Solving a Virginia Mystery Using DNA

Paula Williams
Apr 3, 2024
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 29s
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Types of DNA Testing
5m 21s
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Autosomal DNA
2m 29s
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Sorting Matches
9m 13s
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Genealogy Research
13m 20s
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Which Brother?
10m 44s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Family lore tells a different story than the records for the paternity of a southwest Virginia great-grandfather. Learn how DNA helps solve the mystery!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paula is a professional genealogist who has been researching for more than two decades in primarily southern US states and has been using DNA to solve problems for more than a decade. She has studied at IGHR, SLIG, GRIP, and the Genealogical Insti
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  1. LB
    Linda B Forrest
    1 month ago

    Thank you for an excellent presentation! Re the marriage in jail, I recently ran across a newspaper article from 1914 about a couple married in jail. The bride’s father had brought a charge of seduction against the groom, who was then arrested and jailed. The next morning, the bride went to the jail, and the same justice of the peace who had served the warrant performed the marriage ceremony.

  2. CK
    Catherine Kesseler
    2 months ago

    Excellent presentation. Really informative.

  3. CG
    Cathy Gill
    2 months ago

    Paula has a great grasp of what is possible with DNA

  4. PM
    Phillip Murry
    2 months ago

    A very good case study showing the use of various types of DNA.

  5. RM
    Rochelle Males
    2 months ago

    Very well done! Thank you for sharing that with us (and good luck with hopefully solving it completely in the future!). Definitely got me re-thinking how to approach finding the family for my own great-grandfather!

  6. LJ
    Leslie Johnson
    2 months ago

    This was an excellent webinar. I especially liked that fact that Ms. Williams gave a step-by-step process for how she used multiple DNA tools along with good, old fashioned genealogy research to try to answer her research question and learned a lot of very useful information along the way, but ultimately came to the conclusion that more research is needed, so this project is a work in progress. It is important for beginner and intermediate researchers to hear, understand and appreciate this.

  7. KM
    Kirsten Max
    2 months ago

    Excellent webinar! Very informative. I’m looking forward to re-watching it to take more notes.

  8. SJ
    Sandra Johnson
    2 months ago

    Fascinating case study!


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