Family Discoveries in Minutes

Devin Ashby
Apr 8, 2022
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Surname with friends
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Ask a good question
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Get involved
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About this webinar

Are you trying to figure out ways to discover your family history in simple and short ways? Many people believe that family history has to take hours and only those who are retired can do it. Wrong! This class will show simple ways to discover surnames, to learn about yourself, and to create simple family activities in your home.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Devin Ashby is a Global Outreach Manager for FamilySearch, the largest genealogical organization in the world. Devin has taught family history for years and has over 300,000 online views. In 2004 he received bachelor’s degrees in History and
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  1. TS
    Traci S. Kape Thysell-McPherson
    1 year ago

    Devin, you are talented, fun, knowledgeable & I want your energy! I loved your presentation and even though yours was the 2nd to last session of the 24 Hour Webinar Marathon 2022, I could have listened to you for hours. Thank you so much for gracing us with enjoyable presence & plethora of knowledge. I can’t wait til the next time you come and teach us all kinds of new goodies.

  2. MJ
    Mary Jean Hall
    1 year ago

    Made all 24 hours. Now time for bed!! Loved all 24 hours.

  3. DS
    Darlene Sye
    1 year ago

    Devin is always easy to listen to and a great story teller. I’ve heard some of his best on this webinar. Loved him showing the little girl being fed ‘genealogy soup’. Excellent way to put that in context.

  4. SM
    Sarah Mundt
    1 year ago

    I am always learning something new here!! I love the question prompts at #52Stories for Families. These answers will help fill in the source records and bring our relatives memories and milestones to life. For example, I can read my grandparents marriage certificate, date, time, place, but it doesn’t cover things like, they met at dancing lessons, and her nickname was Butch because she worked at the Butcher Shop. Thanks for your informative presentation! Sarah M.

  5. MG
    Martin Gurtz
    1 year ago

    Not what I expected (I thought it would be shortcuts to maximize success in genealogical research in less time), but very interesting nevertheless (especially ideas for how to get others excited in learning about family history/genealogy). A few comments about easing concerns about internet security of personal information would have been helpful, because some of the personal information revealed in the activities could be captured (marketing, advertising, ID theft) – but not an issue for living people?

  6. CP
    Cheryl Palmer
    1 year ago

    Loverd learning so many new things!

  7. SP
    Susan Paider
    1 year ago

    Thank you!

  8. LJ
    Liz Johnson
    1 year ago

    Interesting activities but I wonder if they will work if I don’t have a lot of my tree built out.


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