Cyndi's List in Practice

Cyndi Ingle
Sep 9, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Structure and format
16m 19s
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Common Records
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Sometimes overwhelming to beginners and sometimes underused by veterans, Cyndi’s List is a research tool that is robust with resources helpful in everyone’s research. Using specific examples for beginners, as well as more advanced researchers, we will explore the site and point out how to make the most of the categories and the links found within.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cyndi Ingle is the creator and innovator behind the award-winning and globally recognized, a free categorized list of more than 320,000 links for genealogical research. In its 28 years online Cyndi’s List has consistently remained i
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  1. A Jensen
    1 year ago

    Have been taking family history courses through BYU-I, and “Cindi’s List” has been thrown around out there several times, but not until my current instructor had this presentation available to us did I ever understand just what “Cindi’s List” actually was! (To tell you the truth, the first time I heard it, I thought it was something like Craig’s List, lol!) Now I wish more had been emphasized on using this fantastic tool! This is going to be a game changer for me! Hugs and Kisses to you, Cindi – you do my native home of Washington State proud!

  2. LE
    Lizanne Ellis
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Geoff and Cyndi, for this amazing and informative webinar.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I never knew about Cyndis List until I saw it advertised as a webinar. Looking forward to exploring.

    When starting out my genealogy, I found this site overwhelming and opted out. I think I will appreciate the site much more now that I know what I’m looking for and can focus better. Thanks for the opportunity to renew my interest in this site.

    5 + !! Cyndi is wonderful Thank you for having her and for all the free webinars you put on!! Be watching you again soon!!

    A good reminder that I have not used Cyndi’s List to its full potential as a search aid. I enjoyed the seminar greatly.

    A great reminder about all the layers of websites that provide information. Thank you, Cyndi, for this invaluable resource.

    A living computer with a heart. Thanks

    Absolutely excellent; Cyndi is definitely my hero.

    Absolutely wonderful!!!

    After hearing webinar, I plan to start using this web sight.

    All was wonderful. I will be watching this webinar again. Especially enjoyed the Q&A,

    always great to listen to Cyndi and get updated on her list.

    always great

    AMAZING Cyndi!!!


    An amazing resource. Thanks Cyndi.

    An excellent reminder about this amazing resource.

    An exceptional webinar by Cyndi Ingle. I know I need to use Cyndi’s List more than I have in the past.

    As always Cyndi has given us a fabulous Webinar. Enjoy her presentations

    As always, wonderful!

    awesome information thanks

    Best yet!!!!!!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great links to explore to help find my brick wall buster.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    can’t wait to explore your site!

    Cindi is always very informative. It is amazing how much she can pack into 1 hour. bj

    Clear, informative, and relevant. Thank you.

    Cyndi always gives a great webinar!

    Cyndi and her list are really amazing resources! I learned a lot and am anxious to use the list. So glad I attended! Many thanks.

    Cyndi gave a fantastic webinar about her fantastic and immensely useful website! Thanks, Cyndi, for 25 years of dedication to helping other genealogists!

    Cyndi Ingle is a great speaker, and her knowledge as to where to find what I am looking for is amazing. I have learned so much from her, and this webinar was an eye opener showing me how to narrow down what I am searching for. Thank you!

    Cyndi Ingle is a wealth of information.

    Cyndi Ingle rocks!

    Cyndi is a font of information! So glad she is sharing her knowledge!

    Cyndi is a gem!

    Cyndi is a vital cog in our genealogy circles.

    Cyndi is absolutely wonderful; thank you for letting her present.

    Cyndi is always a great speaker and easy to listen to. I am flabergasted at the amount of information she has on her site and will definitely be spending a few days looking to break down some brick walls. Thank you.

    Cyndi is always informative! Thanks!

    Cyndi is always informative, and as a long time user, I certainly learned new things tonight. Thx!

    Cyndi is amazing and she covered a lot of ground in the webinar but she needs to talk slower.

    Cyndi is amazing!

    Cyndi is great!

    Cyndi is great! As is her website!

    Cyndi is great!

    Cyndi is my Go-To person for Genealogy. Her site is the very first site I used when beginning the best, most interesting hobby in the world. Thank you Cyndi Ingle for your care and expertise!

    Cyndi is remarkable and her lists are a go to for any genealogist

    Cyndi is the BEST! No matter how many times I hear her talk, I always learn something new. Today was no different. Thank you!

    Cyndi is the best!!!!

    Cyndi provides us with a great list of resources, which helps get us right into researching and not waste our time. It’s like having a cheat sheet. 🙂 Thanks for all the work you do Cyndi!

    Cyndi was a great presenter! I really learned a lot about Cyndi’s List and why it is important to use.

    Cyndi was awesome, as usual.

    Many thanks.

    Cyndi was great; made it look and feel so simple ! Geoff you are a fabulous moderator!

    Cyndi went through a lot of information and appreciated the webinar.

    Cyndi, thank for another invaluable learning experience!!!

    Cyndi’s list is a fantastic research tool.

    Cyndi’s great, even if she went way too fast!

    Cyndi’s List has always been a great resource. I learned so much and enjoyed her webinar.

    Cyndi’s List is fabulous!

    Cyndi is ALWAYS a 5+.

    Didn’t know how much I was missing. Lots of great information. Thanks

    Drilling down examples were a good reminder of what Cyndi has that cannot be found elsewhere. Her webinars are so well organized and give so much great information. I’ll be mentioning her site to my genie friends without fail.

    Eager to use this resource – should be good for brick walls!

    Even for a lifetime genealogist this was a good discussion. I have plenty of people who I can direct to your List. Thank You

    Exc webinar, as usual. What an amazing lady. I must use her website more than I do.


    Excellent and clear coverage of the topic. Well presented and explained.

    Excellent as always!

    Excellent information

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation.

    Thank you. Can’t wait to browse CyndisList.


    Excellent. I never knew the best way to use Cyndi’s List ….. now I do!! Thanks for a great webinar.

    Fabulous! I’d forgotten about her list and already have a list of things in my mind to go looking for. Such a simple, logical, organized site but I can’t imagine how she manages to keep control of it!! Thanks!

    Fantastic webinar. Great resource that I’m sure I’ll be using a lot.

    fantastic work, thank you so much

    Fantastic! I looked at Cyndi’sList years ago and couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Now I can’t wait to get off this survey so I can go exploring! Thank you!!!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    glad to hear Pictou, Nova Scotia sites tonight.

    God bless Cyndi Ingle! As Geoff said she has dedicated her life to helping genealogists find the information they want. Excellent webinar by Cyndi Ingle. She squeezed a lot of information into an hour + webinar plus answering questions. Thanks!!

    God Bless Cyndi,she is a marvel!!

    Good presentation.

    Good speaking voice… very knowledgeable and informative. Going to go explore it now. Thank you.

    good to listen to will watch again


    great content

    Great explanation of a website that has befuddled me for a while!

    great information

    Great information! I’ve known about Cyndi’s List, but haven’t really explored it so this was a great help in showing me how to get started. Looking forward to finding new information and maybe sharing some sites I know of.

    Great information. Definitely going to check out Cindi’s list

    Great information. I have never used Cyndi’s list before so I am going to start with the beginning page. Thanks so much!!

    Great Information. Thank you.

    great information; good demonstration of categories and how quickly relevant links can be found to answer questions

    Great job! I learned lots of new stuff, thank you. 🙂

    Great overview!

    great overview. I especially liked her explanation of why her site is more helpful than google. Very informative.

    Great Presentation and opened up whole new avenues of research for me. Thanks

    Great presentation with so much terrific information. Thank you Cyndie & Geoff. : )

    Great presentation! Thank you!

    Great Presentation! Not too hurried. LOTS of info. Glad to learn the HOW of using Cyndi’s List!

    Great Presentation.

    Great presenter as always.

    Great reminder to use Cyndi! Thank you!!

    Great reminders of the wealth of resources on Cyndi’s List!

    Great thanks!

    Great to know her works can help us and me for sure. Thank you to Cindy and Legacy

    Great webinar as always!

    Great Webinar! I wish Cyndi had a little more time, so she could slow down a little.

    Great webinar! Love the stump Cyndi portion!

    Great Webinar. The syllabus was the easiest to follow. I didn’t know much about Cyndi’s List, but will start using it now.

    Had no idea how much information was available on Cyndis List. Will use it more in the future.

    Had no idea there was this much to Can’t wait to go out there to practice! Thanks Cyndi and Geoff!

    Have never used Cyndi’s List. Will definitely do so now. Great webinar. Very informative.

    Haven’t looked at Cyndi’s for awhile, so DEFINITELY will be looking soon!

    Haven’t looked at it for years, I’m one of regular go to’s and now know how much I missed out on. Thank you Cyndi, you are a treasure. God bless, stay safe.

    Haven’t used Cyndis list for awhile. After tonights Webinar I realized what I have been missing. Thanks so much!

    Helpful overview and specific examples.

    How can you not be happy when Cyndi is doing a Webinar! She is exceptional, informative and brilliant!

    I always learn something new!

    I always learn new things from Cindi

    I always learn something from Cyndi

    I always try to watch her webinars! I use her list and am a member of her Facebook page she mentioned.

    I am ever so optimistic that my brick wall is going to be demolished at the hands of Cyndi’s List! It is with great enthusiasm that I attack this problem and have it become history – never to be problematic again! The webinar was outstanding and engrossed my attention throughout. Much appreciated, for sure. Thanks, Cyndi.

    I am looking forward to following some of Cyndi’s suggestions. It was a very informative and helpful webinar.

    I am so glad that I watched this webinar. It was so informative and it gave me a whole new place to go for my genealogy.

    I began my family history research in 1994, and found very little pertinent information on Cyndi’s list back then. Tonight, I learned about many new things, pertaining to both my general and African American research. I am now encouraged to give this resource a fresh new try!!

    I can hardly wait to explore Cyndi’s List! This has been enormously helpful. Thank you Cyndi for doing all this for the genealogy community for all these years.

    I enjoyed the webinar because Cyndi did a great job in her presentation with a lot of ideas and how and where to go. I plan on doing more classes with her. Great job Cyndi. Thank you.

    I hadn’t used Cyndi’s list for many years BECAUSE I spent too much time getting sidetracked. This has helped me focus my search and I WILL be using and promoting her site. As always, Legacy FTW gave us THE BEST!!!

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I have been aware of Cyndi’s List for a while, but was a bit overwhelmed when I explored it. Now I wish I didn’t have anything on my to do list for the week, so I could delve into it right away. Thank you Cyndi for your decades of dedication to our mutual passion!!

    I have been doing genealogy for many years. As a beginner I checked out Cyndi’s List, and believe that it is more valuable to me now. Thank you! I am also a member of the Genealogy Squad. A great connection!

    I have been wanting to start getting back into genealogy and so signed up for some webinars. This is the first one and I am so excited to get started! I knew of Cyndi’s list but when I went many many years ago, it was overwhelming. Knowing to start with Categories instead of the Search was extremely helpful! Thanks!

    I have definitely been under utilizing Cyndi’s list! I’m in the middle of a Genealogy Do-Over, so am in the process of adding everything back into Legacy, making sure everything is properly sourced. It will be hard to wait to start researching again.

    I have gone to Cyndi’s List a couple of times and was so lost in how to find things, I gave up. this was EXCELLENT!! Thanks so much for the great webinar. I’m heading back to the site!

    I have never used Cyndi’s List, and now I am champing at the bit!! Thank you!

    I have used Cyndi’s List for many years and have always appreciated all the hard work that she puts into her !FREE! website. As a librarian, I know that equal access to information and data for all income-levels is really important. What was really nice about today’s webinar was hearing from Cyndi herself and that made it especially informative because it gave me insight into why and how she structures her data. These free webinars have been a lifesaver for me since we cannot socialize during the pandemic.

    I haven’t been to that web site for a long time and I have learned a lot about what the web is for and how to use in my research

    I haven’t looked at Cyndi’sList in a while. I learned so much this evening! I’m going to it right now!

    I haven’t used CL and have heard that it’s a bi confusing. This webinar convinced me to try it, and to also browse enough so I get used to it. Thanks, Cyndi!!!

    I haven’t used Cyndi’s list in ages, but now I’ll go back and browse to see if I can solve some problems.

    I learned so much and can’t wait to sit for hours browsing her site. Thank you.

    I liked how she presented the program., clear and easy to follow.

    I love Cyndi’s List. It’s always good to be reminded about how the breadth and depth of all that is on her site.

    I loved getting a quick overview of Cyndi’s List. I knew about it but have never spent much time exploring. I will now!

    I realize I haven’t been keeping up with the advancements Cyndii’s made. Willl use the web site more now!

    I really appreciate all the organizing and research Cyndi has put into her website!

    I really appreciate how she’s organized it into categories with related topics and put the same topic in different places. This was very helpful. I was surprised to find out she still does this all herself. What an amazing woman!

    I saw Cyndi post something on facebook which led me to this webinar. I will definitely be back and most likely become a member. thank you!

    I so admire Cyndi’s ability to think of all ways to find things and for being so well organized. I learned a lot and see that her organization is logical and easy to follow. I used Cyndi’s list when I first began researching in 2001, but have now rediscovered this wonderful creation of Cyndi’s that has really expanded over the years. Thank you Cyndi!

    i used Cyndi’s list years ago and then moved away from it. Webinar reminds me that it is a great resource for me to use!

    I will definitely explore Cyndi’s List. Thank you so much.

    I will definitely share this information on our family site and with my friends. Such a great resource.

    I’d rate it a 10 if I could! Excellent! Fabulous! Great! Wonderful! Probably one of the best webinars ever! I love her ability to follow the syllabus without reading it word for word! I haven’t used Cyndi’s List enough! I plan to change that!

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I’m amazed at all you do for every one. Thank you so much.

    I’m beginner and wasn’t aware of Cyndi’s List. Eye opening presentation. Thanks for all of your helpful resources and links.

    I’m fairly new at genealogy research and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. I have taken a few classes but it seems like when I’m deep into research I can sometimes get lost. Cyndi’s List will help me stay focused and give me guidance. I absolutely know that it will be my Go To site for research. Thank-you so much!

    Informative, great presenter.


    Interesting and informative.

    It is a long time since I visited Cindi’s list. I forgot how helpful it is, and will use it a lot more in future.

    It was flying fast, but I was still able to learn sooo much. Very well done; you two work well together!

    It was good to see her go through and show how to find things

    It was very heplful to understand the structure, etc of the website from Cyndi. I will be a more successful user of the site now. Thanks.

    It was very information intensive and I experienced information overload and switched off mentally towards the end. But it was great to see the person behind the name that I have encountered so many times in my own 10-year family history journey. Thank you for bringing such a genealogy superstar into our homes.

    It was very interesting and gave me some new ideas for places to search.

    It’s always great to hear Cyndi, and this was very informative.

    I’ve been relying upon Cindi’s List for 25 years and still learned new things today. Thank you! I will be including the website in a presentation I am doing for a local genealogy club next week.

    I’ve kind of used Cyndi’s List before but this webinar will help me use it more effectively. thanks so much!

    I’ve known that Cyndi’s List is famous, but haven’t used it very much. This webinar gave me a good idea of its scope and made me feel much more comfortable about using it. It’s a great resource! Thank you to Cyndi for the List and thanks to Jeff for presenting this webinar.

    I’ve never used Cyndi’s list and I’m amazed at all of the resources she provides! Thank you for this fantastic overview – can’t wait to get started down this road!

    I’ve never used Cyndi’s List. I will now. Thanks for this webinar.

    Just when I start to think I might have an inkling that I know what I’m doing, I watch a webinar like this and learn there is SOOOOO much more to learn. Bravo Cyndi and Geoff!

    Keep up the good work!

    Knew about CyndiList but there was so much information that it was intimidating. Now I feel more comfortable to try making it one of my regular sources.

    Learned a lot – thanks!

    learned a lot. She went a bit fast but I guess playing around on her site will be the best thing!

    Learned lots. Can’t wait to cruise Cyndi’s site.

    lots of good tips

    Lots of information!!!! Look forward to more webinars with Cindi

    Lots to explore! much more than I knew.

    Love Cyndi always!!!

    Love Cyndi Ingle and Cyndi’s List ! Cyndi is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker.

    Love Cyndi Ingle’s webinars. Even intermediate and advanced genealogists learn new things from her all the time. We are so blessed to have such a dedicated person in our midst.

    LOve Cyndi List. I used it about 20 years. I forgot to use for a while. NOw I will use it more. Thanks

    Love Cyndi’s list!

    Love her site and have used it since she started in the 90’s

    Loved all of Cyndi’s tips.

    Loved getting the how to use the website information directly from Cyndi.

    Makes me realize I need to always try Cyndi,s list Excellent webinar

    makes me think I should try Cyndi’s List again.

    Marvelous! Really helpful and well presented. You go, girl!

    More of Cyndi!

    My intro to Cindi’s List. I’ll become a regular visitor. Well done.

  8. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Oh my goodness! Cyndi is amazing! Thank you so much 🙂

    Please look into updating the general Internet stats at the beginning of the presentation. My software engineer daughter says some are out of date.

    Really excellent ! So pleased to have this introduction to an amazing resource – that I have not been using — but will start exploring immediately!

    Really great presentation! Thanks for the terrific gift to the genealogy seekers.

    she has a catagory that may answer a 15 year old question about my immigrant ancestor from ireland

    She’s great and the only big question is how does she find time?

    Thanks to her and to you!

    She’s the best!

    So interesting. Learned so much today from Cyndi.

    So many records that I had no idea existed with access.

    So much excellent information. I’m delighted to learn how to best use Cindi’s List.

    So much stuff — wow. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a real clue as to how I can use Cyndi’s list. I’ve known about it for years, but could never make sense of it. Cyndi’s words were cogent, coherent, and easy to understand. As a member of I now know I can go back and listen to this and re-read the syllabus and click on the links whenever i need to. AWE-some!

    Super awesomme! Thank you Cyndi

    Super over-all coverage of a LOT of material!

    Terrific presention ! I need to set aside some time and just browse the website. Cannot wait !!!

    Thank you Cyndi for a great presentation of your site! I will be using it for sure. I never understood it before.

    Thank you for all the information and motivation! ‘Looking forward to using your site.

    Thank you to Cyndi for all her hard work through the last 25 years. This was a great reminder to me to check the List. I started my genealogy over 30 years ago and was thrilled when you came out with your Lists since doing genealogy online back then was more difficult. Thank you to Legacy for providing the webinar. I always learn something.

    Thank you! very informative!

    Thank you! Very interesting.

    Thank you, Cyndi, for this outstanding webinar refreshing my mind about the incredible value of using your list!

    Thank you, great as always.

    Thanks Cindi! You do such important work and it is an amazing gift. Can’t wait to get started!! Best wishes to you.

    Thanks Cindy a great webinar. I knew about your site but never really used it so look forward to using it now.

    Thanks for the refresher

    Thanks, Cyndi. I used to use your site and need to do so again.

    The handout made the webinar easy to follow and understand what Cyndi was talking about! Seeing her screen clearly also simplified what she was talking about and where she was clicking. This webinar was most informative. Cyndi’s List will be my new go to site because she took the mystique out of it!! Searching on Cyndi’s List really is not so daunting after seeing this webinar! Thank you for the presentation!!

    This has given me a new perspective on the list and how to use it properly.

    This was a great webinar. Lots of good information! Cyndi did a great job and all the work she has put into this list is appreciated! Can’t wait to start diving in and see what I can find to add to my family’s story! Thanks much!

    This was an absolutely excellent webinar! I am a beginning researcher, so learning about a new resource was most helpful. I can’t wait to start searching on Cyndi’s List. I had heard about it, but had no idea of the wealth of information it contained. Now that I’ve learned how it works from this webinar, I will definitely be using it as a resource. The webinar was perfect for these pandemic times since we’re stuck at home and many institutions are closed. Thank you for coordinating this.

    This was beyond words!

    This was my intro to Cyndi’s list; cannot wait to try it out.

    This Webinar has peaked my interest in getting back to working on my genealogy. Thank you very much. Cyndi was a joy to listen to.

    This Webinar was great – I learned a lot about the web-site

    Too much info, that needs some simmering time.


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