Native American Research: Things You May Not Know

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA
Nov 19, 2019
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About BCG
4m 13s
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Presenter's Introduction
1m 28s
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Census Records
17m 47s
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National Archives
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Superintendencies etc.
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Allotment Records
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Competency Records
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Probate Records
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Vital Records
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School Records
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Beyond the BIA
13m 16s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

November is Native American Heritage Month and what better time to delve into Native American research. Learn about records, libraries, archives, websites, and databases and analyzing what you find. Be prepared for some surprises on where you might find more about this amazing heritage.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paula considers herself fortunate to be an internationally recognized genealogical educator, researcher and consultant focusing on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, and analyzing records. She also specializes in Native American research
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A lot of fabulous, informative information that will aid me on my journey!

    Absolutely fascinating!

    Awesome. Had to leave for last 15 minutes due to snow storm here.. but kudos to the instructor for an informative seminar!

    Best Webinar I have attended! Organized and wealth of information. I truly enjoyed the presentation.

    Excellent information!

    Excellent research thoughts and resources

    Excellent speaker. The subject was very interesting. I enjoyed the education.

    Excellent very informative

    Excellent webinar, very informative and helpful in my research.

    Excellent! She presented an amazing amount of great information!

    Excellent! Will watch it again!

    Excellent, fresh, in-depth content

    Excellent…so much information to digest

    Fantastic presentation

    Fantastic presenter and great, in-depth presentation and handout!

    Fantastic webinar which will aid my researches on various members of my father in laws family who were involved helping Indian Families through their early work with the trek across the US to Salt Lake City to help set up the early Mormon Church.

    Full of info!!!

    good webinar

    Great – so much I didn’t know about! My NA research has been solved by DNA and a paper trail pre 1700, so this was all new and helpful!

    Great info –

    Great information both in the webinar and the syllabus.

    Great pep talk!

    Great talk about a subject that was completely out of my experience. I always love to learn about new record sets!

    I always enjoy Paula’s sessions.

    I can’t finish today but I’m super excited to finish up in a couple days

    I found her resources and hints very helpfull.

    I have no known American Indian background. Our DAR/DNA group decided, together, that we would all watch from home and compare at our next meeting. I am 75 years old and this was my “first ever” webinar trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it, realizing that many of tonight’s hints can be applied to all aspects of our genealogical research, no matter what our backgrounds are. Thank you so much for sharing so much!!!

    I hope to eventually find evidence of individuals in my tree who were Native American. I don’t know who they were, but was told by my grandmother of Native American ancestors. My dad said that he was 1/8 American Indian, each of his parents were 1/8.

    I love the thoroughness of the presenter, Paula Stuart-Warren. I am excited to try these techniques/strategies in my next research session!

    I thought it was very thorough. I look forward to reading the handout.

    I was pleased to learn some new information. I’m working in specializing in SE tribes and people. I would love to have Mrs. Warren as a mentor.


    It was very broad but I found a few ideas for sources to look for to find more about my family.

    It was very informative. I truly appreciate how well the documents and the reliability of each document was explained.

    Learned about the archives in Fort Worth, TX. i will be planning a road trip very soon.

    Lots of good information, thank you!

    Lots of information.

    Loved the organization of the presentation and appreciate Paula’ obvious expertise in this area

    OMG! This was great. I finally found a solid lead for one NA ancestor, who was then absorbed into the white world- I think I know now how to go about prising out the origins. There are others, going back to first white settlement. Paula gave great possible resources to poke at to see what jumps out. Things I never thought about. Thanks!

    Outstanding program tonight, I have attended many and this one was one of the best presented programs to date, full of information.

    Outstanding webinar!

    Outstanding. Could listen to her for hours.

    Paula knows her subject and presented the information well!

    She is so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic! Wonderful to listen to!

    So MUCH information …


    That was a lot of information but was easy to follow along – and thank goodness for the handout. She had a very nice presentation voice and did not droll on. It was very engaging.

    The speaker provided a very interesting topic and a great presentation. Thank you!

    There is a lot of info here !

    This was fantastic. So well presented.

    This webinar was very informative!

    Very good info. Thanks

    Very good information and reviewed resources that I did not know about

    Very good lots of information

    Very informative – I learned a lot!

    Very informative!

    Very informative! This presentation provides great direction for my Native American research.

    Well organized, easy to follow, excellent handout

    wonderful information–thankyou!

    Wonderful webinar!



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