MyHeritageDNA for Your Family Knot

Jennifer Dondero
Jan 28, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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9m 44s
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3 Match Pitfalls
8m 20s
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The Big Problem
3m 15s
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MyHeritageDNA Tools
9m 30s
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Chromosome Mapping
9m 30s
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11m 08s
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3 Steps for Knotted Trees
2m 41s
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Final Tip
2m 57s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

If you have a lot of ancestors that married within the same group — but you're not an endogamous population — you can still have issues using DNA for genealogy. MyHeritageDNA has some of the best in-house tools for dealing with this, but you have to recognize the situation first.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Author of The Occasional Genealogist blog and a professional genealogist for over 10 years. Professional genealogist since 2005, researching since 1989. Specializing in DNA and lineage society application projects. Former DAR Genealogist. Graduate
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A complex subject that will require several watchings.

    A fantastic webinar with lots of great tips and information to help further everyone’s Families DNA journey.

    A huge amount of very helpful information was covered. I definitely will have to re-watch this webinar to wrap my mind around many of the concepts and methodologies presented. Thank you Jennifer & Marian! 🙂

    A lot of good and interesting information. May I suggest that this be an intermediate level or higher. Also, it could be a longer presentation or divided into two parts.

    A lot of information, I have to watch it again. Thank you

    A lot to take in — the old drinking from a fire hose, but I’m anxious to try out the tools and principles discussed today. Thank you.

    A must re-watch webinar a lot of information, fast paced.

    Advanced level for sure.

    Alot of great information. Thank you.

    Amazing amount of information; the pace could have been a bit slower.

    Awesome, just over my head.

    Challenging topic was dealt with in bite-sized portions — and some great tips on using various online programs.

    Complicated info without good, salient examples. Maybe break into two parts to slow down and add examples.

    Definitely not a beginner’s one, but great to take your DNA research further. A lot of great tools and hints.

    DNA is always hard to understand. Each time I attend a webinar on the subject, I learn something new. Today I learned so much. Thank you for the clarification and information.

    Even tho this was listed as intermediate webinar should have been as ADVANCED with heavy emphasis on knowing quite a bit about DNA. I have watched webinar about DNA Painter, done a little with auto-cluster but still over my head on a few things. Maybe if I had lots of knots in my tree it would be different emphasis. Hope this will be well received. I know it will be watched over and over many times by me.


    Excellent information, well presented.

    Excellent information.

    Excellent presentation and so thorough that I will need to view a few more times!

    Excellent presentation! Thank you! : )

    Excellent presentation…will require reviewing probably more than once as there was so much great information to absorb.

    Excellent syllabus and good presentation organization. However – way too fast, not enough examples to illustrate the very technical points she made. DNA Painter needs to be introduced much more basically. Fewer topics with examples and more slowly presented would be phenomenal.



    Excellent! I still have a lot to learn.

    Excellent! Lots of new information about DNA.

    Excellent! VERY interesting. Thank you Jennifer.

    Excellent!! – exactly what I needed for a project I’m working on.

    Excellent!! Unfortunately I’m still confused, so I’ll have to watch this again. My fault not the webinar. Thanks again for another webinar!!

    Excellent, clear, very useful

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good information about confusing issues. Thank you.

    Good Information.

    Good presenter of DNA information.

    Great information and presentation

    great seminar.

    Great webinar but a very complex topic (over my head). However it was extremely well presented.

    great webinar going to have to listen to it again 🙂

    I have a lot of work to do and I am glad we have people out there that is able to interpret all the information being thrown at us.

    I thank her for giving the web address for the blog.

    I was not ready for this much in depth information. I will watch this webinar after I have more information and thus be able to better understand and gain from this webinar.

    Information was very helpful.

    Interesting and helpful webinar.

    Interesting information, but she went thru it a bit too fast. A little slower delivery might have helped to absorb the material. I was not familiar with this family knot term/concept, so found it overall quite interesting.

    It was over my head but I enjoyed it and hopefully I can use the information when I get to working with my DNA

    It was pretty advanced but gave me a lot of leads and things to do in the future

    It was superb. I put 4 instead of 5 only because my knowledge/understanding is somewhat limited!

    Great syllabus.

    Jennifer covered a lot of information & it has left me with a lot of information to think about & digest.

    Jennifer Dondero is an amazing speaker with so much information to share but this certainly was NOT a beginner level webinar!

    Just starting out learning about DNA. I watched to pick up as much as I could. The graphics helped. Thank you very much.

    Knowledgeable presenter

    Lots of advanced knowledge of using My Heritage DNA. But at least I know what a Family Knot is and DNA Painter is! And that My Heritage has tools for subscribers. This will take study! Didn’t think of such situations, but now I’m at least aware of those problems.

    Lots of great information. I am just at the beginning so will grow into using this information.

    lots of info

    Lots of info! Will need to go back to listen to it again.

    LOts of new information for me, will take a while to digest this

    Lots to learn!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    New information about triangulation was provided for me.

    Nice !

    now to go over my dna matches

    Outstanding presentation but as one who is very early in DNA study, it was a bit like drinking from the proverbial firehose.

    Presenter is extremely knowledgeable, but the pace was too fast and the content way beyond a beginner level.

    Really need to watch again. It was above my knowledge level, but did learn a lot and that is always the goal!

    She very accurately described some of the issues that I have been having when looking at my shared matches from Bertie County, NC, but I got a lost when we got into autocluswering and dna painting.

    Simply the best Legacy Webminar I’ve attended, many thanks to Jennifer.

    So much info!

    So much information was covered in this webinar on DNA but I really appreciated the presenter emphasizing the need for focus when you explore your DNA.

    Some of it was a little over my head but I am definitely going to try the AutoCluster DNA painting.

    SOOO much information but well worth the time spent to learn. THANK YOU!!!

    Still too new to DNA to get much out of this I think it will mean more to me after I work with DNA for a while. I will rewatch it then. Glad I have a membership

    Thank you!

    Thanks for this webinar!!! I do have a degree of pedigree collapse. The processes you shared here will be a big help.

    The seminar was interesting and full of information.

    There was so much information in the webinar that I hadn’t thought about, and it was put together well. Jennifer Dondero certainly knows what she is doing. It was a little hard to keep up with the DNA examples, so I will watch it again and add to my notes. Thank you for the download. That’s always helpful!

    This is rather complex information and I wasn’t actually aware of some of the tools available on MyHeritage, nor was I aware of the DNA Painter program. Since this isn’t a webinar which speaks to the use of the programs (brief intro) some experimentation is needed on my part to better understand the webinar itself.

    This webinar was information packed! And I was pleasantly surprised that the topic 100% spoke to the situation I am having with my DNA research – now I understand why I am seeing what I am seeing with my shared matches!!! Excellent presentation.

    This webinar was very well done, so well organized. Some of it was way over my head but it gives me some new goals!

    Very fast paced but lots of great info and techniques as well as guidance.

    Very good

    Very good presenter. One slide showing example of auto clusters would have been good. Overall very informative.

    Very good talk on this special segment of research.

    Very informative

    very informative, will have to look at again

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and definitely worth a second listen.

    Very interesting and extremely informative

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting, but very complex – especially for a novice at DNA.

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Will take another viewing of the webinar to fully understand it.

    Very thorough and informative.

    Very, very informative

    The handout is EXCELLENT and I really appreciate it. Thanks!

    Well done with an abundant of clearly delivered information with examples. This is one that I will be reviewing a number of times. I have registered for your blog and am impressed with your materials/discussion.

    Will watch again.

    Wow! So much helpful information. I have been trying to sort out knots in my family research and have not really known where to start. Thank you! I will listen to this several times to take in all the information.