Keep Track of Every Note with Evernote

Keep Track of Every Note with Evernote

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by Lianne Kruger

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Keep Track of Every Note with Evernote


This webinar was originally presented for the 2020 annual seminar of the Surname Society.

This session will introduce how to create notes in Evernote that will help with your Surname Studies. I

During the session we will:
Review the screen and menus
Create a note
Add, edit and format the text
Add check boxes
Attache a file
Insert a link
Insert and use a table
Create from a website
Create from a file
Create a notebook to organize the notes
Share a note
Show the screens of Evernote on tablet, phone and website.

Keep Track of Every Note with Evernote


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Presenter: Lianne Kruger

Lianne’s genealogy began at graves as a child then on microfilm with a list of names as a teenager to researching her paternal grandmother’s line back to the first European landowner of Canada. After earning a computer degree she has taught computer software courses since 1982. Lianne loves to share her knowledge, experience, and love for technology and genealogy. Her instruction helps genealogists to use technology with #NoTears. She has articles published in BYU Studies Quarterly, Red Deer Advocate, LDSTech (online) as well local and provincial newsletters such as Tree Climber and Relatively Speaking. She has her own blog and has been a guest blogger for, SK Translation and Peter’s Family History notes. She has spoken at conferences in England, Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada, multiple locations in Alberta and Utah including RootsTech and FamilyRoots. She has done webinars for The Surname Society (2019 & 2020), Vivid-Pix, Seeking 4 Ancestors, Alberta Genealogical Society, Red Deer Family History Fair, National Genealogical Society, and British Isles Family History Society Great Ottawa. Her topics include Home Home on the Range: Homestead Records for Canada, Home Home on the Range: Homestead Records for United States; Keep Track of Every Note with EverNote; Share and Organize in EverNote, Store and Share Files and Photos with Google Drive, Google Maps and Satellite, Google Search, Research and Share with Social Media, Create Your Own YouTube Channel to Store and Share Family Videos, Treasurers and The Truth: Vlogging Family History, Using the Cloud to Organize, Preserve and Share Photos & Documents, Blogging using Blogger the How’s and Why’s, Top Ten Reasons to use FamilySearch, Beginning DNA: The What, Why, Where and How. Lianne volunteers with Alberta Genealogical Society as Webmaster and Social Media chairs. She was 1st VP for six years and Red Deer Branch President 2 years. She also volunteers as a member of’s Advisory board and as Secretary and Communications Chair. Lianne’s social media presence are at the following: blog:, Twitter: @LianneKruger, Pinterest:, Facebook:, Instagram:

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