Online and Offline Resources for Virginia Genealogy (BONUS webinar for subscribers)

Shannon Combs-Bennett
Jan 19, 2016
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1m 29s
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Researching in Virginia
2m 29s
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Counties and Cities
3m 28s
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Library of Virginia
3m 36s
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Virginia Historical Society
2m 34s
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Alderman Library
2m 37s
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Earl Swem Library
4m 01s
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John D Rockefeller Library
3m 50s
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Thomas Balch Library
2m 46s
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Cavaliers and Pioneers
3m 08s
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Adventures of Purse and Person
2m 15s
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Hening's Statutes at Large
3m 13s
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The Virginia Historical Index
1m 26s
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Virginia Genealogy Sources & Resources
1m 09s
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The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
1m 15s
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3m 27s
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1m 05s
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Virginia Heritage
2m 27s
Play. Playing.
2m 40s

About this webinar

The Old Dominion state has many hidden gems for your research needs. Learn about a few of them and how they can aid in your ancestral quest.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Combs-Bennett resides in Northern Virginia. From there she writes and presents on a variety of topics across the US and internationally from genetic genealogy to methodology techniques. Shannon is a Qualified Genealogist (QG) through the R
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