Lessons in Jewish DNA: One Man's Successes and What He Learned On the Journey

Israel Pickholtz
Jun 5, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Pikholz Families
7m 47s
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Case Study #1
6m 45s
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Case Study #2
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Case Study #3
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Case Study #4
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Case Study #5
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Final Thoughts
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The hottest topic in genealogy in recent years has been genetics and many thousands of genealogists have ordered DNA tests. Most of those haven't a clue what to do with their results. The situation is more complicated among Jews, who have married "within the tribe" for hundreds of years, thus ensuring that everyone is related to everyone else, multiple times. Marrying within a closed community – "endogamy" – has barely been addressed by the non-Jewish genetic genealogy community. This presentation – as in the speaker's book" ENDOGAMY: One Family, One People" – does not bring a "how to" approach, as every family is different. The speaker prefers a "how I did it" approach, demonstrating the successes he has had in his own families and the general lessons which are applicable to all genetic genealogy research. His goal is to inspire his listeners and readers to say "I can do this!"

About the speaker

About the speaker

Israel Pickholtz, a native Pittsburgher, has lived in Israel for forty-five years, currently in Jerusalem. He has done serious family research for over twenty years. His flagship work is the Pikholz Project, a single-surname project to identify an
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A fascinating presentation with great examples and delightful storytelling! Thank you!

    Absolutely amazing presentation.

    Absolutely fantastic. More from him, PLEASE!

    An absolutely brilliant webinar with lots of great information. It also give a good lesson in how to carry out research when you only have an initial hypothesis.

    Awesome, will be rewatching many times over!!

    Bravo!! Please bring Israel back for more lectures!!!

    Delightful speaker and very informative. Ask him back for another webinar.

    Enjoyed seeing things as Israel discussed them onscreen so I could try to follow along better. I will email him my gedmatch #s and my uncle’s also.

    Excellent information and presentation. Need to have more from him.

    Excellent webinar!

    Excellent webinar! Really enjoyed this webinar including Israel’s sharing of his knowledge with wisdom and warm sense of humor. He is inspirational and motivational. I ordered his book immediately. Thanks to all!

    Excellent. Thank you!

    Fantastic speaker with tremendous knowledge and ability to clearly communicate and explain his message!

    Fascinating information. Need to see it again to understand it all.

    Great examples of endogamy in action and piecing the puzzle together.

    Great presentation.

    Great speaker! I love the case studies and will be watching this again.

    Have him again. Also, have some more Jewish programs.

    I appreciate the speaker’s skipping of the basics of DNA, which many other webinars can explain. He’s a very lively speaker with good material and good, legible, clear slides.

    I had never considered the importance of specific genealogic data as clues to relationships. Fascinating!

    I had to leave early but I hope to learn more about DNA. It was an interesting introduction to a of of complexities. Thank you.

    I liked the case studies

    I need to watch and re watch over and over again

    Interesting webinar and thanks for the door prize.

    So very informative. I understand so much more about how I should think about researching my family. Since the webinar is available for this week, I will watch it again later. P LEASE have him present again, even if it’s on the same thing but different families. We need to hear it again.

    This was a very interesting case study on the Pickholtz family line.

    This webinar was very informative and easy to understand and follow. Thank you so much for your efforts. Shalom!

    Very clear and easy to navigate

    Very clear and well documented with PowerPoint presentations

    Very enlightening!

    Very helpful and well presented on a topic that has not been covered before. Thanks for bringing this to Legacy Webinars

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you! : )

    Very well presented. I have listened or seen Israel’s presentations in the past, and they have always been very informative and easy to understand.

    Well done Thanks


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