Angel Island’s Immigrants from 80 Countries: Stories from the West Coast Counterpart to Ellis Island

Grant Din
Jun 23, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Immigration Station
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Resources and Stories
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

While people who have heard about Angel Island might know about the Chinese poetry carved on its walls, what is less known is that over half a million immigrants from eighty countries were processed by officials on the island, and genealogical resources are still available to researchers. There were generally more barriers to Angel Island immigrants than on Ellis Island, and case files document these challenges faced by immigrants. Learn from examples of Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Russian, and South Asian immigrants, as well as the island’s use to house “enemy aliens” from Hawaii and the West Coast during World War II, and find out about the National Archives and other resources that might be available for your own research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Grant Din has conducted genealogical research for over thirty years and currently serves on the board of the California Genealogical Society. He served on the staff of the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation for eight years and currently v
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    a great learning experience. I was unaware of the immigration problems at Angel island.

    Angel Island is a new one for me. I just could not believe the questions they asked the children. It blew my mind. This was an eye opener webinar. Thank you

    Does not apply to my family, but so important to learn about other’s stories of struggle and triumph over adversity


    Excellent presentation on a subject I knew nothing about…

    Excellent presentation! Lots of information I did not know! Thanks!

    Excellent webinar on topic that was interesting and previously unknown to me. Well prepared with multimedia. At times it was too fast for me to follow, but there was a lot of material and a great syllabus

    Eye-opening webinar!


    Fascinating – loved the stories that Grant told. Now I really want to visit Angel Island! Thanks for great webinar.

    Fascinating information that I’ve never heard about before!

    Fascinating! It had so much information about a rarely talked about topic. Loved it! My husband’s family likely came through Seattle, but I learned so much about the social context of the time period.

    Focused, educational

    Grant did a great presentation discussing the stories of the people who immigrated through Angel Island. He gave helpful information on how to find records of family members.

    Great session. I learned a lot from todays presentation. Thanks for the time it took to prepare something this interesting.

    Great to be able to learn something new!

    I had never heard of Angel Island and didn’t know any of the associated history. Thank you for enlightening me.

    I learned a lot about immigration that I didn’t know.

    I missed about half which I’m really sorry. I don’t think I had any ancestors coming thru Angel Island but this was really interesting so I will watch the recording when available. Thank you Grant.

    Interesting info

    Interesting! Had no knowledge of Angel Island prior to today. Thank you for this webinar!

    Learned a lot! More like this that focus on different populations.

    New to me, did not know anything about Angel Island, thanks for the information. Great presentation.

    Thank you for the info.

    Thank you so much for these presentations! I am working on my own family’s genealogy/history and your content is important. I had grandparents who came through Angel Island from China; we have some of the documentation from the National Archives which I am studying.

    Tremendous webinar, packed with information!

    Very informative and interesting. It will definitely come in handy for me searching for my ancestors.

    Very interesting topic as I never heard of it.

    Very Interesting

    Very interesting!

    Well prepared and presented.

    wow! Wow-Wow!


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