Evaluating Shared DNA

Paul Woodbury, MEd., AG
Jul 3, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 14s
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Measurements of DNA
11m 00s
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Shared Ethnicity
4m 23s
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Shared cM
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Genetic Equivalence
6m 33s
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Shared Segments
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Shared Matches
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

DNA testing companies estimate the nature of your genetic relationships to DNA cousins based on the types, amounts and locations of shared DNA. Nevertheless, their estimations are typically quite broad. In this webinar, learn to analyze the DNA you share with genetic cousins to better estimate the nature of your relationships. Explore probabilities of relationship based on total shared DNA, number of segments, types of shared DNA, and relationships to multiple individuals. Navigate genetically equivalent relationships. Interpret shared DNA within the context of other available evidence. Evaluate proposed relationships and guard against the possibility of misattributed parentage or half relationships. Learn to better utilize genetic evidence in the exploration of family trees.

About the speaker

About the speaker

From a young age, Paul Woodbury fell in love with genealogy research. To pursue his passion for this field, he studied genetics and family history at Brigham Young University. To aid in his desire to share his knowledge with others, he has also re
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  1. MS
    Mary Sharon Wilmes
    2 years ago

    Yes, we do need to watch the webinar again even in 2022 but it really helped beginning to clarify this amazing pursuit. I resisted for several years. Doubt I will avoid it now. Thanks.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I learned more about Evaluating DNA than I knew before the webinar or additional information about things I had not quite got my head wrapped around yet. Thank You

    A lot over my head, but it starts me to want to know more.

    A lot to digest, for sure. Well pesented.

    A superb webinar. I really appreciated the level – it made me think and that is what learning is all about. Re-listening is a must. Keep it up.

    Absolutely one of DNA classes that I have attended. Thank you, Paul!

    Actually, I’d give it a 100!

    Advance DNA video but well worth it to watch again

    Advanced but I got a lot of info…


    Best DNA webinar I have seen so far. Will need to watch again.

    But I will need to watch it again!!

    Challenging, well presented- I like the exercises. Well organized and articulate. Thank you.

    Definately an intermediate/advanced webinar. Well presented.

    Easy to understand (most of it). Great webinar.

    Enjoyed getting the practice questions


    Excellent – think I’m finally understanding some of the DNA terms and workings.

    Excellent !

    Excellent clarification of what you can learn from shared DNA and how to analyze the shared DNA in a consistent way to get the most information from your matches

    Excellent content – the use of exercises to do on your own is a good idea.

    Excellent delivery and organization.

    Excellent discussion. Really liked the practice question aspect.

    Excellent DNA information. A different approach on looking at it. Thank you Paul Woodbury!

    Excellent EXCEPT I am not at that level of expertise yet. GREAT facts and skills to be learned. He was well organized and easy to follow. Great idea to have example ‘problems’ to solve to demonstrate his points. Excellent use of voice and speed of presentation.

    Excellent information and excellent syllabus. Gives me a lot to review and learn! Thank you!

    Excellent organization. I can tell that an instructional designer developed it (I’m one, as well).

    Excellent presentation although a bit over my head. However that now challenges me to learn more as I come from an endogamous ancestry and have been challenged to figure out dna relationships. Paul’s presentation has given me a few tools to help with this challenge.

    Excellent presentation and syllabus! I hope you will invite Mr. Woodbury to do future webinars.

    Excellent presentation and syllabus. Adding the practice examples was very helpful. I’ve already recommended the webinar on Facebook.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent speaker – I need to hear it again and again.

    Excellent webinar! Very detailed level of DNA information. Paul explained thoroughly several DNA concepts I had not understood correctly prior to this webinar. Very much worth the time to watch / listen. Excellent syllabus. I appreciate very much Paul’s style of teaching. I am so appreciative of the many DNA webinars in the library and so thankful I am a member!

    Excellent webinar, can’t wait to watch it a couple more times.

    Excellent! A lot of high level information but presented in a way that even a beginner could learn and take away value from the presentation. Thank you.

    EXCELLENT! He made DNA understandable! Please have Paul come back for more!!


    Excellent, I learned so many things.

    Excellent. Like a lot of comments said, I need to view this again! Thank you

    Excellent. Quite comprehensive, but clear

    excellent. will definitely need to re watch this a couple of times.

    Excellently presented at a level I can understand. Now I need to read the syllabus.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago


    Fantastic! Covered the advanced basics that everyone always skips over!

    Glad to see more detail behind DNA results

    Good presentation. This stuff is very heavy, particularly the genetic equivalency. I have not seen that before and need to study it. I hope there are references to it in the syllabus.

    good session. some of it over my head

    Good speaker, and presentation was very thorough.

    good webinar for my current level of understanding. pointed to some resources I didn’t know about (e.g. Catherine Ball et al. white paper).

    great as usual

    Great presentation and speaker! A lot to take in and will need to definitely keep watching Paul’s webinar. Thank you! : )

    Great webinar! Love Paul’s slides, they make everything easier to understand.

    Great webinar.

    Great, but I need to understand more about DNA. But this was good. Each time, the new words make a little more sense.

    GREAT… Clear… Yes we will rewatch… Need some explanation on X matching chart to help evaluate whether a match is on the maternal or paternal side. Thank you.

    He took a complicated topic and made it mostly understandable. It will take viewing it again and working his examples to really understand, but he provided those for us. Thank you!

    I am adopted and know nothing about my ancestors so I’m definately a beginner, however I did pick up some information. Some of the charts were difficult to read, a little small. Thank you, I enjoyed it.

    I am just beginning with DNA education. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

    I got a little lost at times but overall this webinar opens up a number of possibilities for me.

    I have been studying DNA and this presentation has really helped me understand so much more of what I’ve run across. Thank you!

    I need more practical experience with DNA to better understand Paul’s excellent presentation. I need to work through the Bettinger series to be more conversant in DNA analysis. Paul was excellent but the problem was me. Appreciate so much at least having this exposure.

    I need to better understand it. The instructor did an amazing job….I just need to absorb the information

    I’m a bit past Beginner, so it was a nice review and learn/understand a bit more. Paul Woodbury is easily understood. Thank you.

    informative info

    It was a definite watch again! Lots to absorb!

    It was clearly explained!

    It was very well presented

    I’ve taken several DNA classes and watched many webinars and find this is the clearest explanation yet of all the basics one needs to understand.

    Learned alot, slightly overwhelming but it will be great to watch it and take notes literally later! Thank you!

    Lots of good information, but maybe a little too much for a single webinar, hence not quite a top rating. I’d like to hear more about the joint probabilities concept in particular. Excellent presenter.

    Need to watch again but did pick up useful info on first attendance. Excellent explanations of very cM

    complicated material. Thank you Paul for this very important webinar.

    need to watch again!

    Nice, clear explanations.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    One of the best DNA webminar or presentation I attended! Thank’s

    One of the best! Thank you!

    Outstanding presentation with much to absorb so for sure needs to be reviewed – good to see others are slow learners as well;-))))

    Paul is a fantastic lecturer. He sure knows DNA!!!

    Paul is very knowledgeable on the topic. Got some good tips today.

    Paul was amazing. I really appreciate such knowledgeable presenters willing to share.

    Paul was excellent as usual.

    Paul, Thank you for your excellent webinar content and delivery!

    Paul’s webinar was excellent. I’ve watched other Legacy Webinars on DNA and attended conference sessions by Blaine and others, read the major DNA books (currently the new Advanced one) and blogs, and participate in Blaine’s Facebook Group, Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques, and my local society’s DNA Interest Group, but I learned and better understand a number of the scientific aspects of DNA that I didn’t earlier. I manage lots of DNA kits and will be applying what I learned to this work. Many thanks!

    Still more advanced for me, but I am beginning to understand more about dna and this webinar was great. I liked his questions and answers to figure it out ourselves. Thanks 🙂

    Thank you Paul!

    Thank you very much. This was very helpful in getting some understanding of DNA and how it works. Also appreciated the practice questions. Paul, the presenter, was excellent, organized and informative and communicated clearly and well. Thank you again.

    Thank you! Great webinar, one of the best I’ve seen on DNA and greatly helps with the basics and research. Will purchase a copy of this one.

    Thank you! Paul is always wonderful!

    The presentation was advanced – beyond my ability to absorb. However, every time I hear a talk about DNA, I pick up a little new information.

    This is one to come back to again and again!

    VERY advanced!

    Very detailed need to view again. So much information

    Very fast-paced, so I’ll definitely need to watch this again. I picked up several helpful tips such as use of DNA Painter and DNA generations.

    Very good, loads of information, good detail

    Very helpful explanations. Thank you, Paul.

    Very informative

    Very informative. I am 80 and will have to watch over again but what I could retain on first time sight was excellent!

    Very informative. I plan to watch it again. (I have a subscription.)

    Thank you.

    Very informative. Helped to clarify some issues I didn’t think about.

    Very interesting review of what DNA can tell us when doing genetic research

    Very knowledgeable speaker, thank you very much!

    Very knowledgeable.

    Very nice to get some confirmation on some assumptions I had made on my own and wasn’t able to find the literature on not knowing the correct vocabulary to use in searching for my answers but I would have liked more information in the webinar in differentiating the chromosome matches re using the dna painter to map out
    ones genome for future matching purposes v/v those without trees or those who do not answer their emails. Over all and excellent webinar.

    Very technical but introduced some new ways of thinking of autosomal DNA matches.

    Was imformative

    Well done and give me several new questions to ask as I explore my segments

    Well done, but needs to be viewed again after attempting some of the exercises and tools introduced.

    Well-organized, well-paced.


    Wow, excellent webinar,and yes,requires repeated hours!! Great syllabus too.


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