Fridays in May: Your Questions Answered LIVE—More Tech with Thomas

Thomas MacEntee
May 29, 2020
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1m 57s
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Speaker's Introduction
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4m 30s
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Upgrading to Windows 10
10m 57s
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WikiTree and Legacy
11m 36s
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Evernote or OneNote
7m 13s
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Backing Up Files
10m 39s
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JPG Files
6m 31s
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Adding Annotations to Images
4m 09s
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Zoom Issues
3m 51s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 45s
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Questions / answers
18m 49s

About this webinar

Now’s your chance to ask your tech questions and your DNA questions. On hand will be experts in their fields: Thomas MacEntee and Diahan Southard. Email your questions to Register once and you will be registered for all four "Fridays in May" webinars.

  • Friday, May 8: Tech with Thomas
  • Friday, May 15: DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 22: More DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 29: More tech with Thomas

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago


    5+ So good! Thank you!

    A lot of things I never thought about. Thanks.

    A lot of things were covered and the upgrading to Windows 10 was something I have to do much sooner then I expected. It was great to hear from so many people in the same situation and ways to still get windows 10 from windows 7.

    a lot to unpack but lots to filter through.

    A+++ Thomas is Fabulous!!!

    a bit over my head

    About a Tech session with more about Apple software and hardware, e.g., Reunion, AppleNotes

    Always a pleasure!

    Always a wealth of information from Thomas.

    Always come away with a few tips to implement from these sessions. Thanks!

    Always enjoy listening to Thomas…. so full of information !!

    Always learn something new each time he does a presentation.

    always useful information from him

    Amazing! Loved it!


    Amazing, as usual!

    An outstanding syllabus and webinar! Always learning something from Thomas. Greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

    Another excellent session with Thomas, thanks!

    As a technical beginner, it was too fast (but that’s MY problem, not yours). But I still learned and understood some valuable infomation. Thanks to Thomas for all his hard work!

    As always Thomas hit it out of the park. I learn so much from him. Thanks. I hope Legacy keeps doing these types of webinars.

    As always, Thomas covers a lot of info fast, but very well. Great explanations and handout.

    As always, Thomas was extremely informative and entertaining!

    As I told my daughter, Luv me some Thomas. I always enjoys Thomas’ webinars and gain much from his experience. Today was apoerfect example.

    As usual a great webinar by Thomas. I always try to watch his live–great information.

    Awesome – but my head hurts!!!

    AWESOME! WOW! So much information in such a short time! AWESOME syllabus! Thanks to all who made this happen!

    Came in late, but what I saw was great. Wish I had more technical skills.

    Content a 5. Thanks for the great info.


    excellent as always

    Excellent info and answers, but I am so disorganized with my genealogy stuff I dont know where to start!!

    Excellent information and presentation as usual from Thomas McEntee. Thanks

    Excellent tech input. Thomas is always interesting and knowledgeable.

    Excellent Webinar!

    Excellent webinar! Full of useful information for my genealogy.


    Excellent! Great info!

    Excellent, as always

    Excellent. So prepared and well versed on the topic and Tech. Way to go, Thomas. Thank you.

    Excellent.., much good info

    Fantastic webinar!!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good answers for the Windows-based computer-world. Having a comparable edition for the Apple Mac world would help me more.

    Good mix of various topics. Thanks.

    good references


    Great brain dump, so much to absorb…

    great info

    Great info but some info points were over my head. I am technologically challenged and need more of a beginning step by step. However I learned some valuable things and am grateful.

    Great information and fun webinar

    Great information today. Lots of things for me to check out. Thank you!

    Great information! Thanks!

    Great information. Thank you.

    Great presenter and content!

    Great questions

    great questions and answers.

    Great stuff – thanks

    Great tips

    Great webinar with lots of really useful information to move forward with my researching.

    Great webinar. Thank you

    Hard to find info on last set of questions. Lot of it is given so fast it hard to make notes on useful resources. It is available somewhere on website?

    He identified many of the things that help you be a better genealogist.

    He is a walking encyclopedia. Always learn something new.

    He is always fantastic. I listen to him whenever,wherever he is on. Please keep him coming back.

    He is amazing as he tries to answer all our questions. Such patience.

    He is amazing!

    He is so knowledgeable

    He is to put it simply, GREAT

    He makes so much sense.

    He was wonderful as always

    He’s always great.

    I learned a lot and Thomas is entertaining 🙂

    I always learn new tricks from Thomas MacEntee!

    I appreciated all of the hints and tips.

    I didn’t get to hear the whole webinar but what I did hear was very good.

    I love listening to Thomas, He is so knowledgeable but he explains everything so it is understandable.

    I love this

    Q and A format and Thomas is always excellent!

    I really enjoyed the variety of questions fielded by Thomas MacEntee.

    I thought he would be covering questions about Legacy. Good webinar just not what I was interested in.

    I would rate it a 10 if I could. This is one webinar I will definitely watch again; so much great information. Thank you, Thomas.

    Informative! Thanks!

    Interesting, but I’m not the computer tech Thomas is, therefore I struggled at times. I did pick up some tips.

    Like one of you said, if we picked up a couple of tips, we’ve spent our time wisely. I made some notes and will download the syllabus. Great webinar.

    LOts of good info even for a Mac user. Thanks for the handout to keep it all straight.

    lots of good info for all levels and gets me started paying attention to Thomas’ good explanations a advice

    lots of good information

    thanks for the great syllabus

    Lots of info, wide variety. Thankful for the syllabus!

    Lots of information to think through. Thank you.

    Love everything Thomas does!

    Love Thomas but lost my internet connection so I’ll have to go back and watch it tonight. Great handout. I could watch him all day. Thanks

    LOVE Thomas! Thank you! Awesome webinar!!!

    mind blowing – thanks helped a lot

    Moved a little too fast for me

    On a scale of 1 to 5, this was a 10!! Thomas is a wonderful presenter. So knowledgeable, up-to-date, organized, and friendly. It’s such a pleasure to learn from him. I hope he will do a tech talk or Q&A every quarter like you have Diahan doing DNA.

    One of the best.

    over my head

    Really interesting, wide breadth of questions and knowledgeable answers!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    So much info for this tiny head. The questions from everyone were the best. Thomas your knowledge is amazing

    So much info. Thank heavens I can watch it again. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    So much information. Love Thomas’s webinars.

    So much information. Thank you.

    so much new for me

    Soooo much info.! Thomas, as always, is a great knowledgeable person. I always learn so much from him, Thank you!

    Such good questions, and detailed answers!! So very helpful. Another winner of a webinar for those of us feeling like very non-geeky non-techy genealogists!! Merci Marian and Thomas for this practical webinar.

    Such knowledge – wonderful and with a great presentation manner

    Thank you for the information!

    thank you for the syllabus!

    Thank you!


    Thanks a lot, thomas. Technology can be a real headache and you gave us a lot of very useful tips!! Your webinar was fantastic

    thanks for all the info

    Thanks Thomas, lots of great information and a great syllabus!

    Thanks. Lots of great info

    the more answers, the more questions

    The questions were very good, and Thomas answers were as well. Thank you.

    This type of webinar is SO HELPFUL!! Thank you, Thomas, for the fantastic USEFUL handout. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

    And THANK YOU, LEGACY, for making daily webinars available for the past two months. Time flies when you’re doing genealogy!

    Thomas’ webinar are always fantastic and very informative.

    Thomas addressed the questions quickly, but thanks to the syllabus, I can go back, review, click on links, and reinforce what he taught. He is so knowledgeable! Thank you Thomas and Legacy Family Tree!

    thomas always does a great job; good and concise messages and how to(s)

    Thomas always gets a 5 from me. Very useful information and I appreciate his generosity in sharing the excellent syllabus. Thank you!

    Thomas communicates very well on top of being knowledgeable. That is a very nice combination!

    Thomas did a great job as usual.

    Thomas is a great presenter.

    Thomas is always a wonderful font of information be it genealogy or technology!

    Thomas is ALWAYS awesome and so helpful.

    Thomas is always excellent !

    Thomas is always fun and energetic with his presentations while still giving tons of information! So much to digest that I will definitely be watching this again.

    Thomas is always good. I like that he is brief and fully answers questions. Wonderful.

    Thomas is always so full of amazing information! Thank you

    Thomas is an excellent, knowledgeable presenter. The information he covered is very informative and helpful.

    Thomas is fantastic!

    Thomas is like the Eveready bunny; he just keeps going!

    Thomas is so giving of his information. He goes above and beyond for every presentation he does.

    Thomas is SO knowledgeable, and he leaves me in the dust, but manage to glean something to help me… and it’s a pleasure just listening to him.

    Thomas is such an amazing source of info !

    Thomas is the Best! His use of adding the questions to his comprehensive handout was brilliant. I have been using computers since 1982 but for those genealogists who are uncertain about technology to make their experiences better, Thomas is required reading!

    Thomas MacEntee – it is always a pleasure to attend his webinars! Excellent, prepared and so knowledgable!

    Thomas MacEntee has full knowledge of so many different things. The webinar had a lot of interesting things I had never thought of, and some I had never heard of. He is a great speaker. Thank you!

    Thomas MacEntee is a fantastic presenter!

    Thomas MacEntee is a guru. My head is still spinning!

    Thomas MacEntee is a top drawer presenter who knows his stuff! Always learn something new from him!

    Thomas MacEntee is always a joy from whom to learn. He is so very knowledgeable, and so very generous in sharing his knowledge. Thank you.

    Thomas MacEntee is totally awesome with all the tech knowledge in his head. I don’t see how he keeps up with all of it, but appreciate him sharing it with us.

    Thomas MacEntee rocks!

    Thomas speaks so clearly. He enunciates so that I don’t have to play with my hearing aids or volume settings on the computer. The handout is amazing and he covered so much. Thanks to Thomas for an excellent webinar.

    Thomas was great – first time listener to his presentation. I’m fairly new to genealogy and and techno challenged. He gave me some things to think about and…will have more questions later as a result 🙂

    Thomas, you are brilliant and thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge. I will be back for more knowledge!

    Thomas’s knowledge is impressive and I learned a lot. Thanks.

    timely questions however some of the answers/demos were a bit quick for me to follow; will have to watch again

    too advanced for me.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very fast but very good – grateful for the sylllabus!

    very good

    Very good for those who are technically savvy.

    very good, but would have appreciated some explanations targeted at those with limited technical knowledge. For ex, I don’t know what a UBS hub is.

    Very helpful

    Very helpful on so many levels

    Very informative

    Very informative but a little fast for me to follow. I guess I was not as knowledgeable as I thought.

    Very informative. The handout that accompanies the webinar is fantastic!

    Very interesting, even though it covered many subjects. It really got me thinking about other ways to use new tools.

    Very interesting. Looking forward to more.

    very knowedgeble

    Very knowledgeable

    very technical==will have to watch again!

    was really good, he speaks really fast and i didnt follow everything.

    WEll presented. Great handout. Too technical for me on a number of issues, but that’s on me!

    Well-selected questions and generous answers.

    What an efficient presenter and presentation!

    Wonderful variety of concise information. Now I have even more sources to research! Thanks Thomas I am a follower??.

    Wonderful variety of topics and recommendations! Thanks also for the handout!

    Wonderful, much of it over my head, but I took copious notes and will try to follow later, step by step.

    WOW !!! Great job by Thomas. He answered various important questions that I didn’t even realize I had. Bring him back for more tech questions in the future.

    Wow! So much information. Thomas is great. Not to say anything to take away from Thomas, but if there is ever a presenter who could deliver tech information for Mac users, it would be helpful.

    Wow!!! Such great information across so many topics. Thomas answered questions so completely; factual and entertaining…he’s a gem.

    Wow. A lot to digest, but the handout is very well laid out. Many topics to look into.


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