Kansas Settlers – Pioneers Settling Prior to 1900

Beth Foulk
Jan 19, 2018
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1m 34s
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How Kansas was Settled
5m 30s
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Land Acquisition
1m 50s
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Homestead Act
3m 16s
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Timber Culture Act
1m 05s
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Bounty Land
6m 15s
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1m 38s
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The Patent
14m 05s
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Kansas Private Land
8m 36s
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School Lands
4m 12s
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About this webinar

The settling of Kansas is a tale woven with Indian settlements, railroad grants, the Homestead Act, Pre-emption, and agricultural school grants. With this many players and conflicting interests, settlers – and genealogists – have their work cut out to make sense of the process. This class unwraps the fascinating story and records left behind.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Beth Foulk has turned a lifetime genealogy passion into an opportunity to share what she’s learned with genealogists across the country. She has documented her Civil War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War ancestors.  She has mapped the
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