More Than Just Names: Advanced US Census Research

Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Jan 31, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Year by Year
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The Other Censuses
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Keys to Advanced Research
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Those every-10-years U.S. censuses are goldmines of names, ages and birthplaces for members of our families. But there's so much more in the census records if we know where to look: everything from socioeconomic status to crops grown or products made, from school attendance to marriage dates, from physical disabilities to causes of death, from military service to clues that lead us to other sources. Learn how an advanced search of the U.S. census records can add to your family history.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A genealogist with a law degree, Judy G. Russell is a lecturer, educator and writer who enjoys helping others understand a wide variety of genealogical issues, including the interplay between genealogy and the law. She has a bachelor’s degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    5++++ Judy’s classes are always excellent! Thank you!

    A good reminder to go back through the census records and look for page 2!

    a must watch again

    A real eye opener to all the things we’ve missed over the years!

    A very thorough discussion about how to glean maximum information from the census documents! Regretfully, there was no new information for me today (but I attribute that to very good instruction form multiple IGHR courses previously.)

    Absolutely fantastic! I thought I knew what to do with censuses, but now I need to start over to review everything I’ve already inspected. Judy is so prepared and concise, doesn’t waste time, clearly illustrates exactly what she’s discussing, and instills so much enthusiasm for her topic. One of the best presentations I’ve attended and an absolute favorite instructor. I will be watching for more from her and searching the library for her earlier webinars. Thank you!

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Judy NEVER disappoints!

    Absolutely fantastic! My second webonar with Judy. I have soooo much work to go back over and I’m so excited about it! Thank you!!

    Always an excellent presentation with Judy!!

    Always Excellent!

    Always great information from Judy Russell! Enjoyed the entire hour – filled with tips and research ideas! THANK YOU!

    Always great webinars with Ms. Russell!!!

    Always learn something!

    always like Judy’s webinars, always learn a lot and she gives a lot of info in the hour, doesn’t waste time.

    always love Judy’s presentations; enthusiastic and informative

    Always something fantastic to learn.


    Another easy to listen to super excellent webinar by Judy

    Another great webinar – they ALL qualify as BEST EVER!!! Thank you Judy!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Another interesting and informative webinar! Judy is one of the best!

    Another more than 5 webinar!! Love all of Judy’s webinars!

    Another outstanding webinar from Judy! Please keep bringing her back. Thanks.

    Another spectacular webinar from Judy!

    Another very informative webinar from Judy.

    Anything by the incomparable Judy Russell is a “can’t miss!”

    As a rank beginner in genealogy I’m overwhelmed by the extent of the skills I’ll need to learn! Thanks for showing me the extent of my ignorance!

    As always – Judy presents an excellent webinar!

    As always, Judy was wonderful and shares so much information in a short time period.

    As always, Judy’s webinars are wonderful! She speaks efficiently and with great personality. Judy obviously is well versed in the information she is presenting. I would highly recommend any webinar or presentation given by Judy to everyone: new to genealogy, or an old hat!

    As usual, Judy packs a lot of information into a small amount of time! Great webinar. Now I have to go back and look at my census info – especially 1840!

    Awesome reminder of how much information there really is on a census



    Best census webinar EVER! Thanks.

    Best ever

    BEST EVER!!!!

    Best Legacy Family Tree Webinar I’ve taken. Learned a great deal. Will recommend to my co-workers at the library.

    Best presenter ever.

    Best webinar and beautifully presented.

    Best webinar I’ve attended. So much great advice. Will go back and relook at all census records & will definitely take advantage of discount join Family Tree Webinars.

    Best yet! I learned so many new things. I rarely would look at early census with the tick marks. No idea I could glean so much information! Thanks Geoff and Judy.


    Brilliant webinar as always Judy shows us the way to a more enriched Family research experience.

    Clear, concise, well presented!

    Content generally good. I learned things I didn’t know. Visuals sometimes hard to read.

    Don’t think Ill ever get enough of Judy Russell. So intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely engaging. Always learn so much and the time just flies. Give us more!!!!

    Every webinar tops the last. A must Re-watch for all. We need to review our censuses. Many of us found years ago. Know those codes.



    Excellent information – love her presentations. They are so concise and knowledgeable! Thanks.

    Excellent information!

    Excellent Information! Will be going back through all the censuses now to mine more information, especially on the second pages.

    Excellent new-to-me information!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and handout!

    Excellent presentation and information. Explained well! Can’t wait to go back and do the suggestions Judy talked about. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation providing excellen new information of family historians at any level of experience.

    Excellent presentation! Definitely learned new information that I can immediately putto use. I appreciate Judy’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation. Excellent information. Thank you.

    Excellent presenter. Entertaining AND informative. Enjoyed every minute.

    Excellent webinar and handout! Thank you!

    Excellent webinar but I would expect nothing less from Judy G. 🙂

    Excellent webinar! As so many people said, I too need to go back & look at census records over again. Judy is always wonderful & today was no exception.

    Excellent webinar, great bibliography.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Excellent webinar. Going back now to get the second page of 1830 and 1840 census. Who Knew!!!! I will have a busy night. Thanks Judy and Geoff for one of the most informative webinars ever!





    EXCELLENT! wish there was a #10 rating for this one. Been doing genealogy for almost 40 years and still learned a lot



    EXCELLENT, CAN’T SAY ENOUGH! Very thorough

    Excellent. Learned a lot. Need to go back and recheck some census records.

    extensive information about each census year reviewed in the seminar and provided in the handout with tips, list of resource information. Has given me plenty to work with I didn’t have before. Thanks!

    Extraordinary, as always with Judy!

    Extremely well done.

    Fabulous as always.

    Fabulous information here. Can’t wait to use it.

    Fabulous presentation!!!!


    Fantastic information! I am so impressed with the details on the census files in the U.S.

    Fantastic speaker and wonderful presentation! I learned so much.

    Fantastic! I have again learned a lot of new information! Judy Russell is a great presenter. I hope she will be back many more times.

    Fantastic! Judy Russell is one of THE BEST speakers ever! I always learn several new “tricks” from listening to her presentations!

    Good information. I always enjoy Judy’s presentations – so knowledgable. Thank you.

    Good job! Now I get to go back and redo that research!

    Good point about reviewing basic research we did when first starting our genealogy journey. Especially liked the insights on ways to get more information from “tick marks” in early census data and to look for those additional special census schedules.

    Good reminder to go back and look for more info!

    Got new info! Going back to review the census I have documented on my family tree. Thanks!!


    Great class on census records.

    great info

    great info, clearly presented

    Great information about census records that I will use. Judy’s webinars are always full of practical tips that I can immediately put into practice.

    Great information about using the data found in the census. I hads discovered some of this on my own but learned so much today. THANK YOU!!

    Great information for digging deeper into records we “think” we’ve already mined!

    Great information!! I will now look at census records for more connecting details & search in chronological order. Thks!!

    Great information, several things I wasn’t aware of!

    Great new census research aids. Love the syllabus with all the links.

    Great tips for getting the most out of census records!

    Great tips! Judy really knows her stuff. Can’t wait to start putting this information to work.

    Great topic. Great instructor

    Great Webinar – very interesting even though I don’t have (as far as I know) any relations in the states.

    Great webinar as always from Judy!

    Great webinar! Time just flew by. The syllabus was full of information. Judy is a “Don’t miss” presenter! More!!!! 🙂

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great webinar, great information. Judy Russell is a wonderful source of information!

    Great webinar.


    Greater speaker and subject. Judy is always thorough and informative. I learned several new places to look for my family. Thanks.

    Haven’t looked at the censuses for a while but must take another look. Most of them were found when I was a beginner!

    Highly recommend this webinar. Love Judy’s enthusiasm.

    I always learn a few things I didn’t know.

    I am going to go back and study my census collection thanks for this webinar.

    I am so glad I attended this webinar. Thank you Judy I learned so much, and I’ve been doing genealogy since 1995

    I am sure this was an excellent seminar; unfortunately for me . . . I did not remember this began at 2 p.m. E.S.T. — I thought it was to begin at 3 p.m. !!! Faux Paux on my part.

    I appreciated the reminder to look at the non-population census records, and to look for the second page!

    I caught most of the webinar, but can’t wait to go back and start from the beginning and gain even more. She is very efficient, knowledgeable and just “packs so much information in one webinar. Thank you!

    I consider Judy the best of presenters and eagerly wait for her webinars!

    I could listen to Judy Russell for several hours, she inspirational. But more importantly her knowledge about the census is phenomenal. I really enjoyed this webinar.

    I did pick up a few new ideas and references from her presentation. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the basics.

    I enjoyed it immensely. I try to go back and revisit censuses for my ancestors, but was reminded of the importance of looking at the codes which I don’t always do. Thank you very much.

    I especially liked the information about pre-1840 censuses

    I had no idea how much additional information was available in the census records. This was great.

    I had to leave early but will watch it tomorrow. So far it has revealed a lot of information I didn’t know even though I’ve been using Census for many years.

    I have been an avid research for 40+ years and learn something new from every Judy Russell lecture. I’m so grateful for her great programs!

    I have discovered a lot of the info Judy talked about already but one still learns something new with each webinar. Thanks very much.

    I learned a few new tricks when using US census forms.

    I learned a lot of things and I need to go back and take another look. I avoided the older census with the tick marks. I will also look at Thomas MacEntee’s weebinar for more information. Thanks, Judy and Jeff.

    I learned a lot! I am going to review all my census documents for missed clues. Thank you.

    I learned more today than I have from all my books on the census. Clear, concise, and knowledgeable, I always enjoy Judy Russell’s presentations.

    I learned so much I don’t even know were to begin. I had no idea that the old census records contained so much information.

    I learned so much more today even though I have watched several other webinars abt. census and have used FamilySearch wiki. I have a lot of work to do. Thank you!

    I learned so much, she was so well prepared and presented in efficient and orderly way.

    I learned some things I didn’t know about censuses.

    I learned something new today about correlating the mortality schedule to the household in the population schedule. Thanks!

    I liked Judy’s detailed explanation of how to find even the smallest details in the early U.S. censuses.

    I love to hear Judy speak whether in person or on a webinar. She is always clear, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

    I need to go back and revisit some censuses for details I missed in my original search.

    I thought I knew how to use Census Data, I learned so much! I am excited to go back and look at those second pages. Absolutely one of the best webinars ever. thank you

    I thought I would be bored, but I was not — I learned a great deal. Thank you so much!

    I was late logging on, but I learned so much from Judy just in the final 30+ minutes. It made me realize I need to return to those censuses that I reviewed years ago to ensure I gleaned all of the relevant details. Judy is so smart, but down-to-earth in her guidance. Thank you!
    I was surprised to learn of a voluntary census that included SD in 1895. I hope to track it down to see if my ancestors were on it. By far, this was the most informative lecture on the censuses that I have ever heard. Judy never disappoints no matter what the topic.

    I wish I could do 10 points here… She’s the best presenter on the circuit today.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I wish I had had this webinar earlier. I have taught others how to use it but today I learned so much. Thank You

    I’ve been a member of Ancestry since 1998 and today I learned a lot! Especially the second page and the different schedules!

    I’m not a beginner, but I learned a lot today. Have a lot to do now…Thank you Judy…Bye!

    Incredible new information regarding resources

    Incredible! After 35 years of looking at censuses I learned new thins!

    Informative. Enjoyed the visuals. Speaker has a good voice inflection for this.

    Interesting & very well done. I especially appreciated the info on DDD Schedule.

    It doesn’t get much better than Judy Russell. She packs a lot of information into an hour without it being overwhelming. 🙂

    It is amazing to me how one person thinks they know it all about census and then a wonderful instructor comes along and shows you even more. I loved this webinar. Thanks

    It was good to learn about all the other census connections. I hope the syllabus lists these other references.

    It was very informative. I never knew about the second pages; can’t wait to explore those. Thank you.

    I’ve been doing genealogy for 40 years and use censuses all the time. But a few things Judy mentioned has given me some hope of learning if my 3x great grandfather was foreign born, and where to find the meaning of the codes. Thank you so much Judy. I always learn so much from her – and all the webinars!

    I’ve been reading census records for 30 years and boy, have I missed a lot! Thank you for showing how much more we can find on them! Great webinar!

    I’ve really studied the census in-depth, but Judy offered new information that I had not heard of before, plus shared new ways to interpret the information you find. Excellent!!!! Thank you!

    Jam packed with helpful information!

    Judy always adds new insights to any subject! Thank you.

    Judy always does such an amazing job of presenting–her syllabus’ are always very detailed, organized and packed with SO much more! I love her enthusiasm! Thank you Judy!

    Judy always gets an A+ rating!

    Judy ALWAYS points out what I missed and now have to redo!

    Judy is always reliably interesting, entertaining and education. I never miss one of her webinars.

    Judy is always so thorough and gives you something to consider that you did not think of

    Judy is always so very great and covers so many details. Thank you!

    Judy is always such an excellent presenter. She has full command of her subject and presents material clearly,and thoroughly. Love to listen to her!

    Judy is always very clear and concise. Love her style.

    Judy is always worth listening to! I always learn so much from her! Thanks for having her!!!

    Judy is amazing as always!!! She never disappoints.

    Judy is amazing. I am going to be looking for her webinars in the future.

    Judy is an AMAZING presenter. This is my first FamilyTree webinar and I am very impressed. I am hooked!

    Judy is one of my top favorite presenters. She always teaches me something new. Thanks so much Judy.

    Judy is such a font of wisdom and she not only shares it, but shares it willingly and in such an entertaining manner with her stories.

    Judy is the best presenter! I got to spend a day listening to her recently, 4 lectures.

    Judy is the best!

    Judy is the best! Thank you!

    Judy is the BEST!!! I’m so thankful she is in the genealogical world. She always shares so much useful and necessary information. Thank you for continuing to have her participation. I would rate this webinar as a “10”!

    Judy made the work very clear and explained why we should record all the census again.

    Judy never disappoints and is my #1 favorite expert!

    Judy never disappoints!

    Judy never disappoints! Her presentations are spot on, easy to listen to, and relatable.

    Judy never disappoints, you always learn something new from her!

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Judy packs valuable insights into every screen of her presentation. I like that she doesn’t waste our time telling us what she’s going to tell us and how she’s going to present it. She. Just. Does. It. Phenomenal. (The tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them method is a long established teaching and lecturing technique, but it feels wasteful when time is limited.)
    Judy Russell has a thorough grasp of her topic, and presents the info in an upbeat, easy-to-follow, matter-of-fact format that makes it easy for the listener to formulate immediate action items. I’ve got my list ready!

    Judy Russell is always an excellent presenter.

    Judy Russell is always well prepared, well informed and entertaining! Love listening to any and all of her webinars!

    Judy Russell is an extremely knowledgeable presenter. Her teaching techniques are awesome. The Census material she offered opened up a wide range of research for me. Thank you so very much! I do subscribe to “The Legal Genealogist”….Awesome!

    Judy Russell is certainly one of the best genealogists I have ever heard. You can be assured that she leaves no stone unturned. Due to her legal background, she is good about warning us of any potential hazards we might stumble into. Her talks are always upbeat and so enjoyable to listen to. NEVER BORING.

    Judy Russell is one of our BEST genealogy educators! Her practical approach makes things really sink in. “Read the directions” and pay attention.” How easily we forget. Thanks Judy!

    Judy Russell….as always. FABULOUS! I learned so much.

    Judy Russell’s presentations dynamic.

    Judy Russell’s presentations are always excellent.

    Judy Russell’s webinars are always excellent and this one was exceptional!!

    Judy takes a simple concept, like looking carefully at the census records, and shows us how to do it, why to do it, and what we can find.
    Judy was able to draw the viewer in to the slides presented by highlighting areas she mentioned. It was concise, thorough, and not just the “same old, same old” presentation about censuses. I am excited to be able to go back through the census records I have just to make sure I did not miss anything. Wonderful webinar – A++++!

    Judy was wonderful as always!

    Judy, has so much to share. Love her webinars. Concise, Consistently great, Chock full of info.

    Judy’s presentations are always great and packed full of lots of good information. I always learn something or somethings new. Thank you! : )

    Judy’s program was lively and of course contained some great information and tips in using census data. This was a very fast hour! Wow!”

    Judy’s webinars are always wonderful and I always learn so much! This one was especially enlightening.

    Just as good as the GENUKI webinar on Wednesday!

    learned a lot, need to go back to censuses again! Love Judy Russell!

    Learned lots more about what can be found in censuses.

    Learned many additional and new things to find out on census forms and other types of census that are recorded. Thanks for the excellent information.

    Learned more than one new thing today! A very worthwhile webinar.

    Leave it to Judy to bring a fresh look at a topic that’s been covered in many ways. I thought I was pretty knowledgable about the census, but she pointed out several pieces of information I was not previously aware of. Judy is the one speaker I will always tune in for, regardless of the subject. THE best genealogy speaker!

    Listening to Judy is like listening to Elizabeth Shown Mills — one can ALWAYS learn from BOTH of them! Usually a LOT!

    lot of additional information concerning the census that will help further my research

    Lots of good info. I’ve researched for years but still learned new things today. I did miss the 1st part though as my sound didn’t work correctly so will need to listen to webinar again. Judy did a great job. Very interesting & moved quickly. Might help to write some of what she said so I could copy as I was trying to get all she said.

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Lots of good information.

    lots of great information.

    Lots of information. I look forward to reviewing the webinar. Thank you for taping it.

    Lots of material to get moving on!

    lots of other places to look…..!

    Lots to know lots to learn.Thanks

    Love Judy Russell.

    Love Judy’s presentations.

    love Judy’s style. easy to follow, great voice to listen to.

    Love this lady, so easy to listen to, and learn from.. great webinar.

    Love to catch Judy’s webinars or presentations. I always learn something new and useful! Thank you!

    Love to hear Judy Russell speak – on any topic! I learned so much in this presentation. Looks like I have some more work to do!!

    Loved the little tips!!!! And Judy is so logical & easy to listen to. Love her.

    Magnificent. I have been using census files for 20 years and I can clearly see that I missed a lot of information that is available on those forms. Now I will have to go back to the beginning and do it all again

    Much food for thought! As always, Judy is awesome.

    My only complaint is that I wish it were longer! I am a seasoned researcher who is very familiar with census records, but I’m pleased to say I learned a few helpful things today, too. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to attend one of Judy’s lectures – she is an excellent presenter with a wealth of knowledge and a very engaging style. Also, her syllabus is outstanding. Thank you for making this available!

    need to relook at censuses I recorded years ago!

    Now I must go back and revisit the census forms. Assuming (oops!) that other countries are the same.

    Oh, my goodness!! So much I didn’t know and now want to explore… Do you think my creditors would mind me quitting my job in order for me to explore my family history full-time? Seriously, thanks for another awesome webinar 🙂

    One of the best ever. Reinterates what we taught in our genealogy classes.

    One of the best presenters I’ve seen. Clear, concise, obviously a master of her material.

    One of the best seminars! Thank you so much!

    One of the best webinars ever!

    One of the best webinars ever! Thank you so much.

    One of the best webinars that I have listened to.

    One of the best! Researching since 1989 but better go back to those earlier censuses (censi ?) to see if I missed anything! LOL

    One of the best!

    One of the best. Both in speakers and in the presentation!

    One of the very, very best! Judy’s presentations are always excellent, but this was even more outstanding!

    Outstanding handout with lots of goodies! I’ve been collecting census reference material for almost 15 years now and Judy alerted me to some articles I had missed. This is only one of many reasons why Judy is one of my ‘must-watch’ presenters.

    Outstanding! Will watch it again!

    Outstanding, I never miss one of her webinars.

    outstanding. What an encouragement to go back a re-look at all those census records. Expecially now as we know more… those neighbors are probably really our relatives!.

    Packed with great information. Easy to follow and understand.

    Really amazing how much more information I can glean from going back to study the census entries for my family! I had no idea! Thank you so much.

    Really interesting, and clear to follow.

    Reviewed much information that I already knew, but also quite a bit of new info. Gave me ideas of what specific pieces of information to look at. A very good presenter!

    She covered a lot of ground in an hour. Tied her family to her examples nicely–great combination of story and facts and methodology. Glad she covered the non-population schedules including the Community/Social schedule.

    She is always fantastic. This was another superative webinar.

    Since I have very few ancestors who lived in the United States, this was not very relevant for me

    So great! Just the reminder to read the instructions to the enumerators was worth the whole seminar.

  8. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    so helpful!!

    So knowledgeable, great teacher, really the best presentation I have attended

    So much information and so well presented. Thank you, Geoff, Judy and Family Tree Webinars for making this education available.
    so much information!! Very helpful.

    so much to learn AND REMEMBER Thank you

    So well presented, no stone unturned and so clearly explained! Can’t wait to revisit the censuses. Thank you JUdy and Jeff!

    Solid, helpful information and a great presentation.

    such a skilled lecturer=a pleasure as well as informative

    such good information, really nice format for training. Very clear and I really found it beneficial to see examples of the issues with the censuses. Can’t wait for the video to go live so I can watch it again to see what I missed. Excellent job Judy and Geoff.

    Super job!!

    Super material

    Super!! Where did the time go? This was the quickest hour ever.

    Superb webinar – a real eye-opener to more information by diving deeper into census records. Thank you Judy & Geoff !!!

    Terrific as usual. Thanks

    Terrific information, much to go back and revisit.

    Thank you for another terrific webinar! Can’t wait to tackle all those census pages I have again to mine for additional information — and I thought I had learned as much as I could from them!

    thank you for this outstanding service

    Thank you very much! I have heard a lot of useful information!!!

    Thank you, thank you Judy! Your expertise has opened so many doors to my research!

    Thanks for another great webinar!

    Thanks Judy! Lots of useful information! I’m anxious to get back into digging for more information about my ancestors.
    That was one of the most informative webinar’s I’ve attended! Very well done and would be interested in seeing others that Judy has done as well! Thanks!

    The best!

    The presenter was very knowledgeable and spoke clearly. She had great information and explained things clearly. I appreciate she phrased certain things as “coming up with hypotheses.” Thank you for the webinar!

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! Amazing as always to learn from Judy.

    This has been the most comprehensive discussion of census records I have ever experienced!

    This is a must-see seminar. I need to go back over every person in my tree, just to see what I’ve missed!

    This is one of my top webinars! Wonderful!! Thank you for the tips and and information. Very thorough. Awesome!!

    This morning I had my eyes dilated and am having trouble reading the bright white screen just now. But, I already learned something new and will be certain to watch the webinar later!

    This was a great webinar!

    This was a wealth of information! I am a Judy Russell fan and always enjoy the great information she provides. Thank you!

    This was an excellent, very informative webinar. thank you Judy Russell

    This was excellent!

    This was so absolutely wonderful in what we could learn and use and appreciate concerning the census records (and don’t forget those other schedules) ! Judy is so thorough in her research that we all can learn a thing a two from her. Thanks to Judy for sharing her wealth of knowledge. And thanks to Legacy Family Tree Webinars for connecting us with her and all the other wonderful speakers.

    Tis was wonderful. But I have so much to look at again!

    Totally agree with what she said at the end. We need to review our census notes. A wonderful webinar!! Can’t wait to tell friends to watch this week.

    Truly a whole new look at how to read these documents.


    very best love this one

    Very educational!

    Very Good

    Very good information. Gave me some great ideas for a problem I have run into in my family genealogy.

    very helpful information on non-Fed census.

    very informative

    Very informative and inspiring

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very Informative!!! Well presented and a very knowledgeable Speaker!

    Very informative. Look forward to seeing again…and again. Hopefully, there are webinar notes also.

    Very Interesting! I really have to go back through my census for more information. I knew there were multiple pages for 1925 State Census, but not the others. Thank you very much!


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