You Need a Search Strategy: Maximizing Your Results with Online Genealogical Databases

Mike Mansfield
Jun 19, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 27s
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4m 20s
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Indexing and Keying Challenges
8m 05s
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Original Document Problems
7m 53s
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Database Gotchas
6m 21s
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Search Engine Limitations
4m 33s
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43m 21s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 20s
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Questions / answers
3m 10s

About this webinar

In the past 20 years, online search systems, databases, and image collections have revolutionized family history and genealogical research making our work faster, easier, and more convenient. However, these databases are not without limitations and quirks. This webinar will discuss some limitations we face and present strategies for more effective searches across a spectrum of websites and online services.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mike Mansfield works for as the Director of Content Operations. Previously Mike has worked for and FamilySearch and has been active in the genealogy and family history domain for the last 20 years. Mike has presented at
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A lot of material but vital to for maximizing search results in genealogical databases.

    Always good to learn about My Heritage information

    another great webinar

    As always, a wonderful presentation. I’m still hoping I have the time to actually put all I’m learning into action. Maybe I need to start doing rather that learning.

    Awesome material. I could listen to Mike talk about genealogy all day. He is very clear as he discusses information with his audience. THANK YOU, MIKE!


    clear explanations and examples, very thorough

    Clear, concise presentation

    Clear, concise, complete



    excellent !!!

    Excellent explanation of proper search techniques. The BEST!!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent thanks!

    Excellent webinar with lots of very useful information and ideas to further my researches, Brilliant.

    Excellent webinar! Excellent presenter!


    Excellent. Thank you.

    Extremely helpful. Hope Mike agrees to do a webinar on woman’s names. Thanks

    Fabulous. Mike is wonderful!

    For me, I felt like I’ve been through the experiences of index issues, paleography issues not too much new news….but helps to confirm I’m ‘on track’! thank you!

    Gave me really good search tips which I’ll use immediately. Thank you.

    Good hints on filtering searches.

    Good overview of search strategies

    Good research pointers!

    Good tips about searching

    Great beginner material.

    Great details shared; this will improve my searches. Thanks so much!

    Great information on how to broaden one’s search. Always helpful to learn of different avenues of research that we don’t always think of.

    Great information!

    Great information.

    Great presentation with good helpful tips. Thank you! 🙂

    Great tips and techniques. I found the statistics about census records very interesting. Thank you.

    Great tips for finding elusive genealogical information.

    Great webinar! We need to know information like this to be successful in our research.

    Great webinar, please do follow up on Women’s married Names and maybe even a webinar about record content on my Heritage

    Great webinar. Thanks!

    Great! Will be very helpful in searches. Thanks 🙂

    Had to cut out early due to an appointment. The part I heard was great & very helpful, & I’ll definitely go back & listen to the whole thing when it’s posted. Thanks to Mike & Geoff!

    He covered a lot of territory in a succinct manner, not wasted on idle chit-chat. Everything presented was pertinent to the topic and very informative. Thanks big time!

    Hope a replay is available; great info, but needs a few more replays to remember some of it. Thanks very much for this very well-organized and presented webinar.

    I always look forward to learning more tricks & tips to help with my family tree research. Thank you…

    I look forward to his next webinar.

    I wish there was more time to write down everything he was saying. I hope there is a copy of the webinar that I can review. But the content was very good.

    I’m new to My Heritage and am now psyched to use the databases

    It was interesting to see how knowing about the collections can help with better searching. Thank you.

    It was very informative and since I won one of the free MyHeritage subscriptions I am very happy!

    Learned new ways to access information. Interesting section on the people who actually interpret and index the old documents. Thanks!

    Lots of good information and suggestions for researching.


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