Discovering More From Your Next Generation Sequence (NGS | Big Y) Test

Mags Gaulden

For years researchers have been identifying family history using YDNA, especially those interested in where their specific line may originate. Upgrading to a next Generation Sequence test (NGS) can help bring information that could be 200k years old into a more workable timeframe is what these tests are all about (and then some). We will take a look at the NGS test at the tools for discovery available today and apply them in a case study.

Wed, June 7 2023: 18:00 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mags is a Professional Genealogist specializing in Genetic Genealogy as founder of Grandma’s Genes in Ottawa. Growing up in a family full of family historians, Mags was primed to become a Genealogist. After earning her Bachelors Degree from
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