New Tools and Ideas in Research

D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS
Jan 22, 2020
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Time Management
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Research Journal
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Web 2.0's Archives
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Online Trees
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Other Ideas
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About this webinar

The field of genealogy is constantly changing and evolving.  Each day new techniques, resources, and tools are developed to assist in the quest for one’s ancestors. Learn technological developments (including gadgets and gizmos), newly discovered resources for genealogical research and more.

About the speaker

About the speaker

For more than 20 years Joshua has been discovering – and sharing – the incredible connections that can be made through genealogy and family history. As host of the popular series Genealogy Roadshow (PBS) he crisscrosses the United Stat
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  1. AD
    Arlene Dukanauskas
    2 years ago

    Wonderful webinar. Josh is the greatest. I truly value all his genealogy talks.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    He’s a very fluid and authoritative speaker, providing a lot of information in a relatively short period of time, and explaining himself easily and very understandably. I do think he’s a lovely edition to the gallery of speakers and hope he makes more contributions in the future. Even though implementing some of his suggestions requires a level of organizing that seems insurmountable, he’s done an admirable job of making it feel doable. One step at a time.

    He’s such a great speaker….full of good ideas plus enthusiasm. What a treat!!

    Hope you have Josh back again. He had some great hints.

    how about a 10???? Wonderful webinar and speaker!!

    I always enjoy hearing from Joshua Taylore and learn new things form him.

    I always learn something from Josh Taylor and take every opportunity to hear him.

    I appreciated alternative ideas for tracking my genealogy research and the emphasis on writing/recording/sharing results.

    I did learn a few new things today.

    I found it very informative with lots of practical advice. Thank you.

    I found today’s webinar very informative, clear, and well delivered. I will put the information to good use and believe this webinar has helped me improve my genealogy skills. The webinar was geographically neutral (mostly), much appreciated.

    I got here late, but enjoyed what I did hear. I will be listening to the recording as soon as it is up. Thank you Josh!

    I hope Josh does another webinar soon!

    I learned a lot about time management and better use of my time as a researcher. Setting shorter goals and creating a plan really struck home. I’ve scoffed at
    creating a research journal in the past, but now understand it’s value going forward. I am concerned about leaving my research to my Son in a manageable and enjoyable collection. Thank you so much Josh for this wonderful Webinar.

    I love Dr. Joshua Taylor on The Genealogy Roadshow and have been a steadfast viewer since I first discovered the program! Looking forward to the next season! Many thanks!

    I love learning new approaches to research!

    I love organization so this was right up my alley. Also, it was great to revisit some of the resources I haven’t thought of in awhile, such as You Tube.

    I loved all the ideas for research! A terrific point about time management as I look at all of my research piles!

    I really needed this one.

    I state unequivocally this is the BEST presenter and BEST webinar to date. This man knows his ‘stuff’ and knows how to present his expertise/materials/thoughts so respectfully and thoroughly!!! Such a credit to the fields of genealogy — and education in general. Any educator in any field should use Mr. Taylor as a model. Even though, as a webinar member, I know I can re-visit this presentation at any time, I do wish, however, some of this slides had been included in the syllabus. Thank you.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lots of good ideas; some very new to me.

    A 10 is were I would rate this webinar. Clear information that any genealogist can no matter where you lived or where you ancestors live. Need more webinar by Jousha

    A fantastic webinar as Josh never disappoints with his presentations.

    A few terms with which I was not familiar not explained — web 2.0, Yippy search engine.

    A great overview for all listeners and review for some others.

    A great way to start off 2020. Inspires me to continue what I started last fall, going over each family’s binder(s) to make sure I’ve entered all data and analysed it. Just by doing so, as I listened to Josh, I realized that I had an unread census record sitting on my computer – printed it and read it – went to familysearch and found the man’s marriage to 2nd wife and his 1929 death in Iowa (he was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada). So I’ll be reviewing ALL my research.

    A lot of good common sense info, if we think and plan, things will be more organized. Excellent.

    A terrific amount of information. Look forward to sharing with members of my class. Well not just my class but me. I really learned a lot. I would like to see more webinars like this.

    A top notch presentation!

    A wonderful Webinar!

    above awesome!

    Almost missed this one. Glad I didn’t. GREAT job.

    An excellent companion piece to last night’s webinar about taking the time to plan alternate research paths and then follow through.

    Another one that I have to rewatch. A LOT of new information and a great presentation.

    Another winner!

    Anxious to watch it online as I was unable to join at the beginning. But the last half that I saw was fantastic!! Thankis!

    Are there any other webinars done by Joshua Taylor?

    As always D. Joshua Taylor has the best and most helpful information and ideas!

    As I expected… it was EXCELLENT!! I can’t wait to see Genealogy Roadshow again!!

    Awesome, yes Josh the sequel!!!!

    Best webinair I have attended. Speaker outstanding.

    Best webinar on the subject. Need a part 2

    Brilliant webinar with lots of fantastic information to assist with Genealogical Researching.

    Can I rate this webinar a 10? I’ve seen Joshua Taylor in person on more than one occasion (the best was an all day series of workshops). I appreciate his bluntness on what we need to do as good and efficient genealogists. Unfortunately, I have not put into practice all that he says. I need more “doing,” and webinars such as these help to move me along the path to improving my ways.

    Clear and easy to hear, very well organized, with plenty of slides that became talking points for the presentation.

    Clear logical thinking and organization, Very helpful. Great presenter. Hope he does more.

    Clear, well paced, great syllabus.

    Comparing online trees and Web 2.0 archives were topics I haven’t heard before.

    D. Joshua Taylor is a great presenter both online and in person.

    D. Joshua Taylor is a great presenter! I hope there will be more Legacy Family Tree webinars with him in the future.

    Enjoyed it very much. Glad you have these free webinars. Thank you.

    Enjoyed the summary very much thank you. I will start a research journal – been putting this off for years!!

    Exceeded expectations!

    Excellant !



    Excellent – bring him back for a full genealogy organisation webinar!

    excellent – I do use/write out Genealogy Goals/Plans & did helps greatly to keep focused

    Excellent and helpful information

    excellent—- but a lot of ideas in a very short time-frame….. need to watch it again

    Excellent content & fantastic presentation!!!

    Excellent information !!

    Excellent information!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and tips! Hope to see more webinars by Josh!

    Excellent presentation! Hope Joshua returns again!

    Excellent presentation! The hour went by too quickly. Thank you ! : )

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. Basic organizational concepts that need regular emphasis. Thanks, Joshua.

    excellent presenter and wonderful ideas/suggstions

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Excellent presenter. Very useful info. Particularly like tip about adding citations to documents.

    Excellent speaker very articulate!

    Excellent speaker with great tips for effective research. I wish we could see those you-tube videos of his though!

    Excellent speaker with just the right pace and tone. Lots of valuable information and some new things to think about. I like the format of the 2 webinars I’ve attended.

    Excellent speaker, subject and presentation. I learned some new ideas that I am going to use.

    excellent tips

    Excellent tips and methodology

    Excellent webinar so informative! There is so many tools I didn’t know about before. Thank you for having Joshua Taylor on the webinar today.

    Excellent webinar!

    Excellent webinar!!

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent webinar. Wonderful ideas and a great pick me up webinar. Thanks Joshua and Geoff for the webinar


    Excellent! Josh has always been a great speaker and he continues!!

    Excellent. Recently have been on a reorganizational question. loved how his talk and his PPt matched up. Made it so much easier that having to search through a hand out that did not follow the talk. Please bring him back. Thanks for the webinar.

    Excellent. I needed this so much. Now to put it into action!!!

    Excellent. Must have Josh back. One of the best you have done in a long while.

    Excellent. Thanks.

    Fabulous – would love more webinars by Joshua Taylor.


    Fantastic presentation!!

    Fantastic speaker, Joshua really gave a great summary of some new resources I can try.


    Fantastic!!! I’ve heard Josh in person several times and he’s always even better than excellent. Certainly many of us wish we’d started doing genealogy at the young age when he started!

    Food for thought

    Fresh ideas, new approaches emphasizing efficiency, accuracy, and effectively leaving a legacy of research results.

    Get Joshua back again!!

    Good ideas and motivators

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I think Josh is a mind reader! Thank you for a new perspective.

    I think the title was a little misleading. The ideas and tools weren’t “new”. Perhaps a better title would be about Ideas and Tools you haven’t thought of using for your research

    I thought I was pretty organized but I learned a whole lot of new things; even, programs and software to check out. Thank you.

    I was a little late but still got a lot of useful information. The speaker was top notch.

    I was late, but the portion I caught was very informative and thought-provoking. I will have to watch the video to get the stuff I missed and I’m looking forward to it.

    I would love to see more examples, Thanks

    I’d like to rate this webinar higher than 5! Excellent presentation of great ideas.

    In doing a large family line, I found it hard how to apply Josh’s practices to my research and concentrate on an individual.

    Information not new to me, but maybe for beginners

    It was a very organized presentation, and the speaker spoke distinctly.

    It was awesome! Thank you.

    It was fast, but so informative. Looks of great suggestions to think about and implement.

    It was GREAT, thank you

    J. Taylor always has new (to me) ideas on researching. I’ve spent two days on divorce records, not really needed, but I have heard some odd things from older relatives and feel i want to record the truth for my descendants.

    Josh gave a lot of tips and pointers that will be very helpful in my research. I especially liked his idea to digitally embed the source citation to images. Great job!!

    Josh has re-lighted my genealogy fire. Thank you.

    Josh is always great, organized, concise and gobs of help. Thanks as usual for these.

    Josh is always phenomenal. I do wish he’d offered actual templates of his Research Journal spreadsheet for us to download. He never showed us a screenshot even of how to start a journal. He showed a different limited spreadsheet, which was a bit of help, but would have been more useful if we could download a sample.

    Josh is always prepped, focused and worth and hour of one’s time!

    Josh is always so thorough and presents in a way that makes great sense.

    Josh is an excellent organized speaker who moves his material along and packs his presentation with a multitude of ideas and tips. I have been doing genealogy for many years and learning something new is always most welcome. Love Legacy webinars!

    Josh is excellent and his suggestions should help us stay focused on the matter on hand!

    Josh is so great at cramming in so many wonderful ideas in such a short time. Can’t wait to rewatch and take MORE notes!

    Josh mentioned lots of resources we don’t normally don’t think of as genealogy tools or sources.

    Josh Taylor is a wonderful speaker and always gives us some good tips and tricks because he has been doing this for so long. I have heard him speak in person a couple of times–always so enjoyable. Thank you for these Legacy Webinars, Geoff. All of them are so good. It gives people the opportunity to hear great speakers talk on genealogy subjects that many would never get to hear otherwise. Even if some of the information gets repeated, that is never a problem. It just reinforces what we need to know.

    Josh Taylor is always a wealth of information.

    Josh was a great speaker! He gave us many practical and/or creative ideas to help us with our genealogy research.

    Josh was awesome ! Thanks

    Josh was outstanding!

    Josh was well-organized and delivered information that was new and helpful. I really learned a lot from Josh, especially about the value of time management with genealogy. Well done!

    Josh, reminds us that we need to do more than just find, we need to analyze and evaluate as well as publish in some format our findings. This should include negative as well as positive results. But the most important item he gave us .. was Confirmation Bias in which the idea that even if multiple trees show a common ancestor that is not proof of a confirmation of a shared ancestor- they may all be wrong!!! Thanks Josh, I will have to work on that.

    Joshua ALWAYS performs!

    Joshua Taylor is always good.

    Joshua Taylor is an excellent presenter! Always great!

    Joshua was an excellent presenter. He kept me interested throughout the presentation. There was so much information & a lot that I never thought about.

    just what I needed.

    Key idea is to think of what we want our legacy to be, something I have been thinking about with regard to focusing my work more specifically so very timely.

    Learned alot!

    Learned alot. Extremely well presented. I can’t say enough about how great a webinar it was.

    Learned new things today, a good webinar.

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing the presenter at RootsTech! (Not in person, but hopefully online)! He is so organized and smart; I learn a lot from him when he presents.

    Lot of great information and ideas for a different approach to research.

    Lots of good ideas that will help anyone do better research. Joshua put it together in an understandable way.

    Lots of good information to explore.

    Lots of good information, delivered in an easy to understand format.

    Lots of great new ideas.

    lots of information about databases, organization techniques and examples (i.e. spreadsheets) and how social media websites can also provide valuable information. Thanks!

    Lots of interesting ideas. Love his research journal thoughts – maybe I’ll actually start keeping one. . . consistently.

    Lots of new way to do research that I hadn’t used yet. Thanks

    Lots of things to ponder!

    Lots of time management to consider.

    Love Joshua but was hoping for a magic key/stone/clue. Already do most of what he talked about. I spend hours getting ready for a genealogical trip and hours when I get back home.

    Love listening to Josh.

    Love listening to Josh. Key take away for me – slow down and do all the steps! It’s easy to get on autopilot when researching and forget to digest. Thank you, Josh and Geoff!

    Love your webinars, they are so educational!

    loved it

    Luv, luv, luv Josh!!!

    Many great new resources. Thanks!

    many new ideas to think about, try out, and share with others

    Many new tips to try. Could listen to Josh all day!

    Many of Josh’s recommendations come naturally to an analyst which is what would be inherent to those interested in genealogy.

    Many webinars state the obvious. Josh has said things that are not so obvious. EXCELLENT

    Masterful performance.

    May be the most useful webinar I ever attended! Specific information to implement in my research.

    More than great!

    Mostly common sense reminders. It would be interesting to sit through a demo with him to see how actually used some of the tools.

    New concepts that we need to work on – lovely winter projects ahead

    Offered some new paths for research.

    One of the best ever!

    One of the best webinars that I have ever participated in! The tools and research strategies that Josh Taylor outlined will improve how I conduct my research.

    One of the best. I had the opportunity to attend one of Josh’s full day presentations (for Clayton Library Friends, Houston) some years back and would not have missed this webinar. Great material well presented.

    one of the very best webinars. Please coax him to return


    Overwhelming in terms of time I need to be spending beyond on what I’m already spending. I guess that says that what I’m doing is too broad.

    Please have Josh on again.

    Please invite Josh back again. Pleased he is a fellow librarian.

    Please more Josh Taylor

    Probably the best webinar I have viewed; very practical information. Great advice for all genealogists. I will be recommending this to others from my Society. Thank you!

    Provided much needed motivation to get back in there and do genealogy first!!

    really great suggestions, some I have not considered

    Rock star Josh! Always the best information, most succinct presentation that gives valuable information and insight! Thanks, Joshua, thanks for hosting him, Legacy Family Tree!

    Sessions with Josh are always excellent whether it is online or in person. Much food for thought.

    So glad I’m a member! Babysitting grandson, seems flu bug hit, had to leave to clean up what he threw up. Have Josh back again! He is absolutely amazing!

    So much information, I’m glad I’m a webinar member so I can re-watch this! Thanks Josh!!

    Solid presentation, glad I attended.

    some good resources I’m not using

    Some great new suggestions & old reminders

    some old sites about which I had forgotten, and some new to me ones … a great, all encompassing presentation … thank you.

    Super new genealogy research ideas which will be of great use.

    thank you for bringing Josh to LFTW. He is such and organized and thoughtful speaker

    Thank you for having Joshua Taylor! I enjoy attending his presentations whenever and wherever I can. Looking forward to his next one.

    Thank you- useful and practical ideas.

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Thanks for all the great time management reminders and new resource ideas! Also, great audience questions – I really miss Genealogy Roadshow, best of the lot, because it dealt with ‘real people’ around the country, not celebrities – hope it comes back!

    Thanks for all the info. Just need to manage my time to analyze it all and put some into practice.

    Thanks for expanding research ideas

    The personally most important, interesting webinar I have attended and that’s saying somethings since all the Legacy webinars I have attended have much more than excellent!

    The speaker was great! Easy to understand and had so many wonderful points. I listened to this while at work, so will listen to it again to take notes. Thank you very much!

    This gave me much food for thought in how to research and how to use some of the new tools presented in the webinar. Now I have to decide what to use first. How to break all the ideas down into manageable chunks.

    This is where I’m at as a genealogist: looking for process info and planning guidance. This presentation was perfect for my next step. Very well done and informative!

    This presentation was absolutely one of the best to start the new year since it focused on an overall approach. He covered everything from strategies, to specific tools, to how to maintain focus and achieve results. I wish I could have given him a 10! BTW–I love the new Tech Zone. Keep up the excellent work.

    This was by far the best webinar EVER!!! Thank you for all of the great tips and Ideas! Love it! Thank you so much, Joshua!

    This was excellent and provided much food for thought for me. It’s honestly the best and most practical webinar I’ve seen yet. Thank you so much.

    This was GREAT. So much info to think about. I love it when we are given more ways to be productive in our searching

    This was one of the best! Should be recommended for all beginners. Thanks!

    This was the BEST! I love your webinars and this one was really wonderful! It went too fast. Please have him back. Thank you..

    This webinar was very well organized, well thought out, and extremely informative!

    Top quality info. Great!

    Tremendous presenter; topics well-considered and relevant.

    Unexpected content given the title, but extremely useful. Great speaker!

    Very engaging speaker

    Very glad I signed up! I’ve been to a lot of them but this was def. one of the best.

    Very good!

    very helpful for new ideas

    Very helpful. Lots of good ideas.

    Very Informative

    very informative

    Very informative and Josh is an excellent speaker! One of my favorite webinars so far.

    Very informative with excellent examples!

    very informative

    Very informative, new ideas and resources!

    Very informative. It’s sometimes hard to stay focused when new information pops up for an ancestor while searching for another. If I follow the time management guide I suppose I should make a note of it and continue with my current search. I think the most important point of his discussion was to leave something helpful for those coming after me.

    Very informative. Enjoyed!

    Very informative. Wish there was more time to discuss the Web 2.0’s.

    Very informative. He gave me lots of ideas on furthering my research.

    Very informative. Many excellent techniques. Time on screen of slides was too short for transcribing.

    Very informative…..thank you!

    Very interesting and good suggestions.

    Very Interesting and life changing (or research in any case)

    Very interesting but hard to break old habits!

    Very well organized presentation. Lots of good ideas.

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, but Josh always has great information to share!

    Well done!

    Well done.

    Well done. Fast paced and concise. Thank you

    Well presented, well researched, well done!

    What a fun surprise to hear my name for winning a door prize! Thank You!

    What a thrill to listen to Josh Taylor. I learned so much and I’ve been doing genealogy since 1995!!! Thank you Josh

    What an excellent webinar! Josh Taylor is incredible. PLEASE have him back. Thanks,

    whether in person or on-line, D Joshua Taylor is always a great resource. thank you.

    Wonderful – but I could have used a full webinar on each of Josh’s Ideas!!!

    Wonderful webinar on new tools and ideas in researching families.

    Wonderful! Thank you!

    Wonderful. Please have Josh back.


    Wow! Excellent!

    Wow, Wow, wow.

    You definitely gave some food for thought. Well presented with clear, concise examples


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