Solving Family Mysteries with mtDNA Projects

Mags Gaulden
Jun 2, 2021
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mtDNA Inheritance
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mtDNA Projects
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About this webinar

Working your mother's mother's mother's line. We will work a case study of how adoption was disproven in this family from the dark recesses of Appalachia. We will follow the maternal line of a family from the mountains of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, to solve this family mystery.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mags is a Professional Genealogist specializing in Genetic Genealogy as founder of Grandma’s Genes in Ottawa. Growing up in a family full of family historians, Mags was primed to become a Genealogist. After earning her Bachelors Degree from
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  1. SC
    Seamus Crowe
    2 years ago

    Great presentation.
    Usually listening to someones detailed family history is a bit like someone showing their holiday photos. could be good but probably like watching paint dry… 🙂 However, in this case it was a great story told, great achievements but realistic in its results. reminded me of the BBC version of “Who do you think you are?”. Twists and turns, so much rolled into one inspiring story. A story that you remember. One of the best.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    This is a MUST WATCH AGAIN webinar. Though I understand a lot about the physiological aspect of DNA & mtDNA Ms. Gaulden covered a lot of territory related to basically incorporating the probability aspect of the subject. As I said, a MUST WATCH AGAIN.

    A lot of information, I’ll have to re-watch it.

    A wealth of information. Barely scratched the surface. More… more… MORE!!!

    Always enjoy Mags,

    As always, Mags hits it out of the park.

    As usual I learned so much. I’m excited to visit the websites Mags mentioned throughout and to continue to work on learning more about mtDNA.

    Awesome! My only wish would be that speakers in general could/would speak a little more slowly so we have time to digest the information being presented. But of course, we can always watch the webinar again, if necessary. That’s the great part about being a member!

    best ever, and info I learned will help my pursuits. thank you

    Energetic, but bounced around a lot.


    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation as always. Thanks

    Excellent presenter! Thank you!

    excellent session———–way over my head but very interested in learning more mtDNA

    Excellent speaker, interesting presentation. I’m going to watch her other webinars.


    Excellent! Can’t wait to watch it again!

    Excellent. I will get my MTdna test

    Expert presenter who communicates well. Very interesting. I have had my mtDNA tested but will now try to join some projects.

    Extremely helpfull with wikitree information! I’ve been told to join because of Smith line. Thank you that was very impressive!

    Extremely interesting. ‘Need to rewatch to understand more. Thanks so much!

    Fabulous webinar. Now I now I definitely want to take an mtDNA test and I’ll get my husband to do one too! Thanks Mags.

    fascinating story

    Fascinating story from discovery through ignored clues to the light (almost)! Mags as usual is enthusiastic and with a sense of humor. Excellent.

    Fascinating story, well told with excellent information on solving her family mystery!

    Fascinating today!! Mags Gaulden Story of her Grandmom, Wow. Can’t wait for her to come back.

    Fascinating! Now I have even more genealogy work to do!

    fascinating. Unfortunately I didn’t really understand it all because I haven’t got into mtdna but will do so in the near future. thanks. great webinar.

    Good webinar with a great presenter.

    Great content!

    Great content!

    great detail, interestingly explained, sadly dna way above my understanding.

    Great fun!

    Great information for me to to further study.

    Great information. Lots of new ideas to pursue. Good presentation and time well spent. Enjoyed!

    Great presentation.

    Great presentation. Guess I’m going to have to round up some people and get us tested.

    Great program

    Great Session.

    Great story while learning about family connections, surname changes & spellings and DNA.

    Great tips for what to do beyond your ftDNA resutls. I’ll be busy (busier).

    Great webinar; thank you for the stories and the inspiration.

    I could listen to Mags all day and learn so much. Thank you

    I could listen to Mags Gaulden talk about mtDNA all day. She is easy to listen to, and easily understandable.

    I definitely learned a lot from this webinar!

    I enjoy the personal stories Thank you.

    I have another large To Do list started…

    I have so much to learn and do.

    I have taken the mt full-sequence test, so was very interested in this webinar. This is somewhat difficult, so I need all the help I can get. Love Mags’ webinars.

    I learned so much! Excellent speaker and presentation!

    I learned some more, again. Thx

    I liked the paring of the family history with the technical aspect of DNA. I got a little lost at the end of the presentation.

    I loved Mags’ story

    I need more knowledge about DNA

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I need to do some more work with my mtDNA results!

    I will have to watch again. A lot to learn here.

    I’m a little confused but this webinar opened my eyes to do testing I should do.

    Informative! Thanks!


    Interesting but I didn’t get an explanation that I think I could analyze my own mtDNA results. Still very enjoyable.

    Interesting story. Lots I hadn “t thought about before


    Interesting, but way over my head.

    Interesting, lively speakers who cares about family.

    Interesting. I wish we could find out the rest of the story.

    Intriguing story. And I didn’t know about the Maternal DNA Projects on Wiki Tree.

    It help me to more understand mtDNA

    It was interesting. Glad I joined.

    It was neat getting to see Geoff for the first time…he’s a great host. Enjoyed Mags’ presentation.

    It’s true – this was one of the best delivered webinars I have watch! Thank you’ Mags! I have been using FullmtDNA for some years but now I have some new ideas to use. My H5b1 ends with the unknown mother of my Rhode Island b. 1685-ish ancestor. And thank you Legacy Family Tree Webinars for bringing us such excellent information through these webinars.

    Looking forward to implementing ideas that Mags gave. Wonderful webinar.

    Lots of good info. Like “case study” type of presentation. So much that I will need to go back and re-watch. Thanks

    Love how Mags wove her grandmother’s story into a complicated topic so I could understand it better.

    LOVED it some over my head, some stuck in my head, some made me go hmmm oh now I get it … thank you

    Maggs is a wonderful speaker and storyteller. I’m going to go back and watch her other webinars.

    Mags explains everything so well!

    Mags Gaulden is a pleasure to listen to and learn from.

    Mags is a good story teller. Not an easy subject to master. mtDNA matching is not used as much, so I’m glad to hear a webinar on it. I’ll need to listen to other webinars in addition to put it to use.

    Mags is a great speaker and MT DNA is a great subject, we need more webinars on that. And Geoff get that test ordered with MTDNA as so as you get matching!!!

    Mags is always great!

    Mags is great energy as always. Thanks

    Mags is very knowledgeable and entertaining. One of my favourites and just up the road – 478 miles from my home in Ontario.

    Mags presentations are always very informative. I can’t help but learn something new each time. Although I’ve taken a Full Sequence mtDNA test at FTDNA, my primary focus is my atDNA test results. As time permits, I’ll delve into my Big-Y & mtDNA results.

    Mags provided a great presentation of both genealogical and DNA information. I’m now motivated to work on my MtDNA

    mtDNA is difficult to understand which is why I said 3. Her presentation was a 5. I will have to rewatch this webinar.

    Nothing less than spectacular! Another great presentation.

    One of the best explanations of DNA for beginner, to understand the types of DNA and the numeric assignment sequences. She is a very engaging presenter.

    outstanding & very informative, thank you

    Outstanding as usual.

    Outstanding! Specific examples! Great Details! Useful Information!

    Overwhelming. Need to rewatch.

    So informative. Will need to watch again.

    So interesting! Several of my family surnames from the South match Mags’ (Hall and Lord-Loyd-Lloyd) so this webinar is a HUGE incentive to do mtDNA testing!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    So much new information about mtDNA – I’m just overwhelmed.

    Such a good presenter. A delight to listen to! Explains things very well.

    Terrific, as always. I can’t wait for it to be available to watch again. I want my husband to hear the story of Mag’s grandmother for himself – instead of me trying to tell it!!!

    Thank you!

    Thanks for mtDNA talk. Cleared up some things. Wil join big mtDNA / Million Mito group.

    thanks Mags another great presentation

    The story and the mtDNA science/project information were informative and enjoyable. Thanks for both!

    This is actually a 10+ thank you so much

    This is one of the best webinar’s I’ve watched. Thank you

    This my first time listening Mags Gaulden and I was very impressed with her presentation. She made it easy to understand the topic of mtDNA projects by using examples from her family. I look forward to watching her next presentation.

    This was really interesting!

    Two thing. 1. I love a story about an ancestor or ancestors to entice my grandchildren to be interested in genealogy. I have set out to write a story about my MtDNA’s journey. This webinar has reenforced the idea of a story. Thank you. 2. I have hit a brick wall with my 5th great grandmother. So guess I’m doing a MtDNA. Thank you again. This webinar was timely.

    Very clear explanations and good use of resources.

    Very good and very informative. She did a great job explaining without having to have a science degree. I have been out of the DNA loop for a while and a great seminar to start again. Good story teller.

    very informative!

    Very informative.

    Very inspiring! Even if not talking so much about how a 3 distance may be closer in time than a 1 distance match

    very interesting

    Very interesting !!!

    very interesting and good.

    Very interesting and lots of useful information.

    Very interesting but too complicated for me to undertake.

    Very interesting information

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting, it gave me a lot to think about when approaching my mtDNA test

    Very interesting, will listen to it again.

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Unfortunately I learned that mtDNA won’t solve one of my questions, because my great-great-grandfather would not have passed his mother’s mtDNA down to me. But I’m going to use that neat chart Geoff showed, to see if I can find someone who will.

    very knowledgeable presenter

    Very rich in information particularly on DNA analysis.

    very thorough

    Very well built presentation and including the personal stories. Keep bringing such webinars from many presenters so I can finally get the set correctly. Thank you Legacy

    Well done!

    Well done!

    What a great way to learn about how to use Mitochondrial DNA. Terrific!

    will be very helpful.Thanks

    Wonderful & very interesting presentation! Thank you Mags & Geoff! : )

    Wonderful presentation. I’ve got to watch again and purchase a test.

    Wow! This was so interesting. Great webinar!


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