Roberta Estes

Roberta Estes, MS, a professional scientist and business owner has been an obsessed genealogist since 1978. In 2000, when the infant scientific field of DNA for genealogy emerged, Roberta was one of the early DNA surname administrators and pioneer adopters of DNA analysis for genealogy. In 2005, she established DNAeXplain to provide personal DNA results analysis and to individuals seeking assistance with their results. In 2012, Roberta launched a blog, which offers more than 1500 free articles helping people understand their DNA results and how to use them effectively. She provides consulting and analysis to major news publications organizations including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the History Channel and others. She speaks internationally, produces webinars and continues to engage with scientific research. A National Geographic Society Genographic Project affiliate researcher, Roberta continues leading-edge research as the founder of the Million Mito Project and with the publication of her book, DNA for Native American Genealogy.

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