New and Must-Have Google Tips for Genealogy

Lisa Louise Cooke
Feb 25, 2015
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3m 49s
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Speaker's Introduction
2m 44s
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4m 56s
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Search Operators
11m 16s
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Advanced Search Operators
8m 25s
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Strategic Tips
2m 27s
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Link Search
3m 21s
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Related Search
3m 02s
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Site Search
2m 38s
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Search Within Results
1m 32s
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Image Search
3m 22s
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Advanced Search
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Google Toolbox
1m 25s
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Google Books
6m 25s
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Google Earth Pro
8m 49s
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5m 32s
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Announcements / prizes
10m 19s
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Questions / answers
9m 35s

About this webinar

Google continues to evolve and change every day. In this session, Google Guru Lisa Louise Cooke will give you an update on the most recent Google changes, and then unleash advanced search strategies for genealogy that you probably aren't using, but you must-have in order to get the best results possible. It will be an exciting hour full of tips and tricks you can put into practice right away.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Lisa Louise Cooke is the producer of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, the popular and long-running genealogy podcast which has been downloaded over 3 million times! The podcast is avai
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