They really didn't swim! Finding your ancestors in New South Wales colonial shipping records

Carol Baxter
Jun 4, 2019
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About this webinar

Four groups of people sailed to Australia in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries: convicts, free passengers, soldiers and sailors. This seminar focuses on the free passengers, those who paid their passages or received free passages under systems like the Bounty Immigrant scheme. These colonial shipping records are not only useful for researchers whose ancestors migrated to NSW. They are also useful for researchers whose ancestors did not. This is because they provide information about the migrants’ parents, grandparents, siblings or other relatives who lived or had died in their homeland.  For example, some records from the 1830s/1840s provide four generations of information, beginning with Irish residents who were born in the mid-1700s. Thus, NSW colonial passenger records can be a valuable source for Australian and non-Australian researchers alike.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Carol Baxter is an experienced and informed historian and genealogist, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning author, and a dynamic, inspirational presenter. Carol has been a genealogist for four decades having first become interested
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A wealth of information provided in a very interesting and entertaining webinar. I have enjoyed the Down Under series in particular and wanting to see more, have now subscribed to Legacy Webinars. So much to learn. Fantastic resources.

    always enjoy listening to Carol Baxter

    An interesting talk that was well organised and presented with great images/graphics. The talk also gave me some new ideas about researching and other places to revisit when looking for shipping arrivals.

    Carol Baxter was very informative on this subject and I got a lot of inspiration from her. The quality of the presentation was of a very high standard. Thank you

    Carol covered the waterfront excellently!

    Confirmed much of what I know but always good to reiterate knowledge.

    excellent and very useful for my adopted sister

    Excellent content and presentation by Carol who ‘knows her stuff’.

    Excellent information and very easy to understand and follow.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent references. Thank you


    Excellent. Carol provided some great links to websites via her presentation and her notes. the Entitlement certificates on Bounty ships was most helpful. The records on the State Library of NSW are amazing and Carol gave me more insight into these treasures today. I am waiting with great anticipation for the publication of the AJCP digital records next year. Thank you Carol.

    Good stuff clear and concise.

    Good webinar on immigration records and shipping records to New South Wales.

    Great info

    great info to follow up on

    Great information. Her accent brought back memories of my mother who was born and raised in Australia.

    Great list of sources available. Thank you

    Great new leads to follow up on

    Great to hear more websites for our research especially out to Australia then on to NZ.

    Great. Lots of information superbly organised and presented

    Guess we’ll hope for more indexing and digitization of NSW records. Very interesting presentation.

    Many possible avenues to locate arrivals, and confirmation that sometimes they simply can’t be found.

    Most informative and very well presentd, Thank you Carol

    So interesting, I thought I’d only stay a while but found her presentation so good and informative that I stayed the whole webinar.

    So much information. Will have to view again and make notes. She has made a great contribution to understanding Australias historical records.

    some very good points, excellent speaker

    The speaker was very clear and informative – a very big thank you

    Very informative and well-run.

    Very informative, clear speech and very easy to access. Thank you.

    Very interesting, lovely presenter. thank you

    Well presented, good graphics and easy to listen and follow.

    well structured and informative


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