Top tips for reviewing Smart Matches™ and Record Matches

Daniel Horowitz
Jun 22, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Instant Discoveries
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Smart Matches
27m 14s
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Record Matches
9m 18s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Unsure of how best to approach all those pending matches? There are plenty of tips to help you get started. In this session, Daniel Horowitz will explore the best strategies for reviewing Smart Matches™ and Record Matches on MyHeritage. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    After an hour of presenting great tips and usage techniques for MyHeritage, Daniel heroically stepped in after a power outage to continue answering questions from the Chat until the end of the webinar. What a great guy!

    Always enjoy Daniel’s webinar’s. Very informative. Unfortunate that technical difficulties occurred. Nobody’s fault though.
    amazing technology!

    as always so much great information 🙂

    As usual, the presentation was very informative. And Daniel handled the technical difficulties with aplomb.

    Because i haven’t use it very much I thought the webinar was good.

    Being new to Legacy Family Tree and MyHeritage, I honestly was overwhelmed by the information. However, I plan to locate the “”beginner’s”” level of beginning webinars offered so I can start out better prepared for more advanced webinars. Thank you for the information you shared today. I look forward to finding out more and more so I can better access the huge database of information your company has acquired. I enjoyed today even though I was overwhelmed.

    Daniel always gives a great presentation, and this time, he handled the technology glitch so well!

    Daniel always gives great info. He should get 10 stars for the way he continued during the technical difficulties at the end of the webinar.

    Daniel did a brilliant job in being flexible enough to overcome the technical difficulties ‘on the fly’. Well done Daniel!

    Daniel did a good job as usual, a fine resource for we amateurs. I learned a few things today which is……. great.

    Daniel did a great job with his presentation and a heroic job answering questions hoping to get Miriam back online!

    Daniel Horowitz is always a superb presenter.

    Daniel Horowitz is awesome! He is so thorough with his slides, and he knows more about genealogy than I will ever know if I live to be 100. Thank you!

    Daniel is a good presenter at all times, but outdid himself today by carrying on when Marian had a power outage. Bravo, Daniel!

    Daniel is always a pleasure to listen to. He really put together a great set of slides to show each part of the screen as he was talking about it.

    Daniel is always entertaining as well as informative

    Daniel is excellent – clear, well-paced, friendly and he admirably took over when the host’s electricity went out (a storm hit).

    Daniel is so knowledgeable! Thank you for a wonderful webinar! No worries on the technical issues it was still great. I am always eager to learn from him.

    Daniel is the Best!

    Daniel was very clear and the presentation was terrific overview of the most helpful tools at My Heritage. THANK YOU.

    Daniel, thank you for taking your time to explain in detail these facets of the website. Your slides, rather than a full live demo, were very helpful. Thanks again!

    David is always so thorough and I learn so much new information.

    detailed and fantastic. thank you

    Enjoyed the session that had so much info my mind was whirling, and difficult to listen and take notes. Speaker was very clear. Can this session be accessed at a later date for review?


    Excellent refresher

    Excellent tips well presented. Also–Thanks for leaping onto the breach when Marian lost power (I think you said), even to supplying Geoff’s usual closing: “Life is short, do genealogy first,” A charming finale to the impromptu conclusion.

    Excellent update and demo.

    Excellent webinar Daniel! Sorry to have lost Marian part way through.

    Excellent! Informative and well presented


    found out a great deal of what I have been missing by not checking all the different boxes available. GREAT webinar. Thanks so very much!! Looking forward to the next webinar!!

    Good information on how to use MyHeritage features of Smart Matches & Record Matches!

    Good information thank you

    Good instructions! Well presented!

    Good recovery from the technical difficulty.

    Good review of the different matching technologies at MH.

    Good save Daniel. Hope they caught the whole webinar so we can see the whole thing later. Thanks

    Great info.

    great information and insights

    Great information from Daniel and so easy to understand his instruction. Technical difficulties were the only things that impeded the webinar. Thank you team working together to try and make it work anyway.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great job Daniel, including covering. Good information and lots to work on. Very clear and concise, as usual. Thanks again.

    Great overview of the different types of matches and how to evaluate them

    Great presentation! The technical difficulties didn’t distract.

    great presenter

    great talk

    Great, until the power loss…I don’t use most of the MyHeritage features, but it’s nice to know about them.

    He always provides great information.


    hope marian’s electricity returns easily!

    I already know how to use the things he’s talking about.

    I am relatively new to My Heritage. This was very informative. THANK YOU for another fantastic webinar.

    I enjoy Daniel’s webinars. Always learn a new trick or two!

    I enjoyed Daniel’s presentation. However, I would have liked to have a handout.

    I had to leave because of a phone call. Will watch at a later time.

    I have been using Smart Matches Record matches for quite a while bur didn’t know man of the tips you gave us today. THANK YOU!

    I learned more than I had hoped to. Thanks.

    I loved it, but it showed me that there is so many things I didn’t know how to use it. Thank you, evry thing was very clear and understandable. I am ready for th enext webinar.

    I thought he was very well informed and was able to present the subject matter clearly. Thank you!

    I thought I knew all about My Heritage, but I learn something new and valuable every time I tune in.

    I thought this webinar would be too basic, but it was packed with information. Thank you!

    I was able to ask a question and receive an answer from the speaker.

    I’m new to My Heritage and I love it. I learned a lot today and can’t wait to check out what I learned. I’m sure I will have to watch it again.

    Interesting but I don’t use My Heritage to that extent

    It was good, I think the best thing to do is trial and error, there are always new things on My Heritage, but I appreciate your desire to be helpful and open about what changes there are and what corners we can cut and what new improvements will save us time and make our search quicker and easier. Thank you for that.

    It was great to learn about how to use some of the features of the Legacy Family Tree sight.

    It was very interesting and informative. I’m sorry that there was a technical problem Still, I learned a lot, as I usually do with Daniel’s presentations.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Learned how to use the tools for Smart Matches much better and discovered others that I did not know existed.

    Learned new things as usual with his webinars.

    Learned some new things. Good resce job. I did pick up new information about using the various matching. Good rescue job Daniel!

    Learned something new! Thanks, Daniel!

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of good tips for smart & record matches Thanks

    Lots of great information and handled technical challenges patiently and professionally. thank you for persisting.

    Lots of great information!

    Mr. Horowitz is excellent. I always learn a wealth of information from him. Thank you

    My highest compliments for your new technique of “flashing” and putting colored boxes to show where the various links and buttons are as you explain about their uses. This is very helpful and something I complained about with previous webinars, not necessarily those that you’ve conducted. THANK YOU!

    Nothing unfamiliar but a nice review of what I already knew.

    One of the best overviews I’ve seen about MyHeritage’s features.

    So much good info. It will bae easier to get things done now. Thank you.

    Thank you for answering the question I submitted. First time! 🙂

    Thank you Mr. Horowitz. I learned much and will review the video several more time for further study.

    Thank you so much for helping me understand this site better. I have a membership but don’t utilize enough because I’m overwhelmed by the options!! I will DEFINITELY be listening to this webinar several more times.

    Thank you! As always, Daniel provides so much helpful information and I need all the help I can get using all my genealogy programs & sites. : )

    The presentation was great!!!!

    This was very informative. Daniel was very thorough and as always the hands on demo is great.

    Very educational, Daniel is my favorite speaker.

    Very good

    Very good how to use the website more effectively. Thanks

    Very good overview of the topic. I appreciate the explanations of icons and tricks of the trade shared.

    Very informative – and – realize there is still so much to learn. Great session.

    very interesting and clear.At times a little too fast since I am a beginner, thus 4/5…but I will run the video again .Thank you so much

    Very interesting and informative. Anxious to get started on my matches!

    Very knowledgeable and user-friendly! Thanks!

    Webinar was good. Enjoyed it and good to follow in Brussels

    Webinar was wonderful. I’m glad we were able to watch all of it.

    Wonderful direction since the matches are so constant.

    wonderful new info

    WOW. Heritage is doing fantastic work. Will rewatch it to review all these wonderful changes. Thanks.


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