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About BCG
4m 55s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 04s
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Case Study
21m 42s
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Suzanne's Family
23m 13s
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Family Legacy
3m 45s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This webinar is based on the subject of the 2007 winner of the National Genealogical Society’s Family History Writing Contest, "A Family for Suzanne". The speaker will use historical documents to identify significant events in the life of an enslaved woman who was purchased by a man in Cape Girardeau, Missouri when she was three and a half or four years old.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Ruth Randall, CG, began her pursuit of family history research in 1996. She is the 2007 winner of the National Genealogical Society’s Family History Writing Contest and the American Society of Genealogists’s 2008 Scholar Award. Ruth is
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A wonderful account

    A wonderful family story. Thank you, Ruth, for your diligence in putting it all together and for your willingness to share it with the world.

    A work of Art! An incredible journey for Suzanne and for Ruth! I am in complete awe of this body of work! Having the names of this slave family and following the details of their stories simply breaks your heart. It makes this story of slavery so very personal, so intimate, so powerful. Thank you for sharing your family with me. I will remember.

    Absolute wonderful presentation. Really enjoyed the journey of Suzanne. Particular of interest was the BCG documentation as satisfied by standards 1 & 83. Thank you Ruth and Legacy!

    An excellent topic with great source examples – thank you!

    An important story…. Thank you!

    As fantastic a job Ms. Randall did in her case study of Suzanne, I really enjoyed looking at the documents, transcriptions, and source citations. These, paired with the standard numbers she used, allowed me to see which standards she referred to, giving me a better idea of certification standards. I felt that I was able to use this webinar as an educational tool. Thank you.

    At times I was in tears. But appreciate the sharing of the history of this family bound in slavery. May we never repeat that in the future.

    Awesome story. I didn’t realize it was her family until she said. That made it even better.


    Enlightening and well researched presentation. 10 years in the making – oh my!


    Excellent case study presentation and outline in the handout.

    Excellent case study. Interesting story and nice tribute.

    Excellent presentation based on a great article! The variety of resources successfully used to tell Suzanne’s story makes me eager to get back into archives and libraries.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent research

    Excellent research and interpretation, Ruth! Terrific!

    excellent, thanks Ruth for your family story, so sad to hear how people treated each other, unfortunatly “we” still haven’t learnt.

    Fantastic review of a family story, very inspiring to listen too.

    Fantastic story which came to life from paper.

    Fantastic webinar. The material was very well documented and presented in a logical and very interesting way. I can see why it won awards. I truly enjoyed the presentation and the speaker was excellent.

    Fascinating to see all the handwritten records through the years.

    Fascinating work, Ruth. Impressed with your persistence, and so grateful for making this story accessible to us. I had to join late, so missed a bit. But such a rich story!!! Thank you!!

    Fascinating, careful research Very interesting presentation


    Great info. Good presentation. Thank you.

    Great presentation, interesting and information. Thank you!

    Great research and excellent presentation!

    Great research!

    Great story!

    How amazing that Ruth has been able to trace this entire line. But what a terribly sad institution slavery was. It’s hard to imagine such pain.

    I read the Suzanne story in NGS many years ago, and really enjoyed hearing the story behind it.

    I enjoyed the story about Suzanne and her family. Wonderful ideas about researching for family members.

    I missed the first 30 minutes so I had to catch up; however I could tell that this had been research of much meaning.

    I really appreciated Ms. Randall’s story of how she got started on researching thls line of her family tree.

    Impressive research into hard to find sources.

    It made it more interesting that you’re a descendant of Suzanne, as it turned out Thanks for all of the hard work and real life stories.

    It was a very interesting study of Suzanne and her family. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your family with us.

    Love the presentation

    Not only was the presentation inspiring, but it showed what good genealogy looks like. What I most appreciated, beyond the proof of kinship that is fundamental to all good genealogy, was how the historical context was interwoven into the story.

    Outstanding in every way.

    Outstanding presentation!

    Ruth Randall tonight, such a great webinar and compelling!! Thank you!

    She’s very knowledgeable and I enjoyed her from Suzanne forward, especially since her actual journey of discovery went backward through time to Suzanne.

    So glad she shared some of the documents that she researched with us.

    So informative! Yes, Black History is American History! We need to know this.

    So well done, and the people really came alive. Excellent speaker. Loved it!

    Thank you for sharing. Inspiring!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thank you very much, this was very intresting & compelling. I appeciate all the hard work you put into it, & you giving us the
    privilage to share it. I trided to rate it 5! but my computer wouldn’t respond. Again thank you for your time &dedication.

    The level of citation and completeness of the narrative made this a really wonderful lesson in history and genealogy.

    This was a fascinating presentation. It was hard to hear Suzanne’s story yet the resilience of her descendants gives us a glimpse into her character and strength. Suzanne would certainly be proud of Ruth’s accomplishments and her ability to bring her story to life. What a gift across the centuries.

    This was a great story. The mentions of specific county records in Cape Girardeau was helpful. Also, the French Code Noir shows that we need to be sure we understand the laws of the area under different governments.

    This was an excellent webinar. It showed that Black Americans have to look in multiple types of records in order to find their ancestors.

    This was my first webinar and I really value all the lessons that it showed me – both about Black culture in that time and about the hard work and dedication it takes to tell a story such as this one.

    Very enlightening.

    very good

    very informative

    Very informative and engaging. Thank you for asking Ruth to present. Her research is impeccable, and it is especially inspiring to learn about a resourceful and resilient family, meeting challenges with grace and just plain hard work.

    Very informative and I am looking forward to reading the article.

    Very informative and inspirational!

    Very informative regarding documentation methods

    Very inspirational. Thank you.

    Very inspiring. Gave me new avenues to research in my tree. Thank you. Happy Hunting and Successful Searches!

    Very interesting

    Very interesting but so sad.

    Very interesting story. So sad that black people and slaves were treated do unfairly.

    Very interesting to learn more about the culture in the early 1800’s. She surely did alot of research!

    Very interesting! I enjoyed hearing all about her story

    very interesting, an unbelievable amount of genealogy work went into this informative presentation. thank you

    Very interesting, and great slides that told the story over so many years. Ms. Randall is a great speaker. Thank you.

    Very moving story – very inspirational research! Thank you!

    very well researched

    Very well researched! I am so glad Ruth shared her research with us. How meaningful to her to be able to piece her family history together.

    Warming story of love for family

    Well documented (thanks for the examples!). This may help me decide to try for certification later this year.

    Well done and nicely presented. I learned lots from this webinar Finding a Family for Suzanne.

    well done!

    Well done, very interesting presentation

    Wonderful insights

    Wonderful research!

    Wonderful! Thank you!

    wow What a story!!! You have inspired me to get a move on and finish my history!!


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