Nurturing Your Family Trees: Online or On Your Device (or Both)?

Cyndi Ingle
Feb 2, 2021
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About this webinar

There’s a lot to think to about when it comes to deciding how you will store your family tree database. Online? Offline? Both? We will discuss all the options for online trees, software, and apps. And we will go over what things you should be cautious about, including syncing, record storage and filing, privacy, and more.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cyndi Ingle is the creator and innovator behind the award-winning and globally recognized, a free categorized list of more than 320,000 links for genealogical research. In its 28 years online Cyndi’s List has consistently remained i
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A lot of inform, but very informative. Enjoyed it. very positive

    A lot if interesting information Thank You

    A lot of good info presented almost too quickly. Good presentation.

    A lot of good information.

    a lot of good stuff

    A lot of good to know information; very well organized.

    Absolutely a fabulous presentation. Thank you so much.

    Always a pleasure to listen to Cyndi and always learn new things.

    Always a good presentation!

    Always a pleasure to listen and learn from Cyndi Engle!!! Great webinar – updated this old gal with new facts!! Thank you all so much!

    Always appreciate the webinars! This one was good. Thank you Cyndi.

    Always enjoy Cyndi’s webinars. Especially today thanks for showing me how to do a screen capture with snip and sketch!

    Always enjoy her webinars. I’ve been on & off since 1978 & used her site then

    Always get information from Cyndi. Thanks

    Always great listening to Cyndi Ingle and learning something that I can use. Thanks to you for your webinar

    Always great to know what options are out there and the pros and cons of them.

    Always great, Cyndi.

    Always great. Lots of information, well organized.

    always informative!

    Always learn great “stuff” from these webinars – many, many thanks!

    Always love Cyndi’s webinars, she packs so much information in them!

    Another interesting and informative webinar. Thank you

    Answered many questions and made me realize I don’t back up enough.

    As a novice genealogist, I found it useful to see the various options grouped by desk-top software and hosted on-line trees. Also, her descriptions about the pros and cons of each option helped validate decisions I was leaning towards. Cyndi is a very clear speaker, and it was easy to take notes.

    As always, Cyndi delivers. Thank you.

    As always, great information!

    As usual, Cindi’s presentation was much organized, to the point with information that will be very useful.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information to help move my research forward.

    Cindi always gives great info

    Cindi is ALWAYS AWE-some

    Cindy did a great job providing a lot of good information in a short period of time. Thank you!!

    Clear explanations & easy to listen to. Cyndi’s experience & approachability is very evident. Geoff did really well especially too.

    Clearly presented

    Comfort level information valuable. Thanks Cyndi. The information on backup and also Dropbox an important nudge for this viewer. Again, thank you so much.

    Cyndi always gives a wonderful webinar. And today I learned so much it made my head spin. Thank you, Legacy, for having her as a speaker. And keep her on your list.

    Cyndi always has good information, is well organized and is a very good speaker!

    Cyndi gave us a lot of information! I like how she presents it in a nice, organized fashion with excellent slides! Thank you Cyndi for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Cyndi Ingle is a thorough presenter, and she is great at answering questions. I learned a lot from this webinar. Thank you.

    Cyndi Ingle is an interesting and excellent genealogy educator and speaker !

    Cyndi Ingle is terrific.

    Cyndi Ingle was terrific. Love these webinars, I’m learning so much

    Cyndi is a great presenter! She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She gave us lots of practical advice about where we should keep our family trees.

    Cyndi is always a great presenter with such helpful info!

    Cyndi is always fabulous! Easy to follow along, concise, very informative. Just excellente!!!!

    Cyndi is always great and I am jealous of her tech skills-LOL

    Cyndi is always great!!

    Cyndi is always informative and always willing to share her extensive knowledge with anyone.

    Cyndi is GREAT! Thanks!

    Cyndi is well prepared and generous with her suggestions. And she’s relaxed about how she presents complex ideas and information. GREAT WEBINAR!

    Cyndi provided a great handout on her presentation, especially the comparison chart of various software products.

    Cyndi rocks as usual!

    Cyndi was a great presenter.

    Cyndi was concise with her screens and data. Thank you

    Cyndi was informative as usual

    Cyndi’s presentation was well organized and very informative! Thank you so much!

    Cyndi’s presentations are always great. I learn a lot from her expertise.

    Cyndi’s webinars are always full of great information.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Cyndi’s webinars are always to helpful. She is great at explaining a lot of material in a short amount of time. Thank you very much!

    entered webinar late but it sure sounded like great information!



    Excellent presentation!!!

    excellent presentation. gave me the answers I was looking for to help me decide what to do.

    Excellent program tonight. Very helpful information


    Excellent speaker; very knowledgeable.



    Excellent! Cyndi makes things clear and simple to understand. Thank you so much.

    Excellent! Very thoughtful and thought provoking!

    Extremely helpful. Cyndi gave me a lot of answers to questions I had about using various sites. She is the best!!


    Fabulous topic and presentation.

    fast, but with lots of info along with examples. Once I get the syllabus it will be in-place. Enjoyed this very much

    Found Cyndi’s “Nurturing…. webinar very interesting and informative and so full of ideas with options available. Was especially interested in personal computer and/or laptop genealogy as opposed to “publishing” or on-line genealogy. Was a great Webinar and she always presents her subjects in a manner where one is always waiting for her next information. Thanks to Cyndi and all for this Webinar.

    Good advice and a lot of it!

    Good clarification of thought processes needed to make decisions or confirm previous decisions.

    Good information, Thank you!

    Good information.

    Good reinforcement of my decisions and advice about things to remember to do!

    Good review of software

    Good to know information

    Good, enthusiastic speaker. Personally, I found the topic very broad and too basic. But I think it would be extremely good for someone at a beginner level.

    Got a few helpful hints. I had already formulated similar opinions about functionality and such. Good webinar. Maybe more helpful for newer users or someone just getting started.

    Got me thinking.

    Great !

    Great and timely webinar for me as I’m evaluating trial versions of software. Cyndi’s presentation was comprehensive and objective. Excellent!

    Great and uptodate refresher of Family Trees!

    great hints

    Great ideas of how to organize the good stuff

    Great info!

    Great info! Loved it! Looking forward to rewatching it!

    Great information clearly presented. Very professional.

    Great information, as always.

    Great information, made me more aware of my need to get a backup system in place.

    Great information.

    Great information. Looking forward to leveraging Cyndi’s List website.

    Great information. Gives me a lot to think about.

    Great over view of considerations for sharing genealogy research/files and options for archiving family trees & research.

    Great presenter, with helpful handout, always learn

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great summary of the genealogy platform options available and of lessons learned from using them!

    great tips

    Great webinar

    Great webinar!



    Heaps of wonderful new resources 🙂

    Her seminar was excellent for someone fairly new to genealogy. I am a medium to advanced user so did not learn much new.

    How could I not give Cyndi a BIG 5! She works so hard for us and is also very giving and generous with her time and material. I would listen to any of her presentations and take her advice any day.

    I always enjoy Cyndi, she is a very engaging speaker with a lot of experience to impart.

    I always get more than I expect. Thaks again.

    I always learn several new, interesting, and helpful techniques and tips from each of Cyndi Ingle’s excellent presentations!

    I always learn so much in Cyndi’s webinars.

    i always learn something new from Cyndi. Love anything she presents.

    I am a newbie to this kind of thing. I have decisions to make. Very informed presenter.

    I definitely need to listen to this one again — and again — and again.

    I enjoyed having a practical comparison of the software

    I found it very interesting and helped me understand some other options.

    I found the webinar to be very thorough. She covered things that I was thinking about and made me think about things that I was planning to do more . I would also like to say that I like the ease you have with signing in to your webinars. I also like how you speak and let me know that I am in the right place by saying that it will start soon and you also have the count down timer.

    I learned a lot today, even though I’ve been doing Genealogy research for a number of years. Thanks Cyndi! Your webinar was excellent!

    I learned so many things I didn’t know before.

    I learned so much that has never occurred to me before. This is my 4th Webinar, and I just purchased a subscription so I don’t have to take so many notes and screenshots.

    I liked her organization and the repetition that helped me catch things better.

    I loved Cyndi’s questions for figuring out what purpose you have for your family tree — which then illuminates what kind of program you will need for your tree.

    I missed most of it because of time. But I did enjoyh the ending questions, and I’ll watch this webinar soon.

    I missed the first part, my fault so I will watch it tomorrow or go through the library. Excellent info on saving your online records–I’ve always wanted to know the answer.

    I really enjoyed this webinar, my first with Cyndi. It was very informative and just what I needed at this time. what she said at the end is what I am currently going through. I am trying to organize my filing system and get a better understanding so I can better access/store my research etc.

    I really like how Cyndi presents the topic and her syllabus. Overall the presentation was a little more basic than I expected.

    I thought it funny that back”blaze” was involved with smoking computer. ha!

    Informative. Easy pace. Easy listening. Good slides.

    Inspirational, easily understood! Thank you so much!

    It was awesome, Cyndi Ingle is a Genealogical Rock Star!! Wow Factor!!

    joined late, but what I heard was very informative, especially the snap and sketch tool.

    Just figured out that when I back out FTM it does not back up all my media. I’ll be fixing that tomorrow, Thanks so much

    Just reinforced what I always tell people: keep control of your own records and don’t rely on some agency in the cloud, or you’ll be sorry.

    Learned a number of things. I love best practices…

    Learned even more than I thought I would. Thanks!

    Learned some things, was reminded of others and now I need to get to work combing my trees!

    Loads of helpful info. Thanks Cyndi!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Loads of information. Makes you think about things even if you’ve been doing this awhile. Every beginner should watch!

    Lots of great information

    Lots of great information.

    Lots of information Thank you

    Lots of useful information! Thanks a billion!!!

    Love all of Cyndi’s webinar’s; thank you!

    Love Cyndi!

    Love Cyndi’s Webinar thorough delivery style and appreciate her detailed handouts! Thanks!

    Love Cyndi’s webinars! Always get some good ideas.

    Love Cyndi’s webinars. So much information.

    Love learning more genealogy from Cyndi Ingle. She is fantastic.

    Loved it. Very informative.

    Moved quickly. Slides and voice clear. Lots of time for questions.

    Much information to consider for doing online genealogy!

    My question got answered!!!!

    Never heard Cyndi speak before today. Have browsed her web site which is fabulous. Really enjoyed her webinar today. She has so much knowledge to share.

    Oh My, so much information! I need that syllabus to really take in all that Cyndi shared!

    Really appreciated this excellent overview.

    Really enjoyed it! Liked that we could make a screenshot of the chart. This helped me know about other software and websites, to compare and take advantage of looking into them.

    Really enjoyed!!!

    Really Fantastic! Learned so much and Cyndi is a gem – very down to earth! I am about to go and check out Genealogy Squad on Facebook. Thank you again.

    Really well co-ordinated and informative.

    She is always great and this is no exception!

    She really ailed this by providing all of the questions to help evaluate one’s needs prior to committing to a particular family tree. Thanks, Cyndi!!!

    so much content….thanks!

    So much GREAT information packed into 90 minutes! This was a fantastic lecture and I got information that will really help me streamline and protect my work. Thank you!

    So much info and so well prepared! Lots of good thoughts to consider.

    So much information in just one hour – I’m so glad to have the handout.

    So nice to see all this information in one place instead of spending the hours and hours Cyndi must have to put this together. Thanks!

    Some of that info is past my knowledge. Also my stake center is offering Beginning My Family History Journey so I decided to watch this one. Thanks, for your experts that add so much to the class.

    Super. Great to have Cyndi again.

    Terrific information well presented!

    Thank you Cyndi!! I learned a lot. I love your enthusiasm.

    Thank you enjoyed it

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Cyndi. The websites are very helpful as well.

    Thank you for such an informative and helpful webinar. So many of your points were reminders to take action now re back-ups and using other apps.

    Thank You so much for a Wonderful Presentation!

    Thank You!

    Thanks Cyndi for a very informative webinar

    Thanks for all the reminders about backing up our data and saved files

    Thanks for all you do. Glad to hear you and your family are on the mends from Covid. Cindi was wonderfulll. as usual 🙂

    Thanks so much – always enjoy Cyndi’s webinars – always discover something new.

    Thanks, this was outstanding! so much information was great She was very motivating!

    The information was well presented. Cyndi gave great questions to ask yourself what your goals are to determine the best option. She presented ideas that I hadn’t given any thought too.

    The questions that Cyndi posed were very helpful for determining what’s important to us as individual’s and how to focus our goals.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    This was my first live webinar from Legacy. Great info, and Cyndi was an excellent presenter! Thank you.

    Useful advice about available options and products.

    useful reminder about what is available and choices we can make.

    Very clear and very helpful. Cyndi is a great host.

    Very comprehensive and practical

    Very easy to follow. Webinar confirmed my practices. And yes I did learn something new, mainly dealing with Family Search.

    Very enjoyable! Speaker was easy to listen to.

    Very good and thought provoking handout!

    Very good information

    Very good overview of what techniques can work for different people depending on their objectives and resources. Chart at end a great help to compare/contrast what is available these days. Thank you

    Very helpful information! Well presented.

    Very helpful to someone who is still struggling the choices of software. Thank you.

    very helpful.

    Very helpful. Somethings I already knew, but Cyndi provided a number of resources I was not familiar with that I’m going to check out asap. Thank you very much!

    Very helpful. Presenter very organized. Lots to think about.

    Very informative

    very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative as usual

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative! Thanks so much!

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Helped one to focus research.

    Very informative. Thank you!

    Very interesting and clearly presented. Made me think about WHY I do things the way I do, and perhaps what I can do to improve my work-flow and access and present to others the information I have gathered. Also gave me a push to look at my back-up system (far from ideal!) and how I can improve that. Thanks Cyndi!

    Very interesting to get Cyndi’s comments on various features

    Very interesting topic and presentation. Very well done!

    Very organized, systemic discussion and analysis of programs.

    Very useful information. Now I just need to get a good desktop software and Back -up my data!

    Well organized, informative and clear

    Wish I had this guidance when I started genealogy research. Better late than never! Nevertheless, there’s always something new to learn in this ever-changing world. Thanks!

    Wonderful as usual!

    Wonderful webinar on using online or on your device programs.

    WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you so much! Cyndi’s handout makes everything so clear. And the chart on the very last page is fantastic. I LOVED her tips at the end. I’ve ALWAYS wondered how to “snip” something. I’ve already started exploring “Windows Accessories” in my old Windows 7 program. Thanks, Cyndi. Great evening.

    Would have liked more time – she knows so much. Great topic and info.

    Wow! Cyndi is wonderful. So much to take in. Love it!

    You can always count on good information with Cyndi, Thanks.


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