You Use WHAT for Genealogy? Wonderful Uses for Unusual Tools

Thomas MacEntee
Sep 11, 2013
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2m 51s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 36s
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1m 43s
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Why Seek New Tools
2m 02s
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Creative Uses
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4m 21s
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4m 53s
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5m 36s
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2m 47s
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Google Drive
3m 36s
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Google Maps
2m 38s
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2m 07s
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Google Alerts
1m 41s
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Google Translate
2m 14s
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The Copyright Genie
2m 37s
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2m 39s
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Wolfram Alpha
2m 51s
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2m 19s
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Genealogy Tool Curators
6m 31s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 44s
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Questions / answers
29m 54s

About this webinar

Have you ever wondered if you're missing out on how some genealogists are using tools such as Evernote, Microsoft Word or Excel, Google and more? Learn what's hot in the world of apps and websites and how you can start using them! We'll review a group of familiar apps and websites that are being used in creative ways by the genealogy community. You'll also learn how to think "outside the margins" and start repurposing other apps and sites for your genealogy research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
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