Blogs: Easy-to-Make Web Pages

Carrie Keele
Mar 8, 2013
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1m 55s
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2m 21s
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Speakers' Introduction
1m 34s
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2m 11s
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What's A Blog?
5m 46s
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Live Demo
11m 42s
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7m 49s
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Post or Page
8m 32s
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More Blogger
6m 39s
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13m 45s
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Blog to Book
2m 12s
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Announcements / prizes
9m 19s
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Questions / answers
14m 38s

About this webinar

Honor ancestors by creating blog posts – a place on the web that anyone can find using simple search engine techniques. Learn how to cut costs of printing & snail-mailing your family newsletter, and find out how to reach beyond your current membership circle. Carrie demos setting up a blog in three easy steps. Myrt analyzes a printed newsletter and demos how to turn it into a blog. Includes info on setting up a Google Calendar that several members can update, and how to convert your blog into a genealogy book.

About the speakers

About the speakers

Carrie Keele is the author of the popular Not Your Mother’s Genealogy Blog. Despite being DearMYRTLE’s daughter, Carrie swore she would never do genealogy. However, she found her fir
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DearMYRTLE is the nom de plume of Pat Richley-Erickson, author of the award-winning DearMYRTLE Genealogy Blog, consistently among the top 5 family history blogs internationally, where the focus is beginning genealogy topics. DearMYRTLE hosts
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