20th Century Immigrants to the West Coast

Linda Harms Okazaki
Mar 24, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
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Immigration Action of 1917
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Alien Registration Act
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

20th-century immigrants to the west arrived by ship through Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii, and overland through Canada and Mexico. Vast numbers of these immigrants were Asian. This lecture will examine the ports of entry, the records generated, and the laws which impacted those immigrants.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Linda Harms Okazaki is a fourth-generation Californian, active in the genealogy and Japanese American communities in California and beyond. She is passionate about teaching people of all ages to research, document, and share their personal family
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A lot of information and very interesting. Thank you! : )

    A lot of very good information. And I was excited to hear my name for a door prize! This all made my day. Thanks!

    All new information to me, thank you

    Another great webinar with a great speaker. I learned a lot from this one! Linda Harms Okazaki gave us a lot of information to help find our ancestors coming into the US from the west coast. Thank you.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information new to me and a must watch again webinar…

    different subject

    Doesn’t apply to me but an interesting history of immigration

    Enjoyed presentation very much and I’m pleased to learn of methods of entry into the West Coast of US.

    Enjoyed the presentation.

    excellent info

    excellent lots of great info. Bring her back please

    Excellent presentation – context and content. Also well chosen illustrations. And loved that she ‘changed the map’.

    Excellent presentation and handout which covered the subject in a nutshell!

    Excellent presentation and handout. So much new information for me.

    Excellent presentation and presenter! I learned so much!

    Excellent presentation which I will watch again with the recording on L.F.T. webinars!

    Excellent presentation! So much information that previously I had no clue about.

    Excellent. Many new resources for me to explore. Trying to piece together my island family history….no written records…. but connected to Japan.

    Excelllent info I didn’t know…. good syllabus and presentation slides! Thank you.


    Great information!

    Great information.

    Great information. She points out the need to understand the history and laws in place at different times. It helps tp know why things happened and where to go look for information. I wish I had paid attention in history class. Thanks again.

    Great law info. Thank you.

    Great presentation and handout

    Great presentation. Lots of new information for me.

    Great speaker

    Great webinar and incredible handout!! Thanks.

    Great webinar of West Coast immigrants, and the different laws that affected immigration.



  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    lot of new information and that one needs to understand the laws of immigration. Thanks

    I learnt a lot

    I learnt a lot about immigration Thank-you

    I usually find at least some value in listening to speakers who aren’t addressing my areas of research. She spoke about Asians coming in through the West Coast, and yet gave me some ideas to follow about the experience of my Europeans who came in through Baltimore, as well as my Mexican in-laws in Kansas in the 1940s. Additionally, it’s useful to see that American hasn’t been the welcoming beacon it pretends to be for most of its history. Very interesting and well presented. Thank you.




    Interesting, but not relevant to my research.

    Interesting, great presentation

    It was excellent. I learned many things I didn’t know. It will definitely help me with my genealogical research. Thank you

    Learned so much from this webinar. Thanks!

    Linda is a great speaker. She shared an amazing amount of history in a clear delivery style. I hope you bring her back for more presentations in the future.

    Lots of good details.

    Lots of information I previously knew nothing about! Great!

    Much needed topic on western U.S. genealogy and Asian American genealogy!

    My people have been in the US since the 1600s, so immigration/naturalization laws have not been applicable to my research; however, I wanted to watch this to enhance my knowledge. I think Linda did a wonderful job of covering so much information in one hour. Those needing to know this will have a wealth of information to work with.

    Not what I expected -BUT– what I sure did not know!!! Very interesting and very very helpful to those with Chinese or Asian ancestors!!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge! 😉


    So helpful with my phillipine family

    Thanks again for allowing me to listen to these webinars.

    This was a fantastic webinar, and the syllabus is great too! The speaker is a wonderful educator. Thank you so much!

    Very good info. Very well organized and clearly presented.

    Thank you!

    very informative

    very informative, well presented. I learned a lot about the immigrant experience on the west coast. Thanks!

    very interesting – even though much of the information does not apply to my family, it provided great insight to what many immigrants were subjected to

    Very Interesting and informative.

    Very knowledgeable speaker. Learned alot!!

    Very knowledgeable

    Very very informative! Thank You!

    Very well done!

    We need more of these important topics focusing on diverse communities.

    Well informed


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