Metes & Bounds Land Plats Solve Genealogical Problems

Jerry Smith, CG
Feb 21, 2024
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About BCG
6m 56s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 08s
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1m 33s
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Land Plats
11m 42s
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Case Study
3m 52s
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Application, warrant, survey, patent
2m 55s
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Plats Tie 4 Generations
7m 20s
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Connected Tract Maps
9m 18s
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Platting Primer
24m 51s
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Questions / answers
11m 17s

About this webinar

This session provides a brief overview of metes and bounds land descriptions seen in deeds, mortgages, patents, grants, and other land documents. The land descriptions are an essential part of land research. This presentation discusses metes and bounds land descriptions and how the metes and bounds can solve genealogical problems.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Gerald (Jerry) Smith, CG, researches in Pennsylvania families. He is the IGHR and SLIG course coordinator for the week-long land platting course. He is on faculty for IGHR, SLIG, and GRIP teaching topics in the military, maps, and land record inst
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  1. TM
    Teresa Meadows
    1 month ago

    Great Webinar! Informative and tells step by step how to do it. Doesn’t fluff his syllabus with frivolous info, but provides detailed info about materials/tools needed. I will look for more of his webinars.

  2. DH
    Debra Haynes
    2 months ago

    EXCELLENT! What a fantastic teacher. Thank you

  3. AB
    Alpha Blair
    2 months ago

    Excellent lecture. Demystifies many documents. Thank you.

  4. CZ
    catherine zahn
    2 months ago

    Fantastic presentation! I took a land class years ago where we drew out land. All I remember from it was I didn’t do one step correctly and ended up having a reverse map. This is class inspired me to try it again. Thank you!

  5. Webinar Viewer
    2 months ago

    Outstanding! Jerry conveyed the (formerly gibberish to me) terminology very clearly and effectively. He also demonstrated the process of land records in general, and platting in particular, in a very clear and understandable way for ANY ordinary lay-person. The use of case studies effectively demonstrated how (any why) platting properties can break down our brick walls. A truly outstanding presentation! I have zero qualms about going forward and tracking all the properties in my genealogy files. {Standing ovation}. Thank you Jerry! Job well done! I look forward to your future presentations!

  6. DC
    Debra Cole
    2 months ago

    Well worth watching this evening. I have many many American ancestors and living distant relatives so it should be an interesting tool on my adventure to learn more about them.

  7. TB
    Thea Baker
    2 months ago

    Very instructive.

  8. MT
    Marlive Taylor-Harris
    2 months ago

    Well done presentarion!


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