Trails of Daniel Boone and other Western Travelers

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA
Jul 18, 2018
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About this webinar

Learn about the historic trails and trailblazers that lead early settlers to and from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and the West. Get specific clues to help you solve difficult research questions.

About the speaker

About the speaker

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA is a full-time professional genealogist, author, and lecturer. While sharing personal experiences that help beginning and experienced researchers gain new skills and insights for research, he specializes in original records and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    very interesting

    very interesting

    very interesting

    Very interesting and helpful in obtaining family information….my hubby’s 4th Great-Grandfather is Israel Boone, brother to Daniel. I’ve done some research but love the idea of mapping which I will use for my line as well. Thank you for your webinars; I always learn a great deal from them.

    Very interesting on several levels – history, maps, genealogy, project development – so useful!

    Very interesting topic. I too love maps!

    Very Interesting! He is so articulate. Wonderful!

    Very interesting. Mark Lowe is so knowledgeable about his topic that his enthusiasm shines through. My husband’s ancestor was in the same area as the Boone family, traveled with the Boones, and married into the Boone family. I had not gotten very far with the extended family, now I am very excited to take the information Mark Lowe presented and put it to work with his family tree. THANK YOU.

    Very interesting. Hard to imagine how these people would go off into the wilds for months at a time, especially for the first time to a specific area. I imagine their compass would generally be the sun.

    very interesting…need to have him again!

    Will be viewing this one again and again!!

    Wished it could have been longer! I would have loved to hear about his move into Missouri.

    Wonderful resource hints!

    Wonderful. Gave me some great ideas for researching.

    Wow that was great! I learned a lot and now will be looking for more information since I know there is more out there. Thanks 🙂

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    there is no question that my paternal ancestors were part of this era’s – and areas – history. I have 3 dozen new ideas thanks to Mark!

    A rewatch to gather all the packed filled information he provided.

    Although I’m not specifically interested in Daniel Boone, I ALWAYS learn something when I hear Mark Lowe. He’s the best!

    Always enjoy Mark’s presentations

    Always enjoy Mark’s webinars, especially the way he integrates maps into them.

    Always helpful to learn from professionals about their research processes.

    Always one of the best!

    Another great webinar!!!


    Enjoyed his scenes of Frankfort, KY at opening of his presentation —that’s my town

    Especially loved learning about the maps–how to access, and also what we can do with them.

    Everything comes to a halt at my house, until I finish listening to Mark’s webinars. There are so many pearls he mentions.


    Excellent ~ great speaker ~ very knowledgeable ~ LOTS of resources to follow ~

    Excellent information!!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presenter! Would love to hear him more – especially since my ancestors were in NC, northeast Tennessee & southwest Virginia

    Excellent talk!

    Excellent! Instructive and inspiring!



    Fantastic webinar, will have to watch the recording for the beginning I missed due to travelling.



    Good information on the use of maps to research and tell the story.

    good instruction on using maps of all eras to solve problems!

    Good lecture on my childhood hero, and the strong contribution he made to US history. Focused on Family history techniques, the lecture provided several options for my future research. Thank you.

    Got me interested in finding the trail that Boone followed to Missouri where he brought to my Murphy family a son that had been captured by the Indians as a small boy,


    Great information! Will have to watch again!

    Great presentation–now I have a lot more work to do.

    Great session. Thanks!

    Great speaker

    Great tips on using maps in my research; thanks for the sources.

    great much to take in..

    Had heard an earlier version of this talk, but just the highlighting of the “Export” function on the Rumsey map site was valuable to me!

    He provided some great resources!

    I appreciated the concept of following an ancestor by putting marks on a map – and extending that to several generations. A visual understanding keeps things in order in my mind. Thank you.

    I had hit a slump in my research for a book I am writing about my ancestors in the time of development of the area around Morgantown West Virginia, and Prickett’s Fort. This webinar gave me the lift I needed and the RESOURCE list to get me going again. Thanks for a great webinar. Many of my ancestors would have been contemporaries of Boone.

    I truly believe this is Mark’s best webinar ever for Legacy Family Tree Webinars – and I’ve watched them all! His explanation of the strategy for research that he described today is exactly what I needed to learn about – for all my migrating ancestors. The only problem with it is that there’s no way I’ll ever live long enough to get it done! Excellent webinar! Thank you to Mark and to LFT Webinars for this!

    I wish we could give a rating much higher than 5! As usual, I am overwhelmed by the information Mark shares and feel like I don’t know where to start implementing what I have learned !

    I would give it a 10 if it was a choice. One of the best webinars I have ever watched — and I’ve been watching since the first one! Love Mark Lowe! If I’d had teachers like him, I would have learned a lot more in school. He makes history come alive. I just can’t say enough good things. And his is the first explanation of “longhunters” that has made sense to me. Now I understand.

    I would listen to Mark even if he were only reading the phone book.

    Interesting presentation. Thanks

    Interesting study of how maps and written histories can be used together to follow ancestors. Thanks.

    It was great!!

    J. Mark Lowe is an excellent presenter who I have been fortunate to hear numerous times! Such an expect on TN and KY research!

    J. Mark Lowe… Amazing as usual. Thank you!

    Love maps.

    Love Mark Lowe!


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