Me and My 1000+ DNA Cousins

Diahan Southard
Feb 3, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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DNA Inheritance
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Working with 4th Cousins
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

If you have seen the results from an autosomal DNA test you have likely seen a long long list of 4th cousins. Who are all of these people? Are all of them relevant to my family history research? How do I go about figuring that out? We will cover the tools available at your DNA testing company that will help you sort and filter your match list, to present you with only your Best Matches, those who are most able to help you with your genealogical questions. We will learn both analysis and organizational techniques that are sure to add another leaf to your dinner table.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    — learn more each time!!!! Thanks so much to Legacy webinars and Diahan Southard 😉

    A lot of very good information and loved the comfortable format. Thanks for your time — AND discounts, too.

    Absolutely fabulous. Thank you so very much. So interesting. Such a lot to understand

    Always a 5+ for Diahan

    Always a pleasure to sit in on one of Diahan’s webinars.

    Always enjoy Danhan’s webinars

    always excellent Diahan

    Always good webinars from Diane Southard

    Always great and always learn (relearn) something new.

    Always learn something new from Diahan, and her book is excellent.

    Always learn tons from Diahan’s presentations and shs makes it easy to understand.

    Always makes it look easy!

    always the best information and explanation. THANK YOU

    Another good webinar what is worth watching at least once more!

    Another great webinar by Diahan! She always makes the topic easy to follow and understand.

    Another great webinar. Thank you.

    another home run!

    Another superb webinar by Diahan, just as I expected.

    As always, Diahan explains so that a layman can understand difficult concepts. Thank you, Diahan and Legacy.

    As always, FANTASTIC!!



    Brilliant, very well explained thank you

    Clear explanations with great color graphics. Diahan was very good instructor.

    could carry on all Diahan’s excellent explanation, I do not feel that I could explore this on my own.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Definitely need to watch this one again!

    Diahan always has a way of breaking down this subject into easier concepts. Thanks.

    Diahan does a great job of illustrating analogies to assist our understanding of difficult concepts. I always learn new things and I SO enjoy her presentations. Thank you.

    Diahan does a really nice job of explaining a complicated subject.

    Diahan has such a wonderful ability to take a complicated subject and make it sound simple. The graphics and analogies are excellent. Thank you Diahan, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of us!

    Diahan is a great speaker. She explains things so well. I understand more about learning how my matches could connect with me.

    Diahan is a great speaker. Her visual presentation is outstanding!

    Diahan is always a great presentation!

    Diahan is always amazing and makes a difficult subject much more easily understood

    Diahan is always fantastic … love all her webinars and her book!

    Diahan is always terrific!

    Diahan is always very infomative.

    Diahan is great

    Diahan is great at explaining how to use DNA data. I continue to learn more each time she gives a webinar. I just need to put her method to use within the next 24 hours to keep it fresh. Since I have her book that also helps and I can go back and replay the webinar if needed.

    Diahan is great. Always enjoy her seminars

    Diahan is so good about breaking the DNA information into pieces that can be understood. This was a great, informative, enjoyable webinar!

    Diahan is so knowledgeable and able to make her presentations very interesting and understandable.

    Diahan is such a good teacher! She knows how to express a concept in its essential form without cluttering the idea with too many details, and, her graphics are the icing on her narrative cake. Even an experienced genetic genealogist can learn about how to communicate the complexities of DNA from her teaching style. Thank you Legacy for bringing Diahan back.

    Diahan is the best!

    Diahan is very personable & knowledgable. She knows how to get her thoughts across to you.

    Diahan is, as usual, full of tons of information that I can use to further my knowledge of DNA research. Now to just find the time to use what I gathered.

    Diahan Southard is a very knowledgeable speaker, especially for DNA. She explains the hows and whys with her slides, and I have learned a lot from her. Thank you.

    Diahan Southard is always great. Will have to watch again

    Diahan Southard is an entertaining and interesting presenter. She is good at explaining difficult concepts in layman’s terms with diagrams.

    Diahan Southard is such a good presenter! I always learn something from attending her webinars.

    Diahan Southard is the best! Her webinars are terrific.

    Diahan Southard, once again, has provided another very informative and educational easy-to-follow step-by-step presentation. Thank you!!!

    Diahan was excellent as always!

    Diahan was EXCELLENT!!! I will be signing up for every webinar she has. She was so easy to follow along with and understand. I think I finally might be getting this DNA stuff now:) LOL

    Diahan was superb as usual.

    Diahann always makes a complex subject understandable.

    Diahan’s presentations are always excellent, informative, helpful and so interesting! Thank you! : )

    Diahan’s presentations are always very well done – clear explanations and useful video shots

    Diahan’s webinars are also great!

    Diahan’s webinars are always great and very informative.

    Diahan’s webinars are presented in such an amazing, understandable manner.

    Diahan’s webinars are the best!

    Diana did a great job. Thank you!

    Diane’s webminars are always among the best!

    DNA can be confusing. Thank you for your help. I understand more with every webinar I attend.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Enjoyed it – and have to watch again.

    Enlightening! Diahan is very clear in her presentation of information and it is very rewarding to attend her webinars; I always learn a lot! Thank you Diahan!

    Even after watching many of Diahan’s webinars, I continue to learn new things. Diahan is great at encouraging us to plug along with our match lists!

    Every time I’ve heard Diahan Southard speak, whether in person or virtually, she’s always done an excellent job at explaining and presenting her topic. I promoted today’s webinar to our local DNA discussion group.



    excellent – great information!

    excellent and I hope I dont forget 80% by tomorrow.. lol. I DID take notes and downloaded handout! 🙂

    Excellent as always. If I watch this and her others about 10 more times I may finally understand.

    Excellent content. Thanks for the freebie download!

    Excellent explanation coupled with cute diagrams to explain some very difficult concepts.

    Excellent information

    Excellent information

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation! So informative on DNA. I’m going to watch it again!

    Excellent presentation!!!

    Excellent presentation, very informative

    excellent presenter


    Excellent speaker, she knows her stuff.

    Excellent speaker. I always learn something.

    Excellent step by step

    Excellent summary and refresher for first 3 weeks of Diahan’s workshopDNA Skills which is fascinating and very challenging. Diahan has an excellent method and is so encouraging.

    Excellent webinar as always.

    Excellent webinar by Diahan, as always!

    Excellent webinar! Very easy to follow and a lot of useful content.

    Excellent webinar. Picked up a lot of information to use.






    Excellent! DNA is challenging, but Diahan did an excellent job during her webinar. I am very excited to go to Ancestry and work with my 3rd cousins!

    Excellent! I have some work to do but have better knowledge how to evaluate my matches.

    Excellent! Worth every minute! No equal in ability to break down and explain a difficult subject.



    Exceptional webinar.

    Explanation of removed cousins was detailed and comprhensible.

    Extremely helpful and well explained! As always!

    Fabulous presentation.

    Fantastic – Diahan is a terrific teacher. I need to hear the information again & again. Thank you!

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information. Will watch again to gain fullest use of all the information provided.

    Fantastic webinar, as usual! Diahan is the easiest to understand out of all of the DNA speakers in my opinion.


    Fantastic! Very informative—getting my wheels turning for sure!

    Found the topics/concepts discussed very helpful.

    Gave good examples – like the licorice example – that will help as I try to look at thiswonky subject!

    Gives me many new avenues to explore.

    Good speaker


    Great and easy to learn from

    Great and robust presentation. Glad I have a membership and I’ll be able to review parts in the future.

    great explanations

    Great explanations and visual – best I’ve seen for removed cousins. She was very knowledgeable and dove deeper than a lot of people would, which I really appreciated. Thank you!

    Great graphics, really helped with understanding. I ordered the book. Thanks!

    Great info, too the point it is over my head

    Great information and of course, Diahan is a great presenter.

    Great information from Diahan. Thank you.

    Great information! So interesting to learn more about how much DNA is shared as you get farther away. One thing I learned is that I should be using my mom’s DNA for her side of the family (she and I were both tested) rather than my own, which is what I’ve been using. That should have been obvious! Another good thing to know is the limitations on shared DNA in helping with ancestors. Thank you! I’m looking forward to listening again!

    Great information, as always, and very professionally presented.

    Great information. Can’t wait to try out some of her strategies!

    Great job! Loved it.

    Great job. One topic was great and it was presented logically with lots of answers

    Great organization to how to do the analysis.

    Great presentation!! Love Diahan’s webinars.

    Great presentation. Very clear and concise. Very easy to follow.

    Great refresher with added new info – worth the time

    Great review, thanks

    Great session.

    Great speaker.

    great stuff will have to watch it again to take it all in

    Great webinar

    Great webinar. Good tips and processes to follow.

    Great! Enjoyed – made my education improve.


  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Helpful in understanding who the various cousins especially the removed ones are in relation to me

    Her webinars are the very best for DNA. Always learn something new, interesting and useful.

    I always learn so much from Diahan Southard. This one gave me some specific steps to do on my own DNA which I’m going to do now!!!

    I always learn so much from Diahan. Thanks

    I always learn something from Diahan’s webinars. She does a wonderful job making DNA understandable.

    I always learn something new from Diahan Southard!

    I always learn something new from Diahan.

    I always learn something new from Diahann and love her encouragement.

    I always learn something new from Diahan’s webinars.

    I always walk away from Diahan’s webinar feeling that I can do this. Excellent presentation

    I am not a beginner but always learn more every time I hear Diahan speak! Excellent! Thank you!

    I enjoy Diahan very much. She makes it easier for me to understand DNA.

    I find DNA terribly confusing! Diahan’s webinar will help me next time I stare at all my matches…and my eyes glaze over. Thanks for today’s help.

    I have a lot of work to do now that I learned more about DNA

    I just love Diahan’s webinars. She makes it sound doable so it helps me keep going.

    I know now I need to learn more.

    I learn something new every time…….thank you.

    I learned a lot!

    I learned so much! Thank you for offering this webinar! Diahan Southard is a wonderful teacher!

    I learned something new… then it means it was a fantastic class! I found Diahan’s advice wonderful.

    I love Diahan’s webinars. She explains DNA so well and along with her illustrations makes it much easier to understanding.

    I loved the new concepts that I haven’t used before, particularly with the different websites!

    I never miss a Diane Southard seminar.

    I really enjoy Diahan’s easy way to explaing things and her great visuals!

    I really like the step by step way you present things. This is one of the best I have seen!!!!!

    I struggle with learning how to read DNA results, etc. and this has helped me. Now, I need to go to the library and watch some pre-recorded webinars on DNA.

    I think it was an excellent presentation. I have a lot of experience using DNA with my genealogy. It’s good to know I am doing it right. I have built out my tree far and wide so I have the advantage of being able to place 100s of DNA matches in my tree. I can almost tell where a new match fits by known shared matches. I am always intrigued when someone matches more than one line. And the communities ancestry has identified are spot on for me and about 10 kits I manage.

    I will need to listen to this one again! So good!

    If I got nothing else out of this I now understand what a cM is!

    interesting , but some of it a bit overwhelming. I will need to watch the video again a few times to fully understand. Great presenter though!

    It answered questions I’ve been asking myself. Will be able to look at matches differently. Especially appreciated the final comment that we can do it!!!

    It gave me closer look at the DNA bounds. Good as the first step for better understanding.

    It is always a pleasure to hear Diahan talk she takes the complexity out of a very complex subject.

    It was a great webinar and presented very well. Thank you.

    It was fantastic. I didn’t understand a lot of it but I can go back and listen again and work on someone until I figure it out. I have a few people who are not attached and am not sure what that means exactly but there is hope for me lol. Thanks for a great webinar. I am much wiser now than before it started.

    It was very informative. I learned so much about finding mu 4th cousins.

    I’ve learned so much today! I have not paid attention to my DNA matches because I had no idea where to start. I am now raring to go! Thank you Diahan!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Just wonderful, I will get the book.

    Knowledgeable speaker! Informative.

    Learn so much but my head is spinning.

    Learned a lot of new information.

    Learned a lot. Very informative!

    learned so much, DNA testing and all that goes with it is starting to make more sense.

    Learned some things to help me solve some of my questions

    Learned something new which is always good. Thanks for that.

    learned what 1XR etc is as I was unsure

    Looking forward to using her information in my research

    Looking forward towards your next talk!

    lots of info thanks

    lots of information. Interesting to find out more about how many relationships can exist with same # cM and how to use the info.

    Lots of information–now to try to apply it. Will need to listen to this webinar again.

    Lots to digest.

    Love Diahan!

    Love her webinars!

    loved it – thanks, have to leave for another appt but will be checking this out further!

    Loved it! Very informative!

    Loved it.

    Makes me want to get back into my results and try again. I got Diahan’s book for a Christmas gift – I can do it!!

    Mind-boggling, but thanks for my intro to dna relationships!

    Must listen again as overwhelming

    Now I need her book!

    Now if I can only put all this into practice! (I know Diahan will sayYou can!) 😉

    now it seems even more difficult.

    one of the best webinar classes that I have taken

    Thank you

    Phenomenal! Researching the old way and the DNA way for years. There is always more to learn! Diahan’s presentation was clear, concise and informative challenges me to adopt new ways of thinking and approaches. Thanks!!

    Pretty Good, lots of information in a short length of time. Presenter was good.

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    She covers alot of good information

    She did a great job of explaining & I feel I finally understand some of the concepts, but so much more. Still confusing but I will continue learning.

    She is a great speaker! Makes things clear, good illustrations, good stories, interesting voice, knowledgeable.

    She is always fantastic and there is always something new to learn. Thanks to all.

    She is always fantastic. Please keep bringing her back.


    She is great at explaining complicated things concisely–helps make a complex topic easier to understand.

    She is one awesome presenter, I learn something every time I listen to one of her webinars. I have done a second set of DNA kits at Legacy just after Thanksgiving but am still waiting for my results.

    She is one of the best presenters you have in your library. I try to listen to her every time she is on. I have her book, but I think I can understand the book better after I have listened to her lectures.

    She presents DNA more clearly than any other speaker that I have heard.

    simply outstanding

    So amazing to hear Diahan explain DNA! Wonderful!

    So clear ! thanks a lot

    so helpful–it’s so much easier to understand when you see it laid out in such a wonderful visual presentation-thanks!!

    So much doable information!!!! I need to get started.

    So much good information. I feel I have a better idea of what matches mean when I have a 4th cousin match. Thank you so much!

    So much to learn on researching DNA. Now I have to find time to study more and try to step through with what I learned today.

    so so good ! and I am not getting tired of these- I need them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes it is difficult to understand if you are not a native English speaking person, it would help to speak a little bit slower.

    Thank you so much.

    Straight-forward explanations and great graphics.

    Such a helpful webinar. DNA is beginning to make a little more sense to me.

    Super DNA instruction as always from Diahan!

    super. back to my DNA results to find great grandmother.

    Superb! Excellent slides supporting the lecture.

    Superb, with the processes explained so well. I’m ordering the ebook 🙂

    Terrific – gave me several ToDo’s

    Thank you for discount codes for your book and downloads.

    Thank you for offering programs like this!

    Thank you for the excellent webinar!

    thank you!

    Thanks for all the info that I now need to process

    Thanks for so much information Diahan!

    The information was mind-boggling but her explanations were easy to follow – I just need to learn more about DNA so I am more familiar with the terminology used. She’s right, though, this makes me want to spend the afternoon learning more!

    This is the most comprehensible webinar on DNA that I have listened to thus far. I am encouraged that I will succeed. Thank you – thank you!

    This was a great learning tool for us beginners. Being a member is great because I can watch it again and try to absorb it more.

    This was my favorite seminar to date. Very good explanations/analogies for some things that lots of people just don’t get. Very thorough and easy to follow the logic. Thanks!

    This was my first webinar with Legacy and I didn’t realize it was an Intermediate course for DNA. I am a beginner at best for DNA. I was totally lost, but, at least I learned a couple of things, just wish I could have kept up with the presentation and take notes at the same time. I definitely got some knowledge from it. Thank you for the presentation. Next time, I will be better prepared.

    This webinar was filled with information and practical guides to further one’s research. I am amazed at the quality and content of this webinar!

    Tons of new information for me, now I have to figure this out!

    Too deep for me. Sorry.

    too much info to keep track of short time

    Top-notch presentation

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Very clear explanations!

    Very clear information. Engaging. Very interesting and novel graphics to explain DNA inheritance, etc. Thank yo so much for this excellent presentation.

    Very clear.

    Very easy to understand.

    very educational

    very fast moving and interesting and understandable!

    Very good

    Very helpful information given.

    Very informational and easy to follow.

    VERY informational and VERY well presented! Diahan is wonderful! Thanks!

    very informative

    Very informative & a lot of information.

    Very informative and well presented.

    Very informative enjoyed it!

    Very informative!

    Very informative.

    very informative. site a little confusing to navigate

    very interesting and easy to understand

    Very interesting speaker and very knowledgeable

    Very interesting, well presented information!

    Very logically presented.


    Very organized and clearly presented with good visuals.

    Very organized and easy to understand. Thanks!

    Very, very good and informative.

    Visuals shown today are very helpful

    way over my head

    Well done, but the subject still confuses me.

    well explained. great presentation

    well paced and well illustrated, plus good Q&A at the end.

    When is Diahan going to do a talk on Edogamy?? That would be excellent!

    Whoa, a lot to absorb!

    Will probably rank this 5 after going over the recorded session. 😉


    wonderful presentation and presenter

    wonderful presentation re: the subject matter… will have to replay several times to get it to sink in… loved it

    Wonderful webinar!

    Wonderful! I understand so much more about using DNA now. Thank you!

    Wow! This is the 1st time I feel hopeful that I can learn to use my DNA. I’m going to listen to this multiple times and listen to the presenters other webinars.


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