Where else to look? When matches don’t reply

Michelle Patient
Jan 5, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Key tips
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Possible existing trees
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Social media
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More places to look
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How to make contact
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Having trouble with a match that isn't replying, or hasn't got a publicly-available tree? Where else can you find their family tree and thus make the most of your DNA results? This talk shows you hints and tips to help get around the problem of absent or inadequate or private family trees associated with your DNA matches.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Michelle Patient is an Australian genealogist, computer geek, and DNA enthusiast, with qualifications in Chemistry, Geology and Family History. She grew up with a grandmother whose family stories, photographs, and memorabilia sparked her life-long
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Fantastic! I came away with some new tricks I just can’t wait to try out! Thank you so much for offering this webinar.

    A lot of information for a beginner, but I am glad I can view it gain.

    A pot of helpful tips there. And reminders of things we often forget.

    A very good webinar

    The presentation was great! I learned things never presented before. Thanks!

    always learn something new!!!

    AsGeoff says, there is always something new to learn. She gives some great insights as to why folks don’t respond, and ends with a suggested ‘letter’ to send. Great info throughout.

    Awesome information. A bit overwhelming with no experience in this area. Glad to be able to listen again.

    Confirms many of the research techniques I currently employ, but definitely provided some new angles. Thank you!

    Easy to understand and very interesting

    Enjoyed the webinar. Great information!



    Excellent speaker and very useful information. Thank you .

    Excellent webinar Michele. Always enjoy your talks. Hope to see you soon at GSQ

    Excellent webinar, it was very helpful and included some good resources I had not thought of.

    Excellent webinar. Wish I’d had more time to take notes!

    Excellent webinar; I will watch this again.

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information and tips for improving researches in family history hunting.

    Good basic review for a beginner researcher.

    Good presenter. Very useful examples. Great syllabus.

    Great approach to tips to follow. Many useful ideas about follow-up and not losing hope.

    Great info

    Great info

    Great information.

    Great information.

    Great job! Lots of great ideas for paths to pursue. I great sharing of a wealth of knowledge. Wish we were related!

    Great presentation by Michelle and lots of information.

    Great presentation.

    Great presentation.

    Great presenter, would like more presentations from her.

    Great reminders and tips on working with DNA matches

    Great slides! Great Q. A.

    Great tips

    Great tips for searching. I contacted one person who had many of the same people in his tree but some incorrect information. I emailed him over five years ago, and he just responded this past year. It turns out that his wife is the granddaughter of my great uncle and actually remembers her grandfather. We are sharing the research, information, etc. As I am adopted, this has been a wonderful adventure. -So it is never to late to respond.

    Great! Get Michelle back again anytime!

    Great, clear presentation with lots of logical information about how to approach things. The syllabus and suggested resources will be very helpful.

    I am new to DNA information, so some wording was new to me. Did agree that you need more than one source to verify your ancestor.

    I am one of those who only do their genealogy once a month or more so Michelle has inspired me to get back on track. I am grateful for the sites she provided.

    I enjoy all the webinars including this one. Unfortunately I sometimes have a hard time thinking as fast as the person is talking so I’m very grateful for having a membership at Legacy family search so I can listen to the recorded webinars again and again. They are very very helpful. Really enjoyed this one. Lots of good info can’t wait to get using it. Grateful for the Syllabuses as well. I’m a paper person so I always print and keep them. Thank you.

    I learned many tips about drilling deeper..thank you!

    I was eating dinner and missed most of the 1st hour the last 25 minutes were great I am going to watch the webinar again later. Thanks!

    It was really good. She was clear, and she gave me a lot of ideas about what I can do with the tools that I have.

    It was very encouraging and I thought the recommendations and examples were great as to how to reach out to people.

    Loved Michelle — so easy to listen to, as well as clear in her presentation. Lots of good info!

    loved the webinar- well-done, easy to follow, good hints.

    Michelle gave a lot of good information. I am a beginner in learning about DNA, so it was all new to me. Thank you.

    Michelle is an excellent speaker. Really knows her stuff. Hope to see more presentations by her here.

    Michelle Patient is an excellent speaker, shared so much information. Glad that I can watch it again as a member.

    Michelle was great and very knowledgeable

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Really helpful, practical, considerate suggestions. Thanks, Michelle.

    Received lots of valuable information. Thanks

    Sharing with all testing labs, the information/benefits of going deeper. Appreciate this webinar and speaker!

    She is wonderful. Great sense of humor. Excellent tips. Thank you Michelle.

    So many great ideas! Thanks!

    Speaker was knowledgeable; good, clear speaking voice.

    Thank you so much. Very informative. I can now expand my search.

    Thank you, Michele & Geoff. Lots of fantastic info.

    Thank you, Michelle, for so many good ideas and new ways of thinking, new ways of approaching matches and new tools. I appreciate your perspective and look forward to watching more of your webinars!

    Thank you. Well worth staying up past my bed-time.

    Thanks for the webinar good information which I had not put to use befoe. Will now.

    The speaker was very easy to follow and quite knowledgeable.

    The Webinars are always super. I just wish I didn’t miss some of them… 🙁

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to search beyond….

    This was an excellent webinar! It was chock full of useful and practical information for making the most of your DNA matches. I especially liked that the presenter gave tips related to all of the major DNA testing sites. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned today!

    Useful information. Thank you!

    Very clear speaker. Reassured me I can’t find the impossible with obscure username, no tree, no location etc.

    Very helpful and informative. Lots of new options to research. Thanks to Geoff and to host speaker, Michelle. Have a safe and happy new year. Happy Hunting & Successful Searches!

    Very helpful ideas

    Very helpful information throughout and I particularly liked the advice toward the end regarding contacting people. Thank you!

    very helpful information, well presented

    very helpful thank you

    Very helpful. I always learn something new. Thanks.

    very informative

    Very informative, great examples, and at a great pace! Thank you both.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Some of the things Michelle covered I was already aware of, some of them I had forgotten or not fully utilized, and I learned some new things, too!. A lot of great tips. Thank you!

    Very knowledgeable presenter. Learned a couple new techniques and websites to explore. THANK YOU!

    Well organized, easily understood, kept us engaged, much information to apply, very inspirational. Thank you!


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