On the Go: Using Your Mobile Device for Genealogy

Guy Tsype
Oct 9, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 01s
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2m 12s
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Why Use Mobile Apps
1m 36s
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Intro to the App
1m 31s
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Building Your Tree
2m 42s
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Tree Profiles
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4m 18s
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3m 23s
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Recording Stories
1m 55s
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Scanning Photos and Docs
2m 24s
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2m 26s
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Questions / answers
14m 20s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 03s
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Questions / answers
11m 23s

About this webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how to use your mobile device to expand your family history research. From recording your family's story to sharing your discoveries, your mobile device has a wealth of tools that allow you to continue your research wherever you are. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

Guy Tsype is responsible for the MyHeritage iOS and Android apps. He leads a talented team that includes developers, QA engineers, and a designer to give MyHeritage users the best experience on their mobile devices. He comes from the MyHeritage
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Awesome! Very impressive webinar and genealogy tool! I need to use this more. Excellent questions. Thanks!

    Awesome! Well knowledge in his field. Explain in perfect detail in a interesting and enjoyable manner.

    Excellent intro to the app only functionality!!! Thank you!!

    Good app info!

    Good presentation of the basics for the phone app.

    Good, quick survey of App Features!


    Great and very informative!

    Great way to have all your info in one place. I’ll add this to my very long to do list for genealogy!!!!

    I currently do not have My Heritage..think I will check into it.

    I haven’t learned how to use my tablet or phone yet to do genealogy, but this was interesting.

    I learned so much! Have had the ap for a while but haven’t used it – now I will.

    I like learning new ways to do genealogy. Thanks

    I love how the My Heritage presenters always know their stuff. Impressive and helpful!

    I think i may give the app a try.

    I’m glad it will continue to be available for review. Because I don’t presently use a cell phone (but I do use an iPad!), I’m not familiar with the features of the phone and I found it was a little too fast for me to keep up. I was trying to figure what he was referring to when there were two or three screens showing at once. Thanks.


    Interesting and informative. Thank you.

    Interesting even though I don’t have a mobile device

    It’s amazing what capabilities we now have with apps!

    It’s something I’ll have to try in order to come up with questions!

    Lots of information packed into the webinar

    The information was really useful! I will be adding the app to my phone.

    This webinar was good as far as it went – being MyHeritage only.

    Very good introduction to the mobile app which I haven’t considered.

    Very good overview of the mobile app. Looking forward to using it.

    Very Good!

    Very helpful information regarding the My Heritage app. I find the app very useful when I am with family members and I want to share something from my tree. Knowing how to utilize all the functions will make it even more useful. Thank you!

    Very informative!

    Very interesting

    Very interesting!

    Very Interesting! I am playing with the app now!

    Very much enjoyed this app routine.

    Wonderful. I always had this app but didn’t use it. Motivated now!


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