Shoot Like a Pro: How to Record Quality Videos Using Your Mobile Device

Elizabeth Swanay O’Neal
Feb 17, 2021
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Before you record
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Interview tips
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About this webinar

You don't need a fancy camera or expensive software to record amazing videos. In fact, professional photographers are shooting cinema-quality videos with just a smartphone… and you can do it, too! This class will feature the newest and most popular resources for recording professional-quality videos. Learn how to gain control of your mobile device's camera in ways you never thought possible and record beautiful videos that your family will want to watch.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Elizabeth Swanay O’Neal is a professional genealogist, writer, educator, and national genealogical speaker. Her specialties include methodology, technology, and online research resources. Since 1987, Elizabeth has made it her goal to research, sha
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A good source of knowledge.

    A great webinar; Well worth the watch. Great suggestions and techniques.

    A lot of new information, I will need to listen to this one again.

    A lot of useful information was learned

    A lot to absorb as I have never used my phone to record videos! Well presented.

    a webinar that will need second – if not third – watching !

    Absolutely excellent!!! Most useful information and very well done!!!

    Although it moved a little to fast for me, it was excellent!

    Can’t wait to start using all these! Excellent!

    clear, concise and spoke eloquently

    Elizabeth – Great presentation! If nothing else, I now have a better understanding of photography basics. Thank you!

    excellent and informative, thanks for the specifics on apps!

    Excellent coverage on the ground level and higher. Would like to hear more of her in the near future.

    Excellent overview of how to use cellphone video apps

    Excellent presentation about something I knew absolutely nothing about!

    Excellent presentation very informative!

    Excellent presentation. Loved the advice on the apps.

    Excellent webinar. I learned a lot. In fact, I couldn’t take notes fast enough & my brain is a little overwhelmed right now–that’s the only reason that I didn’t give the webinar a 5. And, frankly, that’s more about where I am at. This is one of those types of webinars that I absorb best by practice & review. The speaker was excellent. She clearly has a good command of her subject. Also, kudos to her daughter for her Whovian set design!


    Excellent! Thanks, Geoff.

    Excellent! Would love to hear her speak again. She didn’t rush so it was possible to process the info before she moved on (athough I ‘will’ be watching again).

    Glad to see it will be on free for a week! Content was thorough.

    Good info for me at the beginning, but I wasn’t interested in the apps.

    Good info. Now I know the importance of setting up a recording–it’s more than pressing “Record”!

    Good stuff



    Great info, wish I could have stayed longer.

    Great info.

    Great introduction to a subject about which I knew little.

    Great overview. I will check out some of the apps.

    great stuff and a wonderful presenter

    Great subject

    Great technical information!

    Great webinar need to re-watch to get the most from all of the apps mentioned.

    Great webinar. Hope we have a follow up soon.

    Great! I learned a lot today!

    I appreciate your excellent preparation.

    I appreciated the explanations of all the technical information. She is a good speaker.

    I enjoyed it, was worth my time.

    I had absolutely no idea I could even change the photo settings on my Android phone! This was wonderful and makes me look forward to experimenting and practicing new techniques.

    I liked the review of apps after demonstration

    I never knew airplane mode would cut out calls…thanks

    I really enjoyed that! And I appreciate the very useful handout, too. I’m glad Elizabeth took the time to explain what so many abbreviations really mean. It’s very confusing for an absolute novice. Thanks.

    I will have to watch this several times and practice the skills. Great!

    I’ll be coming back to review this exceptional video! Her explanations were so clear.

    I’ll review when I need to use video

    informative and well paced.

    Interesting stuff. There was a lot more about the technical aspect and not much about actually doing the video. It would be nice to have a follow-up on that.

    Learned more than I expected to! Great content.

    Lots of good info!

    Lots of good info, but too much for me at this time! (I have never recorded a video.) I think I needed to be a little more advanced than I am currently to get the most out of this webinar. Thanks.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Lots of good info.

    lots of great info

    Lpts of new info and even more uses for phone.

    new and interesting info!

    Nice overview of apps available for mostly IOS, with the understanding that lots of study through YouTube, etc. will be needed to shoot like a pro. Would have liked more time spent on the Interview tips. Thank you so much.


    Overload of great information!! Would love more presentations by Elizabeth!

    She gave a wealth of information about various apps and demonstrated each of them. I really thought it was informative. Thank you for this opportunity to view the webinar

    She shared a lot of good information. I know what I need to do going forward to take good videos.

    So much info! But all of it very useful since I am new to all the video settings. I would love to learn more!

    Sorry, had to leave a little early to get to Mass, but anyway I did learn some good stuff

    Technical but educational on how to set up phones settings

    Thanks for reviewing the features of each app after each live demo. That was helpful.


    That was a lot of technical information. Super glad to have access to the syllabus and the opportunity to rewatch!

    There were very good common hints to make videos. I was waiting more information concerning the android apps. Thanks a lot about the good presentation.

    This was all new to me. Excellent presentation and organization within the webinar.

    Unexpectedly very good! So many settings I didn’t know/realize what to do with them!! Excellent today with Elizabeth O’Neal. THank you.


    Valuable information

    Very beneficial presentation. Thank you!

    very easy to follow. well done.

    Very good instructions and ideas. Thank you..

    Very good talk. Lots of information. Much to research. Thank you.

    Very good, very knowledgeable, good presentation

    Very helpful info. Will try to use my “old” Iphone 7 plus in camera mode. Thanks.

    very helpful! thank you

    Very informative!

    Very informative. Well organized. Thank you.

    Very interesting apps presented – most for iOS so not for me but enjoyed the content very much.

    Very interesting even though I only have Android. I loved the set!

    Very interesting. I think this was over my head, but I am going to try.

    Very interesting. Learned a lot. I liked the slides that Elizabeth used to show how to use the various apps.

    Very nice presentation. Taking a video is a lot more involved that I would have thought. Loved the walk through Elizabeth did for a few of the apps. I think she covered everything from start to finish.

    Well prepared, very interesting webinar. Lots of great info

    will have to re-watch it because it held so much information! That’s a good thing! Concerned about lack of android apps



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