Remedies for Copy & Paste Genealogy

Cyndi Ingle
Jul 2, 2019
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About this webinar

Family trees and the information they contain are easily copied and re-published by others online. This means errors are duplicated many times over. We will discuss solutions for dealing with these issues.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cyndi Ingle is the creator and innovator behind the award-winning and globally recognized, a free categorized list of more than 320,000 links for genealogical research. In its 28 years online Cyndi’s List has consistently remained i
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A different topic- and well done and much appreciated. Thank you.

    A well organised presentation and informative. Very useful. Thank you Cindi!

    A wonderful introduction. Now, could we have part 2? vbg

    Absolutely terrific webinar. She presented a lot of ideas in a great format. Can’t wait to share the information with members of my classes.

    Amazing! I know that I did a lot of cut & paste when I was new and now I need to fix it. While the webinar was focused on how to fix things online, it encourages me to do the fixing of my own file that I know I need to do. The webinar taught me the skills in how to respond when I see things online (when I’m back to online research). Skills & encouragement, what more could you ask for?

    Answered lots of questions

    As a follow up webinar – I could use a “how to locate and correct any cut-and-paste genealogy that ended up in my own personal tree” because when I was first starting out in the 1970s, I thought I would remember all my source citations…..LOL! Seriously, I’d love a breakdown of how to strengthen research and also plug any holes where I meant to go back and follow up with more data, but neglected to.

    As always – clear, clever and fun! Several hints that will help me in the future with this ungoing problem, my own and others. Thanks.

    As always another great webinar and speaker! Cyndi gave an excellent presentation and it was most helpful. Thank you! : )

    As always, Cyndi is great! Thank you for an informative and fun class.

    As usual, Cyndi’s presentation was fantastic. Glad to get the tips on how to correct errors we find online!


    copy and paste is so common, it’s nice to have ideas for getting away from it.

    Covered a subject that has been gnawing at me for a long while. Very informative and could listen to Cyndi for hours.

    Cyndi Ingall has done it Again! Wow another fabulous webinar!

    Cyndi is always fun to listen to.and such a fund of knowledge!

    Cyndi is always great!

    Cyndi is always spot on!

    Cyndi is amazing. I always learn so much.

    Cyndi is fantastic! Love to watch all of her Webinars

    Cyndi is great!

    Cyndi you arera wonder. Thanks for the tips & tricks. I have so many corrections that need to be done. Now I know how to do them.

    Cyndi, thank you for your excellent content and delivery of yet another fantastic presentation!

    Cyndi’s a GREAT presenter! I already knew most of her content, but there were some good tips and it was a good refresher.

    Enjoyed hearing Cydi’s voice. I’ve used her site and read her work many times.

    Excellent ideas on a topic that has been avoided. Thank you Cyndi!

    Excellent syllabus!!

    Excellent!! Thank you, Cyndi.

    Excellent. Thank you so much!

    Exquisite presentation! VERY informative!

    Fun one, love Cyndi!

    Good example on how to change wrong information. I have several of those

    Great lots of ideas.

    Great advice.

    Great information and presenter

    great information!

    great presentation!

    great topic

    Great topic – glad I registered & tuned in. Picked up some great tips. Thanks.


    I always learn so much in these webinars but today’s had so many practical ideas that I will definitely use. Thank you!

    I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit as I am just starting to get back into my geneology!

    I had no idea that I could correct Census transcription errors. Thank you!!

    I have been researching family history for 50 years, but still learn something from every webinar, especially from Cyndi!

    I have been working to correct errors. This information was extremely helpful.

    I learned some things about making comments in Ancestry and MyHeritage – great information!

    it gave me many ideas!!!!

    It has encouraged me to be more diligent and to check my tree again more thoroughly.

    It was super and Cyndi even used one of my blog posts as an example!

    It’s CYNDI!!!! The scale should go to 10!!

    I’ve just begun to notice some trees on Ancestry that are labeled “In Progress” or “Draft”. I was glad for the reminder as I know there are a few issues in my tree. Will check to see if I can rename my tree as being “In Progress.”

    keep up the good work

    Like options on sites like Ancestry etc to view and leave comments.

    Likes: fast pace, great documentation to follow along, and some humor sprinkled in.

    Lots of great info! Now to put it to use.

    Lots of tidbits to contemplate and put into practice. Thank you Cyndi

    More of Cyndi please? Great instructions on fixing others error ridden trees.

    My family tree is not yet online, but Cyndi gave many excellent ideas on how to deal with copied genealogy. Will re-watch this webinar to get more details.

    My first webinar – really enjoyed it thanks


    Really well put together with a logical sequence of information. Cyndi certainly knows how to captivate an audience’s attention.

    She is an excellent speaker. I learned alot this evening,

    Thank you Cyndi and Geoff – very informative, I learnt a lot

    Thank you for all your help on this topic!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Thank you for this webinar. I learned several things I need to correct in my public trees.

    Thank you!

    Thanks Cindi and Geoff. Great information. have been a huge fan of your web site, Cindi for a long time, and I am constantly amazed at all the information available. Now, I won’t have time to sleep, for having to fix some transcription errors that have been bugging me. I made a mistake on Family Search, and the lady who had added the info originally, got in touch, and I apologised profusely, (two people of same name and dates, same place.. turned out they were cousins!) now we share research. Good result

    Thanks Cyndi. Excellent. We all need to be reminded of our responsibilities when adding information to our family trees and other genie sites.

    The webinar was very helpful to me, and I have already been able to correct mistakes that have been made on census records. Thank you!

    This was a helpful reminder about being accurate with what you post with citations. I am 85 and been at this for many years, but still need to be reminded. Thanks, Cyndy

    Timely topic, very helpful.

    Very easy to absorb info. Thank you.

    Use of arrows while talking about particular sites very helpful.

    very good

    very good – thank you

    Very helpful – great to know there are ways to make corrections/supply alternate info beyond the one I already knew about. & glad for the encouragement to keep posting corrections.

    Very helpful. Thx

    Very important topic and so glad it has been done so well

    very informative

    Very informative and love the different tips on how to make note of corrections for each of the genealogy sites. While I haven’t used FindMyPast, I do use,, and MyHeritage. I also need to check out the WikiTree. Haven’t come across that one enough. Thank you for all of the great tips.

    Very much appreciated the “hidden” tips on how to correct errors in hints / documents.

    very thorough

    very thorough and useful

    Well Done!

    Well worth the time watching. Very informative.


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