Sources for Landed and Titled People in England and Wales

Paul Milner, FUGA, MDiv
Jun 2, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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3m 07s
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Compiled Sources
7m 01s
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Other Indexes
10m 54s
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Herald's Visitations
7m 53s
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Titled Compilations
12m 34s
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Biographical Compilations
7m 33s
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Miscellaneous Lists
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Original Record Sources
5m 51s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Learn what original, published and internet sources are available for tracing your “upper crust” ancestors, those who are titled and/or owned land. Prove those connections to Royalty.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paul Milner, a native of northern England, is a professional genealogist and internationally known lecturer with 30 years’ experience, specializing in British Isles research. Here’s the backstory about Paul:
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    The content was great and the audio quality was wonderful and easy to listen to.Mr. Milner’s descriptions of what type of record each reference was and then examples was very helpful and gave me wonderful ideas on sources for additional ancestral information. Thank you so much.

    Always enjoy Paul’s talks

    Always great knowledge from Paul Milner, compacted for those of us who don’t know where to start looking.

    Don’t think I have any titled people in my tree but there aare some in a tree I am researching for someone else so this will be very helpful

    Every time I listen to Paul I learn more about English research. Thanks to Paul.

    Excellent –

    excellent info

    Excellent speaker. Liked his style! Superb handout!

    Excellent talk and great syllabus. I will be busy for years!

    Excellent thanks

    Excellent webinar. One of the best I have listened to. Detailed, well-presented. Walked away feeling I now have a roadmap to follow for this type of early family history generations. Thanks you.


    Extremely informative and very well delivered by Paul Milner. An excellent lecturer.

    From across “the pond” (Indiana, USA), I found some possible links to Heraldy ancestors and this will help me go further in depth.

    Gives me a lot to think about,

    Good information but not as pertinent to my family heritage as I thought it would be.


    Great information and handout! Thank you! : )

    Huge amount of information! Lots to think about and lots of things to follow up on.

    I appreciate learning about this kind of research. I have a line that goes into the “Peer” titles and it helps me to understand them better. Thank You.

    I appreciated the many resources to help in the research process. You answered many of my questions in the presentation.

    I like the “road map to genealogical records” idea. It might not give you the answers, but it creates the To Do list and even gives hints of where to find the answers (sources).

    I only need a 40 or 50 year stay in the United Kingdom!

    I wish had some landed gentry but alas no. Paul is still wonderful to listen and learn from his vast knowledge
    interesting even if not directly related to my family relationships

    Lots of detailed content in both the syllabus and the webinar presentation for reference and guidance during my British Isles research. Paul – thank you!

    Lots of great information, thank you!

    lots of info

    LOTS of information that will require reviewing this webinar 19x to get all help out. Thanks.

    lots of information, not relevant to me (which I knew going in)

    need more info about England, tracking people

    Once again Paul shows his astounding depth of knowledge

    Over sixty slides full of sources and/or examples of that source. Excellent information for anyone with British ancestry.

    Paul gave me an abundance of ideas of where to look for information.

    Really great…just that I’m fading (it’s late). I’ll finish on the recording later in the week. This helped greatly as I had tried to understand some of these books last year and failed miserably.

    So interesting and helpful to gain some knowledge about how to work with all the resources given.

    So much wonderful information, how about breaking it down is 2 or even 3 webinars

    Sooooooo much wonderful info, hopefully I can knock down some brick walls of my Cholmondelay family 🙂


    Thank you!

    Thank you! Great content!

    This is new territory for me, but I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned today when I start researching in England. Very informative!

    This was my first webinar regarding “upper crust” so I learned a lot of which I had no idea.

    Very good and informative. Thanks!

    Very informative

    Very informative!

    Very interesting

    Very interesting — lots of places to research my English roots! Great speaker.

    Very interesting and great presentation

    Very interesting discussion and yet another avenue of research on my many British lines! Many thanks!

    Very interesting information for an American whose mother was born and raised in England. Paul Milner is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of his knowledge with his listeners. Thank you for another great webinar.

    Very Interesting topic and speaker. It was a little over my head in some places but I have not started checking my ancestors back that far so many of the items he mentioned were unfamiliar to me. Very interesting. He is very knowledgeable on this subject.

    Very interesting topic. Thanks

    Very knowledgeable but definitely need to see again to sort everything out!

    Very Knowledgeable speaker but for beginners, this needs to be broken down a bit more. Very helpful.

    Wish I had learned a bit about Scotland and Ireland too.


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