Fabulous Photo Discoveries™ at MyHeritage

Lisa Louise Cooke
Jul 28, 2020
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Photo Discoveries
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Photo Enhancing
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Lisa Louise Cooke will show you how to discover photographs of ancestors who currently don’t have photos in your tree using MyHeritage’s exciting Photo Discoveries™ technology. You’ll learn how to add your own photos, and then find and easily add the newly generated photo discoveries to your family tree.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Lisa Louise Cooke is the producer of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, the popular and long-running genealogy podcast which has been downloaded over 3 million times! The podcast is avai
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A lot of new techniques today!

    Absolutely fantastic and informative presentation on the wonderful tool to engance our photos. Thank you..

    Always great to learn something new from My Heritage

    Always love webinars from Lisa

    Am very excited to use the my Heritage color tool. Had a subscription but never really utilized it. Amazing things going on and I think I need to get back to it.

    Amazing webinar! Thanks a billion!!!

    Anytime I get even one new idea, it is super.

    Appreciated that Lisa showed step-by- step how to do everything.

    Awesome features! Lisa’s awesome! 😀

    clear and easy to comprehend

    Colorful magic

    Definitely didn’t know about the discoveries section. I tried it as I was listening for various trees.


    EXCELLENT – as always!

    Excellent photos information for My Heritage.

    Excellent Session!!

    Excellent show!


    Excellent! Love Lisa’s webinars!


    Exciting information!

    Fabulous as always!

    Fabulous! I love listening to Lisa. Awesome webinar! Thank you.


    Fantastic webinar with lots of great tip on what to do with photographs on My Heritage.

    Glad I watched! Been wondering about it. Thanks

    Good info. Great presentation.

    Good information about new technology.

    Good information and clear instructions on how to get to things done. Thanks.

    Good review

    good topic that most people can apply

    Great feature to explore. Discovering new family photos is exciting!

    great info

    great info

    Great information and a very nice speaker. The material was presented in a manner which was easy to understand.

    Great information AND photos! Well explained (loved the big moving arrow for us) and described in the handout. I’m very excited to try this out!!!

    Great information clearly stated by Lisa and Geoff. Glad I will be able to see the presentation again.

    Great information!

    Great information; can’t wait to use

    Great new things to do

    Great overview. Photos are one of my most favorite things in family trees!

    Great presentation with Lisa and Geoff as they have good chemistry together and are very knowledgeable!

    great webinar

    Great webinar

    reat webinar on MyHeritage colorization of photos.

    Great webinar! Thanks so much!

    Great! Thanks! Learned so much more about photos at MyHeritage

    I already knew a lot of this content, but always enjoy hearing Lisa. She is a great speaker and teacher!

    I can’t wait to get started. Thanks!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I didn’t think I could justify the cost of an subscription until now. Fabulous editing offered.

    I enjoyed it very informative.

    I have learned something so amazing each time, it boggles my mine, what will I learn next time.

    i haven’t had time to look at this yet but in the next few days i will definitely be looking at my photos thank you
    I just wish there was more of me!!!

    I knew about colorization and enhancements so I was not going to bother listening to this, but so glad I did as Lisa talked about something I didn’t know … photo discovery! This was great!

    I learned a few things I didn’t know about and I always like listening to LIsa.

    I learned quite a bit about using photos and not be afraid of changing original.

    I learned so much!! Thank You.

    I liked that it was concise.

    I love her graphics

    I love to watch Lisa’s podcasts and webinars. I learn so much from her demos. She’s so knowledgeable.

    I never fail to learn something new!

    I think I had notice of this from MyHeritage but hadn’t got round to trying it and certainly didn’t realise how great a facility it is. Many thanks to Lisa.

    I will share with my son who is professional photographer!

    I would never has considered colorizing an old family photo until todya, but the enhancements are amazing and since the original stays original (very important in genealogy research and history) I am sold! Thank you! AND with Lynch relatives from Ireland I am really looking forward to Thursdays “Elevenses with Lisa!

    I’m jazzed about the photo discoveries features. I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to colorizing, though. It often looks as if people are dressing up as people from the past, rather than actually being people from the past.

    I’m new to MyHeritage after years at Ancestry. I really enjoyed learning about what you can do with photos.

    Informative. I always enjoy Lisa Louise Cooke!


    Interesting how different programs approach the photo enhancement technology.

    Interesting new technology that I was unaware of. Seems to have taken off this year.

    It opened my eyes to a real advantage of using MyHeritage. Helpful suggestions for using the pile of photos we have all inherited. . .or produced. Thank you.

    It was fun, light. More new information for my limited mind. 🙂

    It was great!

    It was interesting, but I’m not there yet.

    leanrt a lot

    liked comprehensive hand out, actually had steps to follow

    Liked the explicit directions and tone of presenter.

    Lisa always does such a great job in her webinars, podcasts, etc. I think any class on photos is always interesting. Thanks so much for Legacy’s webinars!!

    Lisa always has great webinars.

    Lisa always is so fun to listen to! My Heritage has some fabulous new features!

    Lisa is a very engaging speaker – the webinar was informative and interesting. She left us all feeling like we were experts in using MyHeritage’s photo tools. I loved all of Lisa’s example photos and seeing them enhanced and colorized.

    Lisa is a very good presenter. She made it very easy to follow and understand what she was explaining. Great job! I look forward to more classes with Lisa. So excited about this new tool with My Heritage!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Lisa is always a great presenter. I was happy to learn of some of the new features that My Heritage has offered.

    Lisa is always excellent.

    Lisa is always great!

    Lisa is one of my favorite presenters. Watching this webinar made me start to think about subscribing to My Heritage.

    Lisa used simple language that was easy to follow and she always sounds so enthusiastic. Very enjoyable!!

    Lisa was excellent, as always! Thanks! Thanks to Geoff, too, for what you shared with us!

    Lisa was great as ever. Thanks for the webinar.

    Lisa, thank you for your very detailed and educational presentation!!!

    Lisa’s shows are always interesting; lots of great examples. Love when she shares “goofs” and fixes. She and Geoff make a great team. I now have all these notes and several more avenues to explore. Twenty-four hour days are not enough! Thank you both.

    Lisa’s the best

    Lots of fun

    Lots of great information. I learned a lot today. Thanks.

    Love Lisa Louise – great graphics, detailed explanations, easy to understand. Keep bringing her back.

    Love the colorization of the photographs.

    Love your webinars!

    Loved it!

    Loved it. very informative. Now, just gotta try it. Thank you Lisa and Geoffrey.

    Loved the info and loved the pace at which it was given. Very well presented. THANK YOU!!!

    My first Webinar with Lisa Louise Cooke – great to be able to learn about her YouTube video collection and other sources. Very creative person. Great the she showed us how to do things, but especially *where* she went step by step. If you see it done, then it is much easier to replicate it afterwards. I want to many more webinars that she has already created – both on her own site and on Legacy webinars.

    news to me! unfamiliar with My Heritage but will investigate further

    now I have some work to do. Thank you.

    Outstanding !!!!!

    Outstanding webinar!

    Really interesting!

    She is always a pleasure to listen to.

    She’s so easy and fun to listen to. Just watched her this morning on a replay of her Google Roots Tech seminar with my Tennessee Genealogy Society membership. It’s been a “Learn with Lisa” day. Thanks

    So excited about MyHeritage’s new feature for enhancing and colorizing photos! Great webinar!

    So glad you took the time to type in examples. That helps me a lot. I can’t wait to start both enhancing and colorizing more photos, but also put these techniques into action. My poor brother and his wife usually get flooded with examples of the things I learn in your webinars!

    So interesting to review the new photo process and learn some new things too!

    Sorry, I did not get in until the end, but enjoyed the question period where you showed how to do things.

    Thank you for presenting a well done program. I loved all of the slides and demonstrations.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thank you for showing us some of the new features at My Heritage.

    Thank you, it was great and very informative.

    Thanks for the great webinar.

    Thanks for the tips

    That was one of the best webinars I’ve seen this year.

    The colorization and enhance features are truly amazing and they bring people to life. I like the fact that a bout of information about the photograph can be kept with the photograph on MyHeritage.

    The colorization really makes a significant difference

    The more I see about MyHeritage website, I’m so glad I purchased the complete level of the membership. Great job!

    These Webinars are ALWAYS SUPER !!! Thanks again…. I try not to miss any.

    This was an excellent and thorough class! I was basically familiar with the process because of My Heritage promotion of it, but this was terrific and detailed. Thanks.

    This was fun!

    Tuned in late but what a great webinar, pacing was perfect.

    Very clear and concise. Thanks. I’m off to try it!

    Very clearly presented a LOT of helpful information!

    Very entertaining and helpful!

    Very helpful information on how to use the My Heritage Photo Discovery.

    Very helpful to see it actually done.

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful. Got my interest going.

    Very informative

    Very informative!!

    Very informative, easy to understand, just what I needed!

    very informative, love the colorization and enhancement capabilities!

    Very interesting. I can’t wait to add more photos to my tree.

    Very interisting, great job from MyHeritage team. We fell the joy from the presenting team

    Very worthwhile, learned a lot.

    Well done! Lisa is always an informative and polished presenter. Thanks!

    Well presented, a fun topic.

    What great services from My Heritage! And Iove Geoff and Lisa! Thank you

    Wow! Lisa, you are a star! Fabulous as always. I knew about this function but you have given some concrete tips on how to use it that are helping a lot.


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