In Search of My Brother's Mother – An Adoption Story

Beth Foulk
Oct 10, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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The Adoption Topic
6m 15s
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False Starts
8m 53s
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In Search of Jeannette
4m 58s
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In Search of a Picture
5m 27s
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In Search of a Connection
14m 03s
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Post Script
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

I always knew my brother was adopted. It wasn't a big deal within our little family.. So when our Mother passed, and the adoption files were uncovered after more than 50 years in the back of a closet, I couldn't have imagined the journey we'd embark on. Pull up a chair. I'll tell you the story….genealogy research and all.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Beth Foulk has turned a lifetime genealogy passion into an opportunity to share what she’s learned with genealogists across the country. She has documented her Civil War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War ancestors.  She has mapped the
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Absolutely captivating

    Amazing story! I loved Beth’s use of timelines. I am going back to her earlier webinar on timelines to learn more.

    AWESOME personal and very informative webinar! Thanks to Beth for sharing Mark’s story and the genealogy process/steps she took to solve the mystery. Thanks also to Mark for allowing his story to be told. I appreciate the sensitivity and
    kindness displayed by Beth in working with both Mark and his birth Mom in gathering information and connecting the dots. I can imagine this webinar can help many people in the future. Thank you!


    Beth did an excellent job telling the story of finding her brother’s mother. Thirty four years ago, we took the same journey as my husband is adopted. He made the calls to his uncle and then an aunt before getting the phone number of his birth mother. He also made the first call to his birth mother. I told him that no matter what she said, give her your phone number. Luckily she called him back as the call had not been what he hoped for. Life is too short. Don’t wait to reach. Thank you Beth.

    Beth is always a good speaker and she gave great detail of her process. I expected there to be DNA testing involved.

    Captivating story. Excellent presenter-thought out in terms of research options for conducting the search. Love the visual used for presenting the finding. Also, the presenter was quite skilled in keeping the PPT simple and talking her way through the process.

    Really enjoyed this webinar not only for the storyline but also the research/report process. Thanks.

    Excellent material, presentation. Very helpful with adoption and searching out the unknown.

    Excellent presentation! Very, very touching and heart-warming! Thank you very much.

    Excellent webinar!!

    Great content and presentation.

    great suggestions on how to pursue getting more information. beautiful story, touches my heart!


    I have a cousin DNA match who was adopted, and I’m trying to determine his mother and father; this was interesting!

    I have worked with adoption situations and found them to go very much like hers did emotionally and otherwise.

    I loved it! Very captivating.

    If there was a higher number I would certainly rank this one up there! I love real life case studies. I’m sorry that Jeanette and Mark never got to meet face to face, but what a wonderful story! Thank you Beth and thank you Legacy!

    Inspirational. Love these stories.

    It kept my attention and I appreciate that a question I posed was answered thoroughly. Enjoyed the webinar.

    Not quite what I expected but a wonderful, moving story.

    One of best webinars and so close to home as son-in-law in Texas just found his birth mother living in California although she wants nothing to do with him. He has become friends and met with his half-brother and other half-siblings but
    this webinar had very special meaning to me and thank you, Beth, for sharing it with us. It also gave me more clues to search for my grandmother’s birth mother and adoption records.

    Thank you Beth for this webinar. It shows how important genealogy is to us all.

    The speaker was enthusiastic and easy to listen to, the topic was meaningful and the information was useful. Thanks!

    Touching story as we adopted a daughter through Catholic Charities also. Our state opened up vital records in 2016 for everyone. We got the actual birth record – then I did research to find her. Then we used a mediator to make the phone

    Very gripping story and well done!

    very interesting how she stepped through the process.

    Very interesting story! Beth told the story in such a personal way….you could hear the excitement in her voice when she told us of a new discovery! I loved the webinar!

    Very interesting!

    very touching story Thanks Beth.

    Very touching to hear this story.

    well told story process unfolded and we learned! Nice to have something ‘different’ to ponder in genealogy this was a nice insight into the perils and joys of reuniting family. reminder of ethics, feelings, and privacy rights, timing and
    ‘obligations.’ Thanks

    What a great story!

    What a wonderful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Wonderful Story

    Wow! Very interesting and touching story!


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