Michelle Patient

Michelle Patient is an Australian genealogist, computer geek, and DNA enthusiast, with qualifications in Chemistry, Geology and Family History. She grew up with a grandmother whose family stories, photographs, and memorabilia sparked her life-long interest in genealogy. In 1989 Michelle began searching for her English half-sister, and in 2005 she reconnected her mother with her birth family.

Her personal research covers a wide range of British Isles Diasporas and early Down Under research. She has separated facts from fiction, uncovering stories of will disputes, adoptions, children being given away, bankruptcies, and murder-suicides. Adding DNA research to her genealogy tool kit has increased the range of Michelle’s methods, revealing surprises, and breaking down many brick walls. Michelle volunteers for several genealogical societies, has spoken at a number of global genealogy events, is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, co-owner of Talking Family History with Fiona Brooker, is the DNA consultant behind the Australian SBS TV series Every Family has a Secret and researches for the New Zealand TVOne show My Family Mystery.

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