exploring to do.

    Can’t wait to start using these techniques.

    Can’t wait to try the different techniques she talked about. A lot of material covered in a very short time. I’m lucky to live in Alexandria, Va because I belong to same Societies and can listen to Shannon in person. She’s great.

    easy to follow. thanks

    Engrossing! I always learn something; today I learned lots.

    As one participant said – There goes my Winter.

    Very well presented.

    Enjoyed , Learn how to add a picture and other things Thank you

    Enjoyed looking into the site in more depth. I have tried to use it and been very frustrated. FYI, I have done indexing for them for many years.



    Excellent Information. Thanks so much!!

    Excellent presentation and tips! Thanks!

    Excellent presentation! I appreciate the clarity and pace of information presented, as well as the scope of what’s available on FamilySearch and how to conduct better research.

    Excellent presentation! I finally feel like I can use and participate at Family Search correctly using and contributing.

    Excellent speaker!

    Excellent suggestions. Can’t wait to try them out. Thank you.

    Excellent webinar! Always something new to learn! Shannon is delightful and so enthusiastic about family research. Thank you very much.

    Excellent! Useful ideas and pointers

    Excellent! One of the best webinars ever.

    Excellent. Easy to follow demonstrations and information very helpful.

    Excellent. I use the site all the time but I learned several new tricks. And, a refresher never hurts! Thanks.

    Excerllent presenter. Makes me want to try her suggestions.

    Fabulous! Thanks!

    Good basic information

    Good information

    Good information. Great review

    good overview of FamilySearch features

    Good refresher

    Good reminder of what FamilySearch has to offer.

    Good tips.


    Great – Thanks!

    Great content and excellent presentation!

    Great content!

    Great direction on how to use Family Search to better find information, and to not get upset by so much information or not finding any information! Definitely a web to rewatch many times over. Thank you.

    Great Hints for using Family Search

    Great Information !!!

    Great information; although I’ve used Family Search for years, I had not discovered many of the features discussed. Thanks!

    Great presentation. Lots of useful tips.

    Great speaker. Learned new techniques. Love it.

    Great strategies from an enthusiastic genealogist/presenter. Thanks Shannon.

    Great stuff on often unused parts of FS !

    Great tips as always! Thanks so much.

    Great tips for finding info on Family Search which I wasn’t using to it’s fullest extent!!

    Great webinar by Shannon! Lots of info. Hope you get feeling better soon.

    Great webinar. Always enjoy when the presenter use their own families as examples.

    GREAT!!! Now I just need to to put it into practice!! Fun, informational, and informative!

    Helpful steps in searching more effectively/efficiently in FamilySearch. Shannon is a very pleasant voice to listen to in the presentation. This is something I’m quite familiar with, and her strategies are relatively basic. Good for early beginners in particular.

    I always seem so lost with Family Search — I believe this webinar will help clear some of the confusion.

    I have been a Family History Center consultant for 18 years, but still found some interesting tidbits in today’s presentation. Well done!!

    I have listened to other similar webinars and heard much of what was said before. Still, would recommend for a relative newbie.

    I have used family search before but am excited to try the new search items shown. Thank you!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    I learned a lot and would appreciate more webinars along this line.

    I learned about this webinar from my Student Genealogical Society. Great take-a-ways for using FamilySearch and some “new to me” research methods. Thanks!

    I learned so much. She highlighted areas that I have ignored.

    I learned sooo much. I feel more confident using the site and can’t wait to get back at it. Thank you!

    I love examples, it shows me how to do them.

    I need to spend more time on FamilySearch, so this was a good start.

    I thought I knew a fair amount about Family Search; there were at least 1/2 dozen “Ah Has” for me this AM! What fun; just priceless to get this kind of on-going education through LFT webinars. Thank you , thank you, thank you~

    interesting and useful information that is always good to have.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to use Family Search. With so many changes having been made to Family Search this was an excellent refresher. Many thanks to Geoff and Shannon!

    I’ve been doing Family Research for at least 49 years & I sure did learn a lot of things about the Family research program that I didn’t know before…. can’t wait to get my supper made & set on hold so I can go try out some of these “New things” I learned about today….. THANKS !!!

    Just the information I needed! I do plan on going back and watching this again to reinforce what I learned today and to pick up on some of the items that might have slipped by without sinking in. I plan on trying some of the searches that were mentioned and see what I have been missing by not using all of the features of Family Search! Thank you again!!

    Kind of a mix between an intro and more advanced. It covered a lot of topics fast. I also found it very helpful and it inspired me to look at church records, which have always seemed elusive to me. Thank you!

    Learned alot

    long time searching, always something new to learn.

    Loved it, learned lots!

    Loved learning about the deeper recesses of FamilySearch. Great tip from Shannon, do the deep dive into the website! Thanks!

    Most enjoyable – Family Search is such a ‘beast’ so it’s great to find ways to tame it somewhat

    Ms. Combs-Bennett is a great speaker – very clear, concrete advice. I will bet she is a Librarian or professional researcher given her very strategic and comprehensive explanations. Love it that you would offer suggestions to remind people of the power of using this search tool. Even if you rely on FS a great deal, there can be tools and options you do not use or have not yet discovered. Just as the speaker advises – look all around so you don’t miss anything. Thank you once again.

    Ms. Shannon made it look so easy. I can’t wait to explore. Thanks again for providing such a good webinar.

    My first time here and I really enjoyed the webinar.

    New ideas given to obtain deeper, more meaningful results

    Nicely done, short & succinct so that is good!

    Really good tips about digging deeper!

    Really like all the tips and suggestions made by Shannon for searching on FamilySearch.

    Shannon is ALWAYS very knowledgable and exciting to listen to..

    Shannon is incredible in her presentation. It is relaxed somehow.

    Shannon’ s presentations are always great! Thank you! 🙂

    She explains Family Search in a manner anyone can understand.

    She was great. Learn so much. Her way of teaching was fun, interesting and easy to understand.

    She was organized, interesting, a good speaker. Lots of examples, good flow to the presentation. Some familiar ideas, some new ones to try out. I was very impressed. Thank you!

    She’s excellent as always! Love her enthusiasm!

    So helpful – and I thought I knew a lot!

    Super job!

    Terrific speaker!

    thank you so much.

    This was a great, comprehensive view of FamilySearch and not just overview, but getting into details on search strategies.

    this was great…so many ways to research now


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