Researching a Loyalist Soldier

Craig R. Scott, MA, CG, FUGA
Jul 29, 2020
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Know Before You Start
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Records during the War
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Records after the War
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Military Units
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Case Study
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About this webinar

Approximately one-third of the people living in the Colonies at the time of the Revolution were loyal to the King. During the War some fought in Loyalist units. By the end of the war, most were forced to leave, either north to Canada or back across the ocean. Many filed claims with the British government for failing to protect them from the rebels. Learn about the records of their service and records of their times after the War.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG, FUGA is the author of The ‘Lost Pensions’: Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 (Revised) and Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Inventory 14 (Revised). His m
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago


    Very informative and great presenter!!

    A bit fast paced for my listening skills but hope to review the recording and get more out of it. Thanks for your hard work!

    A wealth of reference sources and practical advice.


    Absolutely fantastic. Having three grandfathers in the 84th Regiment RHE, have been waiting for a “Loyalist” webinar for several years. Thank you. Now need to go to work with all of the hints.

    Always so knowledgeable and great presentation. Deserves a 10.

    amazing resources covered, wow!

    Amazingly detailed, organized, and I will have to watch it again and go through some of the website suggestions in order to feel I can begin a Loyalist search on some of my Massachusetts Quaker ancestors…and some of my NY ancestors. Very interesting!

    An Expert. Very interesting

    Another excellent webinar. I had intended to listen for fun, believing that I have no Loyalist or Tory ancestors. You have given me a new idea and inspiration, however, so, now I plan to add this possibility to my research log!

    As a military buff, I can never get my fill of Craig who is one of the most knowledgeable people presenting information in a most enjoyable manner!

    as always, craig is methodical. The webinar was full of material. Hope the syllabus is stuffed with all the links and database refereneces.

    As Geoff said, masterful. This webinar was a pure delight.

    By far the best webinar I’ve seen on your website. Almost too much information to try to absorb in 90 minutes! Case log was particularly helpful. Do hope the chat log (with the links) will be included with the taped recording.

    came late but what I seen I am very impressed with Scott

    Craig is obviously knowledgeable and he focussed on he research methods and sources. He did not spend so much time on family members as some do. thanks.

    Craig R Scott is a bona fide expert and aalways a pleasure to hear. “If your research isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong” – CRS

    Craig Scott does an excellent job presenting.

    Craig Scott knows his topic so well

    CRAIG SCOTT was today he is a wealth of knowledge! It was wonderful.

    Craig was very interesting. I have several Loyalists and I look forward to finding more about them. I have so much to learn about research. Didn’t know I could search within a database at Ancestry. Thank you so much!

    Craig’s presentation are always full of useful information and I so appreciate his willingness for us to answer further questions at his email!

    eager to start researching!



    Excellent content, and Craig Scott is a very inspiring speaker.

    Excellent information, so many resources were given.

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation by Craig Scott! Even if my Revolutionary War ancestor turns out to be strictly a die-hard Patriot, I still learned a good deal to put the war, motivations, and efforts into context. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation. I now need to go back and find out more about when my CT crowd actually arrived in NS.

    eXCELLENT resources!

    excellent speaker and information

    Excellent webinar

    Excellent webinar – thank you so much.

    Excellent webinar! I have a Loyalist ancestor, although not a soldier, and this has given me a great approach to find out more. Thank you so much to Craig, Geoff & Legacy! & thanks for everything you’re doing to help us stay sane during these crazy times.



    Excellent! Very informative and helpful!! Thanks!

    excellent. lots of great information! Thanks

    Excellent. Very well-organized.

    Extremely interesting.

    extremely knowledgeable!

    Fantastic information. I rarely see anything about Loyalists and Craig’s information was vast and thorough. I’m looking forward to continuing research on my UE Loyalist. Thank you!

    Fantastic webinar which is so full of great information that it needs a re-watch to take in all of the amazing references.

    Focused, clearly and understandably presented. Craig Scott displayed his experience and professionalism. Great job! Thank you.

    Gave me leads on yet another brick wall.


    Great bibliography for a very complicated subject

    Great Info

    Great info on unknown sources for loyalist.

    Great info Thanks

    Great information never before heard! Lots of tips on how and where to start research. Thank you!

    Great job! Lots of wonderful references.

    Great presentation! Lots of really helpful info!

    Great presenter but I don’t think I have any Loyalist anestors.

    Great speaker.

    Great! lots of good info and knows subject!

    He does know it all. I liked when he used the case study… and love his syllabus.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    He was phenomenal

    I believe I have a Loyalist ancestor who went from South Carolina to the Bahamas and thence to West Florida, where soon after he found himself back in the United States again as the US border moved westward. This webinar gave me some good pointers for pursuing that lead. Thanks so much!

    I don’t think I have any Loyalists but this webinar was very interesting. Maybe I can help someone in my genealogy group. thank you Geoff and Craig Scott.

    I don’t think I have any loyalists in my family but Craig Scott is a great presenter and I really enjoyed this talk. I also learned a few things about my own research for the Rev War patriots that I do have in my family.

    I found the speaker and content very interesting. I learned a lot of information.

    I had no idea there were so many ways to differentiate between types of Loyalists! Thank you for this very informative webinar! It was expertly executed and gave me many new resources with which to research my Revolutionary War-era ancestors!

    I have already done some research about two my Loyalists ancestors……but this webinar has given me so much more for doing deeper research. Many thanks!

    I have found UEL ancestors but this gave more sources to flesh-out their backgrounds. Thanks!

    I have read a couple of books about Loyalists, but this was the first webinar I’ve listened to about them. Craig Scott knows so much about military history, especially in the Colonial era. Thank you for bringing us this important webinar. I now have new sources to pursue.

    I knew nothing about Loyalists but now if I needed to tackle such a relative I’d know how to proceed.

    I learned about people that I never even thought about during that people of time.

    I love his details. The step by step process and all the resources.

    I loved the amount of sources and resources he pointed to for my research use. It was excellent.

    I need to start from the beginning.

    I’m new to this subject, but his presentation and syllabus have given me great resources and tips on how to proceed. Will check out his other lectures!

    I’m very involved with the UEL Association of Canada, and I still learned about sources I didn’t know were now on Thanks, Craig!

    Informational and interesting. Provided lots of references and tips for further research.

    Interesting to hear a US researcher talking about Loyalists. Didn’t know that so many people loyal to the Crown stayed in US. Lots of great sources/books/websites. Well worth listening to – would listen to him again.

    It was very helpful, just as I’m gearing up to apply to UEL.

    Learned a lot about the Loyalists. Thank you Craig & Geoff.

    Learned a lot and Craig offered great tips and resources

    Learned a lot, thank you.

    Learned lots!

    Lot’s of good information and sources given by Craig. I will re-watch to capture some of the sources.

    Lots of fascinating additional info, to that I already have, to assist in my search of my UEL ancestors from New York to Ontario

    Lots of great info but words and slides were presented so quickly, it was difficult to keep up while making notes

    lots of great information but it might work better as a 2 part session.

    Lots of great information.

    Lots of great leads, thanks!

    Lots of info and places to look.

    Lots of information but a little fast.

    Lots of information. Very helpful.

    Lots of sources for information. Amazing

    Love it – as always, Craig is so full of information~ glad I have a subscription to play it again – repeatedly.

    Love learning from Craig!

    Loved it

    Man he crams a lot in to his allotted time

    Masterful indeed

    More info than I could absorb.


    Never have researched a loyalist I had ancestors in Nova Scotia after the war

    outstanding – fire hose of knowledge

    Really enjoy Craig’s webinars. He’s so obviously enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and NOT reading his slides.

    Really enjoyed it. Very informative.

    Seminar was excellent.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    So glad you had this topic!! Craig’s handout is great. I’ve got notes ALL OVER IT!! Can’t wait to look for more info on “”my guys””! Thanks. Thanks, too, for providing us with so many webinars during the past few months. Staying safe at home has not been hard!

    So many great resources to investigate.

    So much information! I don’t have a Loyalist ancestor, as far as I know now, but I really enjoyed learning about how to research one if I discover him. Very good webinar. Thank you.

    So much information. I thought I had Loyalists in my heritage, but after listening, now I know I don.t. Rats. Thanks

    Superb Speaker; Knows his topic!

    Thank you for covering Loyalist research at such an in-depth level. You have provided several new resources for me to dig into to add to my current research projects. Well Done! Looking forward to watching again. 🙂

    Thank you from a member of the UELAC.

    thank you!

    THAT was an interesting webinar. I hadn’t considered the challenges associated with “loyalist” colonists.

    The speaker was easy to listen to and had a mountain of information to share.

    The webinar was very well organized and well delivered. I left early because it was a poor match with my experience level, but I think the webinar would be great for many researchers.

    This is a wonderful webinar. I have done some work on boilers sisters but I will friend.

    This was an awesome webinar. Wish it could have been longer so he could talk slower and answer more questions. Glad I have a webinar subscription to watch it over again and get the syllabus.

    This was so interesting…thank you so much looking forward to researching my loyalist (know for certain 1) family member

    Very comprehensive.

    Very detailed information about this specific topic!

    Very easy to listen too; very logical, paced well and relaxed. Thank you.

    very good

    very good

    Very Good.

    Very helpful

    Very helpful to see resources for future research!

    Very informative.

    very informative. generates lots of questions, gives many clues.

    Very interesting and comprehensive. I wonder if this might have been split into two as there was so much information provided! Thanks for the good syllabus.

    Very interesting as all your webinars are, even though I don’t have any that I know of.

    Very interesting. I don’t believe I have any but NOW I know where to look

    Very knowledgeable presenter, thank you Mr.Scott!

    Very thorough easy to follow for me because i have done some research already

    Very well-organized; good audio & video. Thanks!

    Well done! So many resources that I’d heard nothing about and will give me many hours looking for the elusive needle in the Loyalist haystack. I’d like to learn how those soldiers that stayed in the colonies were treated after the war. What happened to prisoners of war? While I have my ancestor on the ground, today’s webinar encouraged me to dig deeper. Thank you!

    Well done. Enjoyed the sessions

    What a great presenter! I learned so much. I’ll look forward to more of his presentations.

    What an amazing presentation – so much information. I’m going to re-watch this webinar a number of times if I discover I may have a Loyalist ancestor. Craig – Thank you!

    Wonderful webinar on loyalists.

    Worth another viewing! Craig Scott presented so much research information.

    Wow! So helpful. But, I will have to watch it multiple times to get a reasonable understanding of the topic. Thank you so much.

    Wow! I learned a lot today. Excellent webinar full of information I can really use in my Loyalist research. Thank you Legacy. I plan to watch again as soon as it’s posted.


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