Diane Henriks

Diane Henriks is a Los Angeles County based professional genealogist; investigator; speaker; and author, specializing in finding descendants in family trees; brick wall research; and unknown parentage. She has worked closely with private investigators to find living people, while also assisting in background investigations, in both civil and criminal cases. She is a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Genealogical Speakers Guild, and the Southern California Genealogical Society. What started out as a small hobby over a decade ago, when a hand drawn family tree chart was given to her by her father, has since become a great obsession! She now helps others journey through their family histories and/or locate missing pieces, through Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family, while stressing the importance of preserving family history for future generations and trying to get all involved in their own family history. Family history isn’t just genealogy; it’s about connecting your past, present, and future, to give you a sense of who you are, while carrying on the memory of those that came before.

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