Cherokee, Choctaw & Chickasaw Freedmen Records and Family Stories

Angela Walton-Raji
Nov 30, 2022
Free through December 7, 2022
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1m 50s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 03s
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2m 27s
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Tribal Removal
5m 48s
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9m 11s
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Civil War and Freedom
3m 05s
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Reconstruction to Statehood
5m 23s
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Critical Records
11m 17s
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Land Records
12m 43s
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More Records
3m 27s
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Finding Stories
12m 19s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 29s
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Questions / answers
12m 15s

About this webinar

This workshop will examine three of the Five Tribes from eastern Oklahoma. These tribes were among the five slave-holding tribes, that removed to Indian Territory. Today there are numerous records from Indian Removal to Oklahoma Statehood that can be explored to find and to tell their stories. This session will examine three tribes in detail, and look at the unique records that pertain to each of them.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Angela Walton-Raji is known nationally for her genealogical and historical research and work with Oklahoma Native-American records.  Her book, “Black Indian Genealogy Research” was the first book of its kind focusing on the unique record set refle
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  1. JM
    Jean Matthews
    7 days ago

    Very informative

  2. TB
    Terry Bowen
    7 days ago

    Paced just right, moving along and covering very much. Enjoyable presenter with focused slides. Love the ideas of expanding searches and history gathering of places and other people.

  3. JW
    Jeanie Watts
    7 days ago

    This webinar and the presenter were amazing! So informative and filled with many resources!!

  4. PE
    Patricia Ellis
    7 days ago

    I was really impressed with todays speaker she spoke clearly and I felt as if I had known her already. Wow! what a great Webinar!!!

  5. KR
    Kathy Rieberger
    7 days ago

    WOW !! Thanks so very much for this fabulous informative webinar. Although I have very little research to do in USA, I always learn something every time I listen to your webinars. This time it is learning about looking into the history of the place my relatives lived. Also about the “Autovalue” site, and on & on.

  6. DB
    Desiree Booker
    7 days ago

    So much information and so many resources. Thanks!

  7. CC
    Cindy Cruz
    7 days ago

    Angela presented an excellent overview of the records available for the Three Civilized Tribes of Freedmen covered in the webinar. She is a walking encyclopedia of Native American Freedmen knowledge!

  8. HA
    Herbert Adelsberg
    7 days ago

    The program was a Truly amazing program with a ton of facts and details.. Where was story’s like this back when I was going to school, telling about history


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