Effective Use of GENUKI: England’s Largest Free Genealogy website

Paul Milner, FUGA, MDiv
Jan 29, 2020
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Gazetteers and Maps
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Parish Records
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About this webinar

Learn how to effectively use the largest free website for British Isles research. Understand how the site is organized and to find the many resources on the site. Plus see how to find its gems for specific local research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paul Milner, a native of northern England, is a professional genealogist and internationally known lecturer with 30 years’ experience, specializing in British Isles research. Here’s the backstory about Paul:
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago



    A lot of information….good overview however

    A pleasure to listen to and very informative as always!

    A wealth of information very clearly presented.Thank you!!

    a wealth of information.

    Absolutely great information on how to navigate Genuki, a wonderful sight for all of Great Britain AND Ireland!

    Absolutely one of the best webinars I have attended. Paul Milner spoke at the correct pace to understand all he was saying!

    Agreed this is one of the best of the best.

    All I can say is WOW!! This is one of those webinars that you keep as a ready reference. Thank you thank you!!

    Always interesting and informative.

    Amazing and so very helpful!

    Amazing website.

    an excellent presentation

    An excellent speaker and what a subject!! Thoroughly enjoyable.

    As usual Paul Milner was excellent!

    As usual, very thorough and understandable.

    Awesome!! 🙂

    Awesome…I had no idea there was so much out there.

    Best ever! Obviously I have not been making the best use of this site, and have tons to explore! Thanks a million.

    best I’ve seen

    Best one ever

    Best Webinar ever!!!

    Best webinar in a long tim – loved it!!


    Common senseandpractical reasoning clearly presented. I will make use of the info today!!!

    Definitely one of the best webinars.

    Delightful presenter. Very well organized. Easy to follow. Fun to listen to. Thank you.

    did not realize there was so much information, today showed me how to start searching it. Well done.

    Didn’t know how much Genuki had before today

    Everything was explained very well! Thank you!

    excellant webinar !


    Excellent and very informative. Talented presenter

    Excellent as always, learned so much

    Excellent as usual! Thanks!

    Excellent if I wanted only drilled-down English how-to. I need the “I” in GENUKI, however.

    Excellent in both presentation and subject.

    Excellent information By Paul Milner about Genuki!

    Excellent information that will be helpful to my research.

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation – lots of info and well-presented!

    Excellent presentation and handout. So much good information! I can’t wait to start exploring!

    Excellent presentation Excellent infomation Excellent Presenter

    Excellent presenter, so interesting to know about another resource for finding our ancestors.

    Excellent source of information, nicely paced.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Excellent source of information. I wish I had known about how to use GENUKI back in 2017 once I hit the UK ancestors for the first time. Trying to navigate to all these unknown places, I was clueless about, was difficult to say the least. Thank you for the Webinar.

    Excellent speaker and relevant topic for my research!

    Excellent webinar but have to sign off early. Will continue watching again as very well presented.

    Excellent webinar! Very informative.!!!!!!! Now I have to go watch “”Are you lost?”” Thanks!

    Excellent webinar. Thank you so much.

    Excellent webinar. Wealth of information for both newbies and more experienced searchers. Thank you Paul.


    Excellent, and so much to explore!

    Excellent, concise, pithy presentation. Thank you.


    Exceptional speaker and webinar

    Fabulous and VERY helpful! I can’t wait to go “play” with GENUKI!

    Fabulous. Clear, useful information. Can’t wait to watch his other presentations. Thank you.

    FANTASTIC — one of the best. Paul is so easy to listen to and easy to understand. Thanks

    Fantastic presenter, well paced, clear, showed logical progression on the various Genuki sites.

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information to prompt further research for Genealogists researching their families.


    First time learning about England and Genuki. It seems to me that it is going to take time to use Genuki. I will be trying to understand how to use. Great webinar and I enjoyed the webinar.

    FOund LOTS to research on the genuki site. Thanks!

    Good pace, well-illustrated, consistent & with explanations for exceptions and/or changes, easy to understand basic approach to using Genuki site . Thank you for giving me new ways of looking for my husband’s lines and perhaps some of my own Brit, Scots and Irish kin.
    good start learning about this area for research

    great but a little too technical for me…

    Great depth of detail

    great info, can’t wait to use GENUKI

    Great info. Makes me wish I had some Ancestors from the UK/ Thanks

    Great information – well presented!

    Great information & presentation. Makes me wanting more

    great information and so well organized and easy to understand! Thanks, Paul Milner!

    Great information on a resource I didn’t know even existed!

    Great information to add to my research toolbox. Thanks!

    Great information.

    Great Intro to GENUKI

    Great overview of a site that offers so many research sources for ancestors from the British Isles!

    Great overview of GenUKI. Paul covered a lot of ground in one hour. Thank you

    Great presentation! Lots of information – wonder when my head is going to stop spinning! This is the first I’ve heard of this site and can’t wait to go explore. Thank you so much!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great presentation. Thank you Paul. Learnt things, refreshed my memory about other sources. I tend to use Free Cen and Free BMD, Will try Genuki now for Census records. Love Scotlands People, but wish that more Scottish records were online. How about a Webinar on Scotland? Thanks from NZ.

    Great presenter, really good information

    Great to learn about this site!

    Great wealth of information about a site I had heard of but not about–so helpful!

    Great webinar! Paul always does a good job and this is one area I knew little about. I am excited to dive in!

    Great webinar!! I give it a 5+++

    Great webinar!!!

    Great webinar, very informative

    Great webinar.

    Great webinar. I will be searching for my maternal side of the family. This webinar will make it easier.

    Great webinar. So much stuff to look at………wow. Thank you.

    Great webinar–definitely one of the best!


    Great, now I know to look to go on with my English ancestor. Thank you. Very happy having discover Legacy last year.

    Had no idea that this web site was out there!

    Had no idea what this site covered. I’m the type who searches for a name and then leaves a website. This seminar showed me so much more that I needed to look into.

    He spoke so clearly, and made information so relevant! I want to take more of his webinars!

    Helped with clarity of that site.

    I & I=Interesting and Inspiring!

    I am hopeful about finding a Mariner ancestor who has been avoiding me for years.

    I am lost when I look for my English ancestors, but this webinar is just what I needed. WoW! Great help.

    I appreciate the speed of the seminar and the descriptions of site content. It is a new site to me, so I now feel comfortable to go explore it. Thank you, Mr. Milner!

    I appreciated the emphasis on the structure of the website and how it carries through the various pages. Also the explanation of the historical county changes.

    I can’t wait to look at the documents available at such local levels, and to have an opportunity to see my ancestors’ home from a different perspective. Thank you so much. This webinar is a gateway to so much information, I know it will be on replay.

    I did not know so much information was available on GENUKI.

    I did not know there was so much information at GENUKI. Thanks!

    I DNA shows Ireland, Scotland, and Britain, however, I hit a brick wall here in the United States in 1776 one side of the family and in the mid-1800s on the other side of the family. I learned a wealth of history today. I even enjoy saying villages and hamlets instead of towns, townships, and cities. Thanks for a great webinar!

    I will listen again and try using the site but it was a good introduction by Paul Milner.

    I had no idea how useful Genuki could be. It looks like a site from the early 90’s, so I had little hope of finding much of use. Thank you for showing me how to look inside this ‘book’s’ cover.

    I had no idea this existed but can’t wait to try it out. This was one of the best webinars so far! It was interesting enough that I listened on my phone until I got home and then on my PC,

    I had not heard of this website before this webinar was offered. I found this program totally fascinating. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use it until later today or tomorrow because of a meeting. Looking forward to finding more about my English, Irish and Scottish relatives. It seems that I might even be able to learn some about my Belgian ones as well. Thank you for a great program.

    I have a greater understanding of the uses for GENUKI and look forward to using the site. Thanks for a wonderful webinar.

    I have never tried to conduct any research in England for my family because it always seemed more overwhelming than trying to search in the U.S. or even in Canada! This webinar was exactly what I needed to jump start that portion of my search. THANK YOU to Paul for the information and THANK YOU Geoff for bringing Paul to us!

    I have not viewed this website as of yet but after this presentation I believe it will be a gold mine!

    I have used Genuki for years but learned a lot!

    I lead a UKSIG for my local genealogy society and I have not discussed this site very much because I did not understand all the layers available. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I learned so much from Paul Milner’s webinar today. I heard him speak at a Midwest Genealogy Center seminar in Independence MO several years ago. He is really, really good. My ancestors have been in America a long time. I’m just hoping I can soon find when they came so I can get into some of the Scottish and English records!

    I liked how there were pictures of the website pages so that we would know what we will find when we go to the website. I also thought it was important that the speaker made it clear that the search should read all the directions and helpful hints, before doing their detailed search.

    I loved the details and the speed of the presentation was great. I was able to follow along and absorb what he was talking about before going on to the next section.

    I need really old England records

    I now understand the depth of info on the site.

    I only got here in time for the last 30 min but am looking forward to watching it later….

    I said this last Wednesday, however THIS is the best webinar I’ve taken! Thanks so much for providing these as they are so very helpful.

    I suffer from not knowing much about my relatives and where they came from in GB. I hope to get some links and this webinar will become MUCH more important. The information on this site seems to be great, but it seemed Greek to me until I know more. Thanks.

    I think this will help me in my UK ancestors search very well done, clear and easy to follow

    I’d like to give Paul a 10!!! Excellent webinar!!!

    I’ll need to rewatch this! Good info, I’ve been online searching UK ancestors for a few years but it’s always great to find another resource to use effectively. Great webinar

    Inspired me to look again at this website ) Thank you

    It gives me lots to investigate.

    It was good to get a walk through of GENUKI. I may be able to use it more effectively now, instead of getting frustrated and moving on to some other genealogical conundrum.

    It was great to hear a discussion of a completely new topic. Also, I’ve seen Paul Milner and was really impressed by his talk.

    It was great. I learned so much.

    I’ve been aware of Genuki for years, but I haven’t used it. I’ll now start using it.

    Just what I needed to delve into this aspect of my ancestry. Thanks!

    learned a lot of good information

    Learned a lot! Thanks!

    Learned so much!!

    Liked the pace and step-by-step tour of the site. Thank you!

    Lots of info – just need the time!!!

    Lots of material to be digested. Now how to find my 1.3% English DNA. Not many in the family left to help out.

    lots of new places to look!

    lots of relevant information. Easy to understand.

    Lots to explore.

    Love the calm friendly way Paul presents the information. Perfect for beginners, but absolutely helpful for intermediates, or those with little knowledge of genealogy sources in England. I’ve already made lists of research to do using several of the links! Guess I don’t need to sleep tonight, eh?! 🙂

    Moves very fast – may want to break up into several sections for us older folks.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Mr. Milner presented a wonderful overview of the GENUKI Website, which I needed for my brick walls. Great review!

    New site to me. Researching my Welsh and English roots. Lots to study, explore and apply. Thank you.

    Now I have a source to research my Warwickshire ancestors, the Perkins/Pyrkns family.

    Now I have a way to research my Sculthorp family that came over from England in 1830 without joining another subscription group.

    Obviously he is very knowledgeable. He was easy to listen to.

    one of the best

    One of the best practical how tos I’ve seen

    One of the best presenters with good handouts and easy speaking style!

    One of the most interesting webinars I have listened to.



    outstanding – much to short 🙂

    Packed full of great info…will watch again and again. Thank you.

    Paul certainly knew his subject. Can’t wait visit the site. Certainly a 5+ out of 5 presentation

    Paul did a great job of explaining the GENUKI resource. I will definitely be exploring it, now that I know all the great info it provides!

    Paul is always complete and very interesting. He did not disappoint!

    Paul is an excellent presenter!

    Paul is great!

    Paul Milner is one of my favorite presenters. He did an amazing job walking us through Genuki and making it understandable and easy to use. His pointers about background info on the site was most helpful too as well as showing how names of towns can show up multiple ways. Many thanks!

    Paul Milner presented fascinating, educational, and fun material regarding GENUKI! He is an awesome speaker and well-versed in the topic area!

    Paul, Could listen to you for hours

    Phenomenal resource that I wasn’t aware of. Now to get to work!

    Presentation proved very informative. I especially liked Paul’s speaking pace and numerous examples. Thank you. I’m excited to begin searching.

    Site is very structured and organized. Paul was very clear and informative. We are members and will now go to view his previous Webinars. We don’t yet know where our British and Irish Ancestors came from, but we’re motivated to track them down. The site may help us with this.

    So excited to get started using the site!

    So glad I found this webinar, I had never heard oft his site. I am excited about bein able to now gather information on relatives prior to them coming to U,S,

    So much information about GENUKI. Paul Milner did a great job of showing us how to find what we are looking for and even more. I didn’t know some of the county names had been changed in 1973, so that will be a big help to my research. His slides were full of explanations about using GENUKI. I didn’t know some of the county names had been changed in 1973, so knowing that will be a big help to my research. I will definitely search GENUKI for my English ancestors. Well done, Mr. Milner!

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Speaker was clear, concise and very effective in his educational teaching. Fantastic webinar! I look forward to watching other Paul Milner webinars

    Super, super.

    Sure am glad I have a Library subscription so I can always have this webinar at my fingertips. Thanks for an Excellent webinar

    Thank you so much Paul for an amazing and very informational tour of GENUKI.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank You. This discussion of GENUKI has been extremely helpful and beneficial.

    Thank you. Nice job. My first webinar from this presenter, I will look for more of his work. I like his style.

    thanks for sharing your information.

    The best and most informative for me that I’ve ever attended. Can’t wait to try out the site for my research.

    The BEST!

    The description sections will help in the search. I went into the site before the webinar, but this made everything clearer. I look forward to getting in and going wild looking for my Stubley’s in West Riding, Kent!! Thank you!

    The presenter was clear and easy to follow. I was not expecting to learn anything new about GENUKI, but I was wrong. Now I have another search pathway in non-conformist parishes I was not aware of. Thank you for this.

    The presenter was prepared and knowledgeable. I wish the description of the webinar had made it a little more clear what would (and would not) be covered. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    there is a wealth of information about this site. There easily could be multiple webinars offered just to cover how to use the different sections and such especially for people that are not from England. It is a different sort of speech and how things are categorized. Looking forward to learning more.

    There was a lot of information. The handout is a great supplement. And the best part, honestly, was your explanation at the end on how to manage your watched webinars and watched recorded webinars and adding to a playlist. Perhaps a Tech Zone on the website if it isn’t already there! Thanks!

    This is a very instructive webinar and definitely will help further my United Kingdom ancestral research. I’ll will have re-watch it due to all of its content detail! ~ Thanks Paul & Geoff 🙂

    This is an excellent webinar Have not used GENUKI before but certainly will now For me it was a goldmine —- a real eye open er Thank You

    This is my first webinar which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to exploring the Genuki website.

    This is such a two fold webinar – Genuki and all it has, but so much basic genealogy research method to make us think how to look at the information we find. I never realized Genuki had so much info.

    This may have been the best webinar I’ve ever seen of any type, not just LegacyFamilyTree. The presenter did an amazing job explaining the material & making it understandable- also enjoyed the additional sidebars regarding maps, etc. that he threw in. Great job, great teacher!

    This opens all kinds of new material for all of Great Britain and Ireland! Very informational!

    This provided a new research tool that I didn’t know existed. Plan to use it for lost ancestors in the future.

    This was a very informative webinar and will be of great help in searching enlish ancestors. thank you

    This was actually a ’10’ webinar! He is so excellent. Would like to hear him do each county/shire each, please.

    This was excellent for me for locating a “lost” village! For that information alone, it was well worth my time. This is a new presenter for me — I will be checking his past webinars. Thank you.

    This was great! So much more free material than I ever knew about! Thanks so much.

    This was very helpful, can’t wait to start using the sight!

    This webinar by Paul Milner has got to be the BEST webinar I have ever attended. And I’ve been watching them since the beginning.

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    This website will help me research my ancestors in Scotland. Can wait to go use it

    thorough, easy to follow

    Todays should have a 10/5 button. EXCELLENT.

    Tons of information!! Very useful

    Tremendous presentation…can’t wait to look for my relatives!

    until today, i did not know what GENUKI was.

    Useful overview of GENUKI’s contents

    Very clear & organized! Not too fast to follow. 🙂

    Very clear presentation. Thanks.

    Very good

    very good

    Very good examples, now i will try with my towns, regions and etc. Great thank you

    Very good information on maps and counties

    Very good!

    Very good, especially for those new to researching in the UK & Ireland.

    Very good. Having had family Y-DNA matches with men from England, I’m ready to learn more about the area my colonial ancestors originated in.

    Very helpful in my research. Very informative.

    Very helpful to have details and directions. Thank you!

    Very helpful. GenUKI has always intimidated me a little. The only thing I would change is to spend a little less time on the detail of some of the English counties and sources, and maybe a brief stop at countries other than England. All of my family are in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

    Very informative – I’ll be going onto the Genuki website to do my researching!!

    Very informative ! I have a much clearer understanding of how to navigate Genuki. Thank you !

    Very informative and a helpful guide toward specific entries of which I was unawares. I appreciate the warnings about errors. Many thanks!

    very informative and presented in a clear manner

    Very informative indeed.

    Very informative webinar

    Very informative!

    Very informative! I have very early English ancestors (17th century), so I am now motivated to check out GENUKI!!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. A good overview of a highly complex and very comprehensive system.

    Very informative. Thanks for introducing use to Genuki.

    Very interesting

    very knowledgeable

    Very potential of helping break through brick walls!

    Very thorough and informative!

    very useful!!!

    Very well done. Logical, easy for a beginner like me. Will definitely check Paul Milner’s other webinars. He is a good speaker, and so knowledgeable! The amount of information on GenUKI is staggering. Thanks for doing webinars, they are so helpful.

    Very well presented. GENUKI will be helpful for my husband’s English branch

    well done

    Well organized presentation. Had not idea this was available. Presentation was not boring. Thanks for the Webinar.

    Well spoken and illustrated.

    well-organized; very knowlegable; clear and concise

    Wish it had more time to make a complete example of an actual search. So much information.

    Wish USA had this type of site.

    Wonderful topic. I have been doing genealogy for decades – mostly not in England but some there — and I had never heard of this site.

    Wonderful! The best one yet.

    Wow! That was amazing! Informative and fun! I had no idea there was so much available at GENUKI!

    WOW! That was one hell of a great intro (for me) to GUNUKI!

    Wow! Guess I’ll be exploring for the next few days or more! Thanks. Bev

    Wow, not sure I even knew this website existed but it will take a lot of time to just explore it, let alone look for anything on it. Paul did a great job.


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