The ABCs of Heraldry

Shannon Combs-Bennett
Jul 11, 2016
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7m 09s
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Parts of a Display
6m 34s
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Shield Shapes
1m 24s
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Dividing the Shield
1m 28s
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Colors and Tinctures
4m 20s
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Charges and Ordinaries
3m 12s
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1m 43s
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1m 10s
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1m 06s
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Objects and Symbols
1m 18s
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Shield Zones
1m 56s
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3m 39s
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Heraldry Examples
9m 11s
Play. Playing.
Resources Online
1m 38s
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Resources in Print
2m 26s

About this webinar

Heraldry is a beautiful yet confusing art. What do all the colors, beasts, designs, and do-dads mean? In this lecture you will learn the parts of a heraldic display, history, what a blazon is, and everything else you will need to know to understand those pictures.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Combs-Bennett, MSc, QG (Qualified Genealogist), PLCGS is an award-winning author and lecturer. She writes and speaks to groups across the US and internationally on a variety of topics, from genetic genealogy to methodology. Shannon earned
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