Finding Your Ancestors at the National SAR Genealogical Research Library

Cheri Daniels, MSLS
Jul 17, 2024
Free through July 24, 2024
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Speaker's Introduction
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Library Mission
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On-site Features
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Library Catalog
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Patriot Research System
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About this webinar

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has been collecting research material since its beginning in 1889. Not many people know that their national headquarters and award winning genealogical research library is located in Downtown Louisville Kentucky. Join us on a tour of the research facility and take a deep dive into the rare and expansive collection that awaits national researchers of all skill levels and timeline needs.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cheri Daniels, MSLS, serves as Director of Library & Archives for the National SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) Genealogical Research Library located at the national SAR headquarters in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Spanning a career of
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  1. CL
    Clifford LANHAM
    5 days ago

    Excellent info on opening the achieves of the library. As a SAR member there was a number of things that I was unaware of NOW available for research.

  2. GS
    Gerry Sue Pallas
    5 days ago

    The speaker was fantastic, knowledgeable and seems like a fun person. She speaks clearly, a super plus for those of us with hearing disailities

  3. MC
    Maria Capaldi
    5 days ago

    I learned quite a bit from this webinar thank you!

  4. JF
    Jean Foster
    5 days ago

    Very informative and a library that I did not know existed. Wish I had known when I was in the Louisville area several years ago.

  5. SM
    5 days ago

    VERY clear and concise information on using the SAR library!

  6. GG
    Grant Gee
    5 days ago

    I am an SAR chapter Registrar. I found the presentation to be very accurate and informative. I learned about some additional told on the SAR website to help me prepare membership applications. I recommend this webinar for anyone doing research to find out about Revolutionary War ancestors and descendants.

  7. EH
    Elise Hayes
    5 days ago

    Fantastic!! I occasionally download SAR applications from Ancestry, but I had no idea that the SAR headquarters were in Louisville & much was available online. I’d love to visit in person as I have many ancestors who had lived there & at least one home is still standing. Also many direct ancestors & their collaterals are buried there.

  8. BS
    Bobbie Sue Brown
    5 days ago

    This was my first webinar and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the information and the tour. I look forward to accessing the site to see what I can learn about my revolutionary soldier and to see if I have more in my genealogy. I would love to make a trip to see the library and the option to pay for someone hourly to research is incredible option for those who do not travel often.


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