Squatters, Pre-emptioners and Thieves: Early Land Records

Ruby Coleman
May 17, 2016
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5m 25s
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6m 00s
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Doomsday Book
3m 16s
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Acquiring Land Title
6m 48s
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NC Land Warrants
7m 33s
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2m 27s
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Preemption Rights
2m 53s
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Warrant Complications
3m 37s
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Other Cessions
6m 42s
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Ordinance of 1785
2m 11s
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4m 49s
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Land Acts
4m 37s
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Private Claims
24m 06s
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Preemption Act 1841
1m 58s
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Claim Associations
1m 51s
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General Land Office
20m 41s
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Land-Entry Case Files
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Tract Book Locations
2m 39s

About this webinar

Land records are paramount in genealogical research. Learn about your ancestors who may have been squatters, a member of a claim club or transferred their presumptions. Land laws were often abused and those who took advantage of them are also discussed.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Ruby Coleman, who resides in North Platte, Nebraska, spends a good deal of her time doing genealogical research on her families in Nebraska and the plains states, and also professionally. She has lived in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and
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