Liverpool: The Central Hub for Northern Europe’s 19th and 20th Century Emigration

Paul Milner, FUGA, MDiv
Apr 13, 2023
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History of the Port
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Emigrant Experience
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About this webinar

Regular sailing schedules between Liverpool and North America began in 1818, and during the 19th century Liverpool became the primary port for emigrants from the British Isles, northern Europe and Russia to North America, Australia, and the rest of the British Empire. Learn how and why this came about, understand what the experience was like going to, in, and leaving from Liverpool. Learn how to identify, access, and use the records of the port and shipping that are available.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paul Milner, a native of northern England, is a professional genealogist and internationally known lecturer with 30 years’ experience, specializing in British Isles research. Here’s the backstory about Paul:
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  1. MS
    Margaret Shaw
    1 year ago

    Thank you! An amazing presentation. I was disappointed to miss it originally but caught it today

    This gave a wonderful perspective give of where Liverpool stood in the great scheme of things and a picture of reality for emigrants
    The only bit I really knew in detail was about Whitehaven being the second port at the time. I too was born in Whitehaven and after some research I used this story for my German dissertation at school!

    As I have Irish and English relatives and many went to America and some to Australia I was hooked. I’ve been trying to disentangle the web and clues in America and your tour of the records was so informative and enlightening. This is invaluable! The insight into movement around theUK is also invaluable. It also confirms in detail what I suspected , for the reason I found marriages for people in Whitehaven topartners from far flung parts

    I’m now back in Merseyside and you’ve given me lots of ideas. Thank you!
    I will try and watch some more,

  2. TM
    Ted McChesney
    1 year ago

    Brought together unkknown information wth LINKS to that data’s availability.

  3. EG
    Evalyn Gotham
    1 year ago

    Very good presentation.

  4. ML
    Marilyn Lorenz
    1 year ago

    Just starting my research on my grandparents several Atlantic crossing starting in 1910. Gave me several avenues to research. Especially wanted to know the ship and dates they traveled. At least 3 times between 1910 and 1932

  5. NR
    Nancy R Abish
    1 year ago

    Paul Milner never disappoints! Always entertaining and interesting. I was particularly drawn in this talk because I visited Liverpool a few years ago and saw the Docks and the area. Very fascinating stuff, the history of Liverpool!

  6. SM
    Suzanne McPherson
    1 year ago

    I knew some of this, but it was a good refresher. I hadn’t thought of looking in England for a shipwreck records. I happen to know I have one I can look for.

  7. FU
    Fran Ussery
    1 year ago

    Love this!

  8. CW
    Cynthia Ward
    1 year ago

    Paul is always great.


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