Remote Research in the Databases of the Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Research System

Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
Oct 3, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Rev War
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Broaden Your Search
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Other Resources
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has been collecting genealogical information since 1890 to support both the application process for membership and to honor the service of Patriots. The Society operates a marvelous library in Washington, DC. Over the last few years they have scanned and provided public access to extensive online resources.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA, a retired colonel who served 31 years in the U.S. Army, is a long-time researcher and instructor in genealogical topics. Rick is a past president and current board member of BCG. He coordinates the Advanced Land course
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    10+ This was outstanding – as a DAR member and Volunteer Genealogist, his presentation should be available for anyone in the DAR – or – wanting to join.

    A fantastic guide to the DAR resources. This is very helpful to me. Thank you!

    A LOT of good information to help research in the DAR database

    A+++ for Rick as always!!!!

    Amazing presentation – DAR GRC has already found a Bible record that I did not know existed!

    An amazing amount of very specific information, taking a walk through the DAR with Rick Sayre – I learned so much!! Thanks for the excellent webinar and presenter!

    An excellent webinar with so much information! Thank you very much.

    As a DAR member, I have used the web site often. I still learned some good research tools today. Thank you.

    As a new registrar for the DAR, I found Mr. Sayre’s webinar to be quite helpful. Am looking forward to more webinars in the future.

    AWESOME! So much meaningful information packed into this webinar! Thank you!

    Bravo! Thanks!

    Comprehensive – thank you

    Enjoyed all of the information today!



    Excellent !!

    Excellent and on a topic that has not been addressed much before. Great information.

    Excellent as always….love Rick Sayre.

    Excellent explanations and resources! I am using the DAR website much more efficiently, now! Thanks so much Rick Sayre and Legacy Family Tree Webinars!

    Excellent information on the DAR. Found my grandmother’s application while I was listening.

    Excellent introduction to using DAR resources – especially for a beginning genealogist. I now have a number of possibilities for finding my Revolutionary War era ancestors. Thank you!

    Excellent overview of the system and wonderful sources/references. Thank you!

    Excellent overview, very helpful

    Excellent overview.

    Excellent presentation and helpful handout.

    Excellent presentation by Rick Sayre. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation from handouts to slides!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation. I will be looking at his other webinars also. Learned a lot about the sources and how to use the GRS. Thanks!

    Excellent topic I never thought to pursue.

    Excellent!! Very informative and helpful 🙂

    Excellent, comphrehensive job on DAR Research. I will work in the future with the Manuscripts Division of the DAR Library Group. There seems to be many new changes in the documents available to research, websites available to explore, and procedures for joining the DAR. Thank you Mr. Rick Sayre.

    Excellent. Will need to watch again (and again and again) for all the info.

    Excellent. Covered material in understandable and informative mode.

    Expanded my expectations of the DAR website…..Great list of links to historical information.

    Fabulous! Hoping to join DAR, gathering my papers now.

    Fantastic. Don’t think I’m DAR eligible, but what great info to have.

    Feel so much more confident to now delve into the D.A.R. A big thanks to Richard.


    good explanation of website

    Good overview.

    great idea of how and where to search

    great info, searching my ancestors now. thanks

    Great information, sources including Fold3. Now I just have to figure out which person to use. I have one on my maternal side and one on my paternal side.

    Great overview of the valuable information available through the DAR.

    Great presentation of complicated and valuable research resource. Making plan for researching Rev War era ancestors.

    Great presentation! Very interesting and informative. Thank you! 🙂

    Great presentation. Now I have lots of work to do. Thanks

    great speaker!!

    Great webinar on the DAR.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Great, concise, informative. Thanks Legacy for doing all these. So helpful even for us old-long time researchers. Always learn something!

    I am a DAR member and from this webinar learned much which I can use for DAR supplementals.

    I am a DAR member and have already submitted 2 supplemental apps, but I learned some new things today. Thank you!

    I am a DAR, but learned a lot from this presentation.

    I am currently working on a research problem in the 18th century. This webinar has given ideas of additional places to search!

    I am one of the people who has the ancestor red flagged but I appreciated learning about the organization. Thanks

    I belong to dar and learned alot from this presentation

    I had given up hope to be able to join DAR as I have ancestors from RI who I know were involved. But, figured I’d never get to Washington DC to research. Thank you, I am now excited and have renewed energy to do more research.
    As usual Legacy Webinars are the greatest!!

    I learned more about the Daughters of the American Revolution today than I knew before. Now working on daughters line through paternal patriot’s line. Already found info that I didn’t know existed! Doing the genealogy happy dance! Thanks so much!! Excellent webinar!

    I learned so much today. Now I think I can find what I need for my ancestor.

    I thought the rules change made it almost impossible for me to get any proof since I can’t travel to DC. Glad to know about all these resources.

    I was late to the webinar but what I saw was useful. I will definitely want to watch it in its entirety.

    I will have to watch this again. Lots of good information!

    I’m going to have to replay this one because it was so jam-packed with useful information about lesser known DAR Library resources.

    I’m a DAR member and Rick pointed out and demonstrated information on the DAR website I didn’t know about. Thank you! I’ve got some more research to do…

    In depth and fascinating. i am ready to get to work. Thanks!

    Informative, organized, and most helpful for those trying to navigate the DAR maze.

    Interesting webinar.

    Is there a 10 rating? Excellent, clear, informative presentation. What else will he talk about?

    I’ve been a DAR member for 10 years and am Junior Past Regent. I learned quite a bit with this webinar…..I’ve done a lot of work on our web site but mostly reports and membership information for our local chapter. This will help me dig deeper into what is available and how to go about the search directly instead of hopping all over the place looking for what I want. Thank you….

    Learned a lot on finding other relatives

    Lots of detailed help to navigate the DAR website.

    Lots of great information.

    Lots of information that will need soon…I hope!

    Marvelous. Appreciated having syllabus to print out – day ahead of presentation. Helps to prepare ahead of time.

    Most useful – I was never sure where to start researching my Revolutionary War ancestors.

    Mr. Sayre is a Positive, engaged, practiced presenter…..Informative, easy to follow on 2nd laptop hooked to DAR website…. Maybe I can get a woman in my family of origin to apply to the DAR? In the mean time, Thankyou

    Mr. Sayre was a very knowledgeable speaker. Slide presentation was clear and concise.

    Much better than any presentation from the DAR

    one of his best

    Perfect timing and follow-up to NEHGS’s NSDAR Application process webinar. Rick’s detailed information on each of the GRS tabs from Ancestor to Resources was very informative and makes searching for Revolutionary War ancestors/patriots imperative. Thanks to all for this Great Webinar!!!

    please have him back!

    Really enjoyed it!

    Rick did an awesome job on presenting this topic! I am a new member of the DAR, and I learned a lot from seeing this webinar. Thank you so much for presenting it — and for free!

    Rick did an excellent, detailed presentation about getting information from the DAR website and others as well. Thank you so much, Rick!!

    Rick Sayre is always top-notch in his presentations. This was the best DAR webinar I have ever heard.

    Rick Sayre was very well prepared.

    Rick Sayre’s Webinar’s was one of the best I’ve ever seen. He’s a terrific speaker!

    Rick was great……and I don’t even have Rev ancestors 🙂

    Rick’s ability to pack a large amount of solid information into time allotted is amazing. Well worth the time spent. Thank you.


    super webinar for the DAR

    Terrific detail. Thanks!

    Thank you for this seminar. It was awesome-almost overwhelming. So glad it can be viewed again.

    Thank you. I learned a lot and will be using some of this info to search the DAR resources.

    Thanks for another wonderful webinar!

    Thanks for providing more clues to help me break through the next wall and prove DAR linkage.

    Thanks for the excellent handout.

    The syllabus is outstanding.


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