Ten Databases You Need to Know About

Shannon Combs-Bennett
Dec 30, 2020
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About this webinar

Researchers depend on the internet but often look at only a few sites. These 10 databases are not frequently visited but should be! (These are U.S.-based databases.)

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Combs-Bennett resides in Northern Virginia. From there she writes and presents on a variety of topics across the US and internationally from genetic genealogy to methodology techniques. Shannon is a Qualified Genealogist (QG) through the R
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A good variety of sources that everyone can use. I was especially interested in four: BLM information; Civil War Soldiers; NARA showing documents prior to WWI; and Open Library. Thank you very much for this presentation.

    A lot of guidance to information sources. I needed this!

    A lot of information that I can put right to use! Thank You

    A well researched for a thoughtful and informative presentation. Presented spoke clearly and slides were helpful. Thank you.

    All new info for me. She explained and showed examples. Now I feel confident to dive in.

    Already use most of them, and some to not apply to my research at this time, perhaps at a later time. Good information to have on hand.

    Although many of these sites I was aware of, it’s great to revisit and get new tips. I really enjoyed the webinar.

    Always informative! Here’s hoping for a better 2021!

    Am looking forward to the Civil War one, getting mor info.

    an excellent presentation and good overview of different databases.

    An excellent Q&A: the questions were precise and Shannon’s answers were even more so. Much better than long-winded, circuitous explorations of limited interest.

    Another amazing webinar with information for all!. I’m really appreciative of the slides and clear explanations both during the presentation and Q&A session. Thank you again for all webinars presented during 2020.

    AOK here – Toronto

    Awesome and helpful content. Excellent presentation.

    Awesome information!

    Awesome Presentation!

    Clear, precise presentation. Let’s hear more from Shannon.

    Clearly, in 2020, Geoff saved the best for last.

    concise, easily available info — not too esoteric

    Concise, timely, very well presented! One request: add the site url to the slide for each one. Thanks!

    Content and presentation were wonderful

    Eager to try some of the tips presented.




    Excellent – best webinar so far

    Excellent Can’t wait for next 10!

    excellent – concise

    Excellent !!!!

    Excellent info for USA

    Excellent info with resources. Thankyou!

    Excellent info! While I have used most of these databases, it is always good get insight into things I may have missed. Love the idea of creating a “Curated” list of sites.

    Excellent information and speaker! Thanks!

    Excellent information, well presented

    Excellent information, well presented.

    Excellent information. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation of very useful gems of resources.

    Excellent presentation that was precise and not overwhelming. This was my first time listening to Ms. Combs-Bennett and now I can’t wait to listen to more of her webinars, especially on Organization. She is just the perfect presenter for me!

    Excellent presentation with clear discussion

    Excellent presentation! Thank you so much!

    Excellent presentation! Some I had known, some sites new to me!

    excellent presentation, with good walk-thrus of the sites; thanks so much

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. learned something new!

    Excellent presentation. Wonderful speaker.

    Excellent presenter

    Excellent presenter — very organized and concise.

    Excellent presenter and well formulated presentation.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Excellent presenter. Very clear voice and delightful syllabus communicated all the information. So enjoyed it!

    Excellent resource info

    Excellent resources, several of which I did not know about!

    Excellent speaker and a great list for both newbies and experienced researchers.

    Excellent speaker and very easy to follow. GREAT handout for reference! THANK YOU

    excellent speaker, very organized, very knowledgeable.

    Excellent webinar – thorough coverage and information flow worked very well.

    Excellent webinar with lots of new or different information which I had never thought about before. Thanks for a great year. Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to more next year.




    Excellent! I’m ready to research in most of the Ten Databases shown in the webinar. I found this webinar very educational. Thank you!

    Excellent, concise presentation

    Excellent. She has a wonderful voice, was well organized and great slides. I look forward to seeing her other videos. Thanks.

    Exceptionally useful, well-curated and accessibly–charmingly and intelligently– presented genealogical research guidance.


    Fantastic webinar – excellent info, pace & presenter spoke clearly! Well done Shannon & Geoff! HappIER New Year 2021 to you both!


    First one for me….really enjoyed it!!! I joined and look forward to many more leaning sessions!!

    gave me lots of new places to go well organaized, pleasant voice

    Good information

    Good information

    Good information on the sites, but too little of it. Because of time restraints, the information given was a little hard to digest. I did learn about the additional and new information on sites that I have used in the past. Thank you very much.

    Good information, thanks!

    Good preentation with lots of helpful hints.

    Good presentation.

    Good review of sites


    great info — I learned “a lot of new places to search” and I was exposed to many new websites.

    Great info presented in a clear and concise manner. Thanks Geoff and Shannon 🙂

    Great info, Outstanding presenter.

    Great Information!

    Great information! Thanks for sharing!

    great joy, concise and clear

    Great presentation – well organized and well presented

    Great presentation! I am just a beginner and I was glad to be guided to keep all search sites on a spreadsheet. I am anxious to listen to more with my membership!

    Great presentation. I appreciated the examples.

    Great presenter

    Great presenter – very knowledgeable!

    great selection of databases to use

    Great selection of sites! I had no idea about several and now have new leads on my own family. Thanks to Shannon.

    Great speaker and useful information

    Great speaker! Great content! Many of the databases were unexpected and unknown to me. Very informative!

    Great talk…..well done!!!

    Great things to look at – will definately look for my Grandfathers – Naturlization papers

    Great topic – learned a lot

    Great topic!

    Great webinar to end 2020.

    Great Webinar with Shannon Combs-Bennett very informative and great tips! Happy New Year Everyone!

    Great webinar!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago


    Great! I need to check out several of these databases right away!

    Her explanation and showing the opening pages was excellent and so helpful. Great voice tone.

    I always enjoy learning about new research sites.

    I appreciate the information on each site…most of which i have never heard of before!

    I came in late but was good while I was there

    I enjoyed the concise outline oriented presentation for such a broad topic. Thank you and happy new year!

    I enjoyed the information about website I did not know about

    I enjoyed this seminar very much. Thank you!

    I found lots of great leads in the databases that Shannon listed. Good job!

    I have lots of new ideas for searches!

    I learned new sites to explore. Wonderful presentation.

    I learned two new websites to help me with searches for the military records.

    I liked that Shannon showed how to use each website and database. She gave very helpful information.

    I loved that I was still able to learn about new-to-me websites.

    I was unfamiliar with several websites, so very helpful in learning about some more.

    I wasn’t aware of ordering post 1940 Census information. I think that will greatly help me!

    Informative and the presenter kept moving forward with the subject.

    Inspiring, valuable information. Very well presented. I will definitely be subscribing.

    Interesting a few sites, I had not heard of before

    Interesting and informative, loved the explanations on exploring each website. Very good

    Interesting sites to try out.

    Interesting websites

    It was well-paced and the time actually really suited me here in Healesville [Melbourne], Australia. Sets my day up nicely, even though I’m on holidays from my day job :-). Great tips about the curated list…. I don’t know why I haven’t done that earlier… I just save into a folder which is messy. Even though many of the top 10 sites were culturally a bit obscure for me in Australia, I found them really helpful as genealogy is a global interest. Also, I can look for parallel sites here.

    It was wonderful. Everytime I attend a webinar I learn so much more.

    Learn a few things that just may help my searches.

    Learned about resources that I could use but didn’t know about! Great info and presentation style.

    Learned about some new databases to search, but agree about the importance of the ones that I know and use. Liked Shannon’s pace of delivery and level of information. Excellent presentation!

    learned new sites!

    Life is short, do genealogy first! Perfect! Thank you. Happy, healthy and peaceful 2021.

    Liked it a lot.

    Lots of great information! What a great way to spend my birthday in cold, gloomy upstate New York.

    Lots of great websites to search that I never would have thought about using.

    Love that someone broke down a brick wall DURING the webinar . . . awesome!

    Loved Shannon! So easy to listen to. Great information and one of the best Webinars of this year. Thank you!

    Lover it, but couldn’t write fast enought for all the information.

    Many ideas. Speaker is clearly excited about what she’s discovered and what she can share. I’ve listened to multiple webinars in 2020 (thank you!) and decided to join today, since this webinar made me realize how lucky I am to be able to attend these and how much information and inspiration this speaker provided!

    Many things I did not know I could find, even on familiar websites!

    My first of your webinars. Likes it so much I subscribed to your service!!

    My first time. I knew most of the information already but I enjoyed the webinar and will attend more.


    OUTSTANDING! What great information, THANK YOU

    Presentation well done

    Really easy to understand and follow along. Thank you.

    really great info

    Shannon did a superb job of explaining some of the most important databases to genealogists. I have used almost all of these, but she taught me about new areas to pursue on many of the sites.

    Shannon is a fine communicator as is Jeff, of course.

    Shannon is a great speaker and presenter. Spent this hour on the edge of my seat trying to take notes and refrain from leaving to soon, if only mentally! Lots to think about and places to go check out. A great finish to the year and a great place to start for the next.

    Shannon is great. I always hope to pick up at least one new piece of advise or information. This was at least 10fold. Thank you, thank you!

    Shannon provided a lot of useful information on those websites. She gave me ideas to pursue.

    Shannon was a good speaker and presented some new websites I haven’t used before. Great information!

    Shannon was very knowledgeable and had so much useful information. Easy to follow her presentation.

    Shannon’s material was very well organized and helpful even tho I’m familiar with many of the websites. There were some surprises and good search tips. She’s a very delightful presenter… good teacher!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    She gave us websites I was not at all familiar with, so that was great!

    Sites I had never heard of! Thanks

    Solid information well presented

    Some great new tools that I was not aware of earlier

    Some interesting sites, several I haven’t heard of before. I’m going to go look at them now. Thanks!

    Some of the images on the slides were very small and difficult to read. Please enlarge sections that you are talking about. That would be helpful. Otherwise, thank you so much. Very helpful and informative..

    Speaker did a very good job of organizing the info and presenting it in a timely manner.

    Such great information! Thank you!

    Super excellent speaker. Very easy to understand and she was easy to follow.

    Thank you for the extras from the Q&A. The webinar encourages me to attend more. Thanks

    Thank you for the useful information!

    Thank you Shannon for giving us another fantastic learning experience!

    Thank you very much for the information. You were very incitefull, stay safe & have a happy new year. best wishes

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Love to learn of websites I never heard of!

    Thank you.

    The best Webinar I have attended.

    the copied websites in the presentation were blurry and too small to read in some cases.

    The presenter appears very knowledgeable but the databases being discussed are not relevant to my current research.

    There was new information and it covered databases which are not the common ones. Also it updated information on old favorites.

    There was some new information for me about how to research my family history, particularly about immigration and citizenship records.

    There was something for everyone. I was really happy it wasn’t Eurocentric. Thank you so much!

    This was a nice intro webinar to some websites that I had not known about.

    This was great! I occasionally look at those great databases and promise myself to come back and look! Thank you for reminding me!

    This was interesting, but I’m not sure how useful I will find it.

    This was my first live webinar with Legacy. Looking forward to more!

    This was my first seminar and I was very impressed. The seminar was very excellent and I am looking forward to viewing her library collection on this website. 🙂

    This was very good and informative.

    This, for me, was the best webinar I have watched so far. Shannon Combs-Bennet was awesome – truly! I have done genealogy for a long time but I learned so very much from this webinar. Thank you!

    Though I was very familiar with most of her websites, I had not visited the slavery one in a long time and while listening I searched and found an instant hit on relative in Tennessee (score!) I also now intend to look more closely at the census site. Thank you!

    Tons of great information!

    Very clear and followable. Well done.

    Very clear directions and information. Have plans to use sites presented. Thank you

    Very comprehensive and loved the example.

    Very easy to understand – a bit too rushed though.

    Very good speaker and presenter! Thank you, Shannon!

    Very good speaker with easy examples and great information

    Very good. Lots of new ideas for me.

    very helpful

    very helpful

    Very helpful, concise, and great visuals. Speaker is engaging and held interest. Looking forward to checking out the resources!

    Very helpful. Learned a lot. Thanks!

    Very informative

    very informative

    very informative

    Very informative and easy to understand

    Very informative and good speaker

    Very informative and well done! Thanks!

    Very informative webinar.

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Very informative! Looking forward to more soon.

    very informative, as Presenter gave several details on subfiles of each website which we may have overlooked.

    Very informative, well organized info and helpful handout!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Great Presentation. Thanks!

    very interesting

    very interesting

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and helpful. Some was new information for me.

    Very interesting and some websites I hadn’t heard of to do genealogy research. Thank you!

    Very interesting as usual!

    Very interesting with great new websites to check.

    Very Interesting, would be good to have a UK version too

    very interesting. Gave me some ideas of where to look for some information on relatives who used the US as a stepping stone from their home country to Canada Thanks.

    Very knowledgable and makes everything easy to understand.

    very nice to listen to & informative

    Very nicely presented

    very useful info

    Very well organized and after nearly fifty years of research experience I even learned a few things. Thanks!!!!

    Very well organized and good examples.

    Very well researched and presented. Going to keep me busy for awhile. Thanks

    was good- but should have been advertised as American resources- I’m immigrant – although interesting doesn’t help me thx anyway!

    Webinar was excellent but I can’t find the syllabus and I am a member.

    Well done. Good information. Thank you.

    Well organized and informativen

    Well organized and instructive

    Well organized and interesting presentation.

    Well organized, easily understood, very interesting, kept us engaged, inspiring. Can’t wait to search these websites! Thank you! Blessings & please stay safe!

    Well organized, great slide show with example.

    Well organized, user-friendly methodology and tremendously informative!

    Well presented and informative.

    Well presented. Great information. Very inspiring and I want to look at all those databases and search for more.

    Well presented. Showing us how to use the sites was extremely helpful.

    What a wonderful presenter!

    What an excellent presenter!

    Wonderful presentation Shannon!

    Wonderful webinar on using databases that we as genealogists should be using.

    Wonderful! I going right to her list of webinars to learn more to help with my Virginia brick wall relative

    Would never have even thought to use these sights! Grateful she not only gave the “initials” to each sight — but what the initials stood for!!!

    Wow! This webinar was loaded with a lot of really valuable information and went faster than I could take notes! Thank goodness for the handout. I’ll be looking for more of Shannon’s webinars in the vault. Thanks again!

    you gave me new places to look


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