Google Photos: one photo app to rule them all

Devin Ashby
Jul 31, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Getting Started
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Facial Recognition
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About this webinar

What if there was a photo app that could manage all your photos and give you unlimited backup space? There is one. It’s called Google Photos. Google’s facial recognition technology lets you create shared albums, collages, animations, movies, stories, and much more. It’s totally free and unlike any other photo app out there.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Devin Ashby is a Global Outreach Manager for FamilySearch, the largest genealogical organization in the world. Devin has taught family history for years and has over 300,000 online views. In 2004 he received bachelor’s degrees in History and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago


    Absolutely awesome!

    Amazing strategies I never heard before. Let’s have Part 2 soon!!

    As always, excellent

    As many have said, there’s a lot to play with and learn. Sounds like it’s great for finding photos and for organizing them.

    Because I am not technology savvy, this both scares and excites me. I was playing around with it during the webinar, but I still have lots to learn and decisions to make on whether or not to use it.


    Brilliant webinar with lots of great ideas to follow up.

    Can’t wait to try out Google Photos!

    Devin Ashby always had interesting webinard.

    Devin is the best!

    Didn’t know so much was possible with Google Photos.

    Even though I already use Google photos, I learnt a lot today! I especially loved the teachings about searching people and places with the + or – signs 🙂

    Excellent beginner webinar. I would like to see one that is more advanced – such as: Can you merge albums? If you transfer a scanned video – how can you get it to be in the correct order by date?

    excellent learnt so much

    Excellent presentation about a product I’ve not been using enough. Thank you!

    Excellent program, so much information to learn I will have to watch again.

    Excellent webinar!! I can’t wait to try it!!

    EXCELLENT! Now, where do I find the time?

    Excellent. Now I have to find out if my Picasso photos are in google photos

    Excellent. One of the best on the topic of technology so far.

    Excellent. Very easy to understand and a great springboard to an app that I will definitely download and use.

    Excellent…….I needed the help to get organized!!

    Excited to get into Google Photo and try out all I have learned today. Thank you so much!

    Fascinating! Thank you for the excellent webinar.

    For me this got me back to using Google Photos!


    great information — now need to try applying it.

    Great information, and now to try it all. I would never have attempted making good use of Google Photos if not for this webinar.

    Great information, now to find the time to learn to use it effectively.

    Great presentation! So useful! Excite to try it out! Thank you! : )

    Great presentation. I have never used Google Photos, but will begin to use it. It is great getting information on how to use it!

    Great presentation. I look forward to using Google Photos.

    Great reason to go with Google Photos. Thanks also to Geoff for impromptu searching hints. Devin and Geoff go well together!

    Great step by step instructions.

    Great webinar!!!

    Great! Learned a lot, fairly new to google photos so this was greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    Have to start using it again

    I already use Google Photos, but I found our much that I didn’t know. Thank you.

    I am already using Google Photos.

    I can’t tell you how much I loved this webinar! I can’t wait to play!!! My actual researching just might suffer but I want to practice with all this before our trip to Alaska in August. Thanks so much for the wonderful learning opportunities you offer through your webinars.

    I downloaded Google Photo during the webinar and I am set to go. Thanks.

    I hope I can remember enough to try this.

    I learned a lot about something I have never thought about using before today! Already sent messages to people who I know that missed this webinar to watch the recorded version.

    I love how to webinars. This man was a easy speaker to understand . Thank you for this great talk.!!

    I use google photos but I still learned a lot.

    I’m convinced! Amazing capability with ease of use. Especially will be useful for organizing assorted historic family photos. Thanks.


    It was an excellent explanation of Google photo’s. It did not discuss why it was a superior ap as compared to Apple Photo.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    it was my first webinar and I liked it.

    Learned a lot

    Learned a lot about Google Photos today…and I have used it before!

    Learned so much!

    Learned some new content.

    Learning Devin’s backup process was just what I needed! I may finally move my thousands of photos from Picasa to Google Photos!! Great webinar!! Thanks

    Lots and lots of tidbits. thanks.

    Lots of good information about a product that I knew very little about. Thanks for this one.

    Love Google photos! Thanks for the tips and tricks!

    Loved it. Easy to follow.

    Most helpful webinar ever – Devin (and the handout made it easy for an old lady to comprehend). THANK YOU.

    Passionate and knowledgeable about using google photo

    really really a great speaker….want more1!!

    Super stuff!

    super useful! thank you!

    Thank you Devin, I have to teach Google photos to our Genealogy class here in The Villages of Florida next month and I learned so many more things to add to the presentation. I loved the multiple search and the minus option.

    That was fun!!! Another app to explore. Thank you! P.S. The best part was watching you both try new things out at the end. Very interesting…and amazing.

    The webinar was great. It will take some time to learn all of what Devin went over. I will have to go back and watch it over and over to get all of the information. I did like the end when Geoff and Devin were going over different items.

    There is a whole lot to learn about Google Photos! Thanks for the start!

    This was great. I will be going online and checking it out. I love learning new things

    This webinar provided some great info. My only suggestion is to have some “how to” reference charts for the key Google Photo functions.

    Very exciting for portion I saw. Can’t wait to watch again and try this.

    Very good! Devin Ashby talked and did Live examples on Google Photos One Photo App the Rule them All.

    Very informative and find I will now add Google photos to a must do application.

    Very informative Webinar! Thank you!

    Very informative! I use google photos, because I am one of those people who have lost photos on multiple occasions, however, I did not know how to use most of the features, so this webinar was very helpful. I particularly like the ability and ease of making a slide show/ video of family through the years. Thank you!

    Very informative. Learned lots of features I didn’t know existed.

    Very interesting and appropriate for someone like me who takes many photos. I can’t wait to get started with Google Photo!

    Very Timely for me personally.

    What a fun subject — I can see many hours playing in Google Photos

    While interesting it was a lot of information for beginners to Google Photos. Will have to watch again or use the help google provides.

    Wonderful webinar … so much to learn about Google Photos!

    Wonderful, thank goodness I’m retired. Now to find the time to get photo’s identified and uploaded.


    Wow , great class learned lots will watch again! Thanks

    Wow! This will be great to try to organize my photos. Thank you, Devin!

    Wow! Awesome and a bit overwhelming, mostly because I’ve never used it and I have LOTS of old family photos. I can’t wait to upload them and use the facial recognition feature!


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