An African Canadian Family History Mystery

Mags Gaulden
Apr 16, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Triangulation and DNA
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The Question
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

A question about a family lore leads a scientist to question his surname. “Is my surname really my surname or is the lore correct, that my 2nd great grandfather was adopted?” Solving a 220 year old mystery using DNA, turns this family upside down and introduces them to each other and to a rich family history with connections to slavery. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mags is a Professional Genealogist specializing in Genetic Genealogy as founder of Grandma’s Genes in Ottawa. Growing up in a family full of family historians, Mags was primed to become a Genealogist. After earning her Bachelors Degree from
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A full pedigree shown multiple times throughout would have helped me stay clear on the relationships being discussed.

    A nice, succinct presentation about how she approached the mystery. I liked seeing the speaker throughout the presentation.

    Always a great webinar from Mags.

    An area I need more research.

    As an African American, I was glad to learn about the meaning behind the different migratory “waves” of enslaved Africans into Canada. Thumbs Up!!!

    Best one yet. Mags, DNA and 1,500 Webinars can’t be beat. Amazing case study work.

    Every webinar gives me different inspirations, insights and hope to solve my mysteries. Thanks loads and have a great weekend.

    Fascinating case study!

    Fascinating! Thank you. Good luck with your continuing search!

    Fascinating. Thank you for your illustration on triangulation. I finally have it set in my mind

    Great presentation with ideas on searching collateral lines and potential family members,

    Great presenter

    Great speak and a very interesting topic. Appreciate hearing her thought process and methodology.

    great thanks for the door prize

    Great Webinar – what a very interesting story to follow

    Great webinar. Similar experiences in our family (African American arrivals in Canada) although we didn’t arrive until c 1830’s. So many great resources to access. Thank you Mags.

    I do love case studies to learn how to plan out research and that is a strength of Mags’ webinar. Those new to DNA might have felt that they were scrambling to keep up with her discussion and analysis, decision-making, to find out the friend’s ethnicity/ancestors. But I loved it! Very clear.

    I hope that Mags Gaulden comes back to update us all on this A.C.F. History Mystery! 🙂

    I like those DNA-mysteries!

    Informative! Thanks!

    It was not exactly what I was hoping it would be, but informative nonetheless! I got a few ideas to continue my research on a family member who moved to Canada at the turn of the century (1900).

    It was really enjoyable to hear about the entire process and how each small bit of information from one source contributes to the understanding and importance of a small bit of information from another source. Fascinating, and very well-presented!

    Loved how clear, concise and easy is was to follow her research! Thanks, Mags!

    Mags always spins an informative & good story. Thank you.

    Mags is always so so clear with her reasoning. I have heard her speak many times.

    Really helpful for searching black ancestors! Thanks for the tips.

    She’s wonderful


    This was a very interesting webinar. I can’t wait to hear Part II as more Huffman descendants do DNA testing and more genealogy research is done.

    Very informative webinar. Great listening to her.

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting. Mags ALWAYS does a fantastic job. Glad I was here for the 1500 webinar 🙂

    Well done and very interesting. Thank you.

    Well done. Easy to listen to. Lots of great info.



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